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Everyone who are wearing casual clothes except for Eri who is wearing her usual maid uniform and Isaac who is wearing a lab coat gaze upon the well-lit vast white area full of sculptures of technology throughout the ages that are being displayed in a well-organized manner and people ranging from children to elderlies walking around and checking out the sculptures.

The sculptures that are being displays are ranging from prehistoric ages (cave man period) to modern ages (Space age).

Each section of sculptures that are being displayed have two tall metal rods at its entrance with a holobanner on the top connecting the two metal rods together that shows what era of technology that are being displayed came from.

Each sculpture has a hologram that displays a figure of a man or woman from that age explaining what is being displayed and how it was invented and what planet have this type of technology.

There are advertbots (advertising bots) flying everywhere with a holobanner as their tail advertising products, different areas in Technoland and etc. and maidbots that are dressed differently which made them hard to distinguish from a normal human being are scattered everywhere passing holographic fliers and brochures.

There is an audio that is being played throughout the area repeatedly that welcomes visitors to Technoland.

While Leane and Isaac are still gazing upon the area, the others looks and nods at each other.

All of a sudden, Lokki talks.

"Hey guys! I heard the latest game consoles and guns are here. Why won't we go check it out?"

After Lokki said that, he starts walking.

Maple, Roc and Zack who are pretending to be intrigued by what Lokki said, expresses themselves in a not so convincing matter and follows Lokki's lead.

Favion who is silent follows them as well.

"Hell Yeah!" (Roc)

"Race you there!" (Maple)

"Wait up dudes!" (Zack)

After that, Ace talks to Aeris.

"Hey Aeris! I heard that there is a café here that serves different kinds of exotic tea. Let's go check it out!"

Aeris silently nodded and the two walks away.

Then, Sophie talks.

"Ooh! I heard that there is some scary tech here! Come on Harumi! Let's go test out those scary techs!"


Harumi responds respectively.

Sophie walks away bashfully while Harumi follows her silently.

After that, the Luna fanatic trio talks among themselves.

"Hey! Didn't Luna visit this place on her tour?"

"Yeah! She did!"

"I remember in her Vlog that she tried out some guns in the weapons technology development area."

"Let's go check it out!"

The three members of the Luna fan club walks away.

After the trio left, Eriline talks to Wren.

"Your highness, there are good quality fertilizers here that we can buy at the bazaar. Do you wish to visit the bazaar and perhaps purchase them?"

Wren replies with her usual…


And walks away while Eriline follows her.

Then the two upperclassmen, Clarissa and Feini, talks to each other.

"Hey! They have some good meds here that we can buy for your precious Bat Man."

"Let's go!"

Clarissa quickly walks away.

"Hey! Wait!"

Feini chases after Clarissa.

Mathias suddenly expresses himself in an awkward manner.

"I feel so sexy today! I'll go pick up some unfortunate beauties without a date."

After that, Mathias left.

The remaining student left which is Kana who has several hover trollies with suspicious looking gadgets on top tailing her walks away without saying a word.

Isaac who is baffled by the situation ask Leane if it's alright for them to roam around on their own.

"Is it alright for them to go on their own?"

"I-it's alright."

Leane responded nervously while her cheeks reddens.

Isaac who is puzzled by Leane's reaction, stares at her like a scientist observing a subject.

Leane became flustered by the awkward stare that Isaac is giving her and tries to cover up her feelings by pushing Isaac forward.

"Come on! Don't just stand there! Give me a tour!"

Isaac smiles and answers her positively.

"I'm happy to oblige."

Isaac and Leane left. The others who left earlier regroups by the entrance except for Kana who went straight to the bazaar in order to sell her suspicious gadgets.

If you are wondering how she was able to pay for the entrance fee, she used the remaining money that she won at the Four Leaf Clover festival in Casino Space City Last Vega.

As to where the rest of the money went, that is a secret that will be unfolded later on.

Roc who notices Kana's absence asks about it.

"Hey man! Where the hell is Kana?"

"Probably doing her own thing but it doesn't matter. Right now, our top priority is the success of "Operation Love". Now! Let's start."

Ace said to everyone like a leader.

The others giggles at Ace when she said "Operation Love".

Ace who is oblivious to why they are giggling asks about it.

"What so funny?"

Lokki mocks her by repeating what she said in an exaggerated manner and smirking at the end.

"Operation Love! Pfffffffft!"

Everyone started bursting in laughter after hearing Lokki's mockery.


"Good one man! Hahahahaahahahahaha!"




Ace suddenly became embarrassed by Lokki's mockery and laughter.

Ace tries to stop their laughter but it is to no avail.

So she got fed up and threatens them by synthesizing her two iconic blades of ice and shows it to them.

As she did, a bunch of smart teenagers and young adults who are in the area got intrigued by Ace's blades of ice and started gathering around her.

"Hey! Is that atomic synthesis?"

"Wow! It's my first time actually seeing it in real life!"

"How was she able to generate ice in a spilt second?"

"My hypothesis states that she synthesize liquid nitrogen while synthesizing water simultaneously and fuse them together."

"Can you synthesize anything else besides ice?"

Feini expresses her disgust in a sarcastic manner.

"Oh great! Dorks!

Ace who seems to be in a bind, tells everyone what to do.

"Hey! Quit wasting time and start with the operation! I will deal with this and join you all afterwards."

"You heard the boss! Let's go!"

Lokki said to everyone.

Everyone agrees with Lokki and left while Aeris remain behind with her new friends.

In the middle ages section where all the medieval devices are being displayed, Leane and Isaac are watching the hologram who is a man that looks like a medieval knight explaining to them what a catapult, the sculpture that is being displayed on front of them, is and its origins.

While the hologram is explaining, Isaac adds additional info as if he was discussing in class.

Lokki, Sophie and Harumi who is hiding behind the sculpture of a medieval knight's armor that is adjacent to Leane's and Professor Einstein's position.

The two "couple" didn't seem to notice the three who are hiding behind them even though they are quite obvious since the armor wasn't enough to cover the three of them.

"Nothing wrong here."

Sophie stated.

"Nothing wrong? Look! Professor Einstein is having a one sided conversation with Ms. Leane. That's a dead flag if you ask me!"

Lokki stated his opinion.

"And how do you know that Mr. Love Expert."

Sophie retorted.

Lokki answers her.

"I played a lot of dating sim so I know what I'm talking about. Girls don't like one sided conversations at all. Trust me! It's torture for Ms. Leane!"

(Note: If you wondering what a dating sim is or a.k.a dating simulator, it is a genre of games where in you try to capture a girl or boy's heart and date them.)

"If it's torture for Ms. Leane then do something about it!"

Sophie said to Lokki.

"Hey! Stop screaming! They could hear us!"

Lokki scolded Sophie.

Sophie covers her mouth out of reflex.

"Ms. Leane already knows we're here…"

Harumi mumbled.

All of a sudden, Lokki receives a message from Leane.

As Lokki open's the message and the three closes in to see it, they read this three letters.


As the three read the message, they started to panic.

"Hey! Do something already!"

"Alright! Alright! Don't rush me!"

Lokki reacted and start looking around to see if he can use anything.


As he did, he spot an advertbot flying above them.

Lokki have an idea and decided to use the advertbot.

"There! I can use that!"

He lays his right hands on the advertbot and start concentrating.

"What are you gonna do?"

Sophie ask.

"I'll create an event that will blow Professor Einstein away!"

Lokki said with full of confidence.

Harumi knew what was on Lokki's mind and tries to warm him for the danger but it was too late.


As the advertbot was about to pass by the Leane and Isaac, Lokki wraps around the advertbot with his brainwaves.

After his brainwaves is wrapped around the advertbot, he waves his right hand down and the advertbot suddenly drops towards Leane and Isaac.


Leane's reflexes kicks in at the nick of time and tackles Isaac towards the ground to avoid impact.

(Note: Imagine a Korean love song from those K-dramas being played as this is happening.)

Professor Einstein is baffled on what happened while Leane is angry.

"Those guys!"

Leane screamed in her mind.

"Are you alright?"

Isaac asked with full of concern.

Leane looks down towards Isaac as she heard the question.

When she did, she realize how close their face is and they are in an awkward position.

She immediately became flustered.

"Y-yes… I-I'm alright."

Lean answered nervously.

After that, she ask if Isaac is alright.

"H-how about you?"

"Yes! Thanks to you."

Isaac answers with a smile which charms her.

While the two are in an awkward position, the trio are watching them.

Sophie compliment Lokki for the good job he did.

"That was so awesome and scary!"

"I know!"

Lokki who wasn't sure if he's plan would work and was worried that he might accidentally kill the both of them responded while still being scared stiff.

As for Harumi, she had her eyes covered in fright while the whole incident is occurring until now.

When Leane got off Isaac and stood up, she quickly texted Lokki while helping Isaac to get up.

Lokki receives the message and opens it.

The two beside Lokki zooms in to see the message.

As they read the message,

e different situations to suite the atmosphere and also to solve the awkwardness between them and giving her a ton of advice on what to do.

Due to their efforts, the two become comfortable with each other.

Leane and Isaac arrives at the bazaar. Different home-made products (inventions) and artificial foods are being sold for souvenirs.

The bazaar looks like rows of decorated stalls with maidbots and suspicious looking folks that looks like a bunch mad scientist trying to make a quick buck as the stall clerk.

Each stalls have its unique products to sell.

There are stalls that sells house hold cleaning tools, useful everyday items, children's toys, useful gadgets for men and women, computers, phones, tablets, laptops, netbooks, headsets, speakers, cellphone accessories, custom maidbots, bots, virtual girlfriends, weapons that is claimed to be use by the S.I.A, weapons that is claimed to be used by notorious terrorists, custom weapons, normal weapons, shady looking weapons, weapons used by pirates, indie movies, pirated movies, movies about pirates, games, indie games, pirated games, games about pirates and so much more.

As the couple pass by each stalls, there is one stall that stood amongst the rest to them.

The stall that caught their attention is a stall that sells self-defense weapons.

The product of the stall didn't stand out much to them, it is the one running the stall that did.

The two approaches the stall to greet the stall clerk.

"Hey Kana! I see business is doing well."

"Hello Ms. Ishizawa."

The two greeted the stall clerk.

Kana who is dressed as a maidbot turns to Leane.

"Not really, I haven't even sold half of my products yet."

After that, she turns to Isaac.


Leane tries to give Kana confidence.

"Well! It's better than nothing."

While Isaac points out the problem.

"Perhaps your products is to blame?"

Kana defends herself.

"There is nothing wrong with my products."

She takes one of the stun guns that is being displayed on the stalls and shows it to him.

"See. It works."

As she said that, she turns on the stun gun and electricity spews out of the muzzle.


"I'm not saying it's faulty, I'm just saying it's not a demand."

Isaac points out.

Leane states her opinion to Isaac.

"I disagree with you on that. Sexual harassment has been rampant nowadays."

She takes one of the stun guns that are being displayed on the stall and shows it to Isaac.

"So a girl needs to have one or two of this with her."

Isaac reacts.

"Forgive my ignorance, I did not know."

"You should try watching the news more often. You may never know when the universe would end if you don't."

Leane said jokingly.

Isaac responds in a shocking manner.

"Oh my! Will do"

"I'm joking you know."

Leane pointed out.

"I know. I'm just, how do you say this? A-hah! Going with the flow!"

Isaac said exaggeratedly like he was trying to make Leane laugh.

"You're so corny! Ha ha ha…"

Leane responded and started giggling.

"I'll take that as a compliment!"

Isaac took it positively and started giggling as well.

While the two are in their own world, Kana interrupts them.

"That will be 10, 000 credits."

"That's too expensive!!!"

Leane reacted.

Hiding within the crowds are the operatives of the "Operation Love" who are watching the two.

Ace who feels that they have done enough sending messaging to everyone through their group chat in Spacebook messenger.

Let's leave these two love birds alone. We've done enough already.

Everyone responds accordingly to Ace message.

Isaac led Leane into a spherical room made out of glass.

The floor is made out tiles and each tiles have small circular metallic object.

There are also seats scattered around for tourist who wanted to rest and some pottery and trees for scenery.

Vendingbot who are selling questionable refreshments are walking around the area looking for customers.

"W-what is this place?"

Leane asked nervously.

Isaac answers her.

"You'll see. You'll just have to wait for…"

Isaac looks at his old fashion wrist watch before continuing.

"Ten minutes."

All of a sudden, a vendingbot passes by them.

Fresh made flavored water! Fresh made flavored water! 50 credits a bottle. Made from non-toxic synthetic ingredients. I promise! Fresh made flavored water! Fresh made flavored water…*

The vending bot said repeatedly.

Isaac notices the vendingbot.

"Do you want some refreshments? My treat."

Isaac who is trying to be considerate asked.


Leane answered.

Isaac calls for the vending bot.

"Excuse me!"

The vendingbot immediately notices Isaac and run towards him.

As the vendingbot is near him, he place an order.

"Can I have one Rainbow Grass flavored and one…"

He looks at Leane.

"P-peach Apple…"

Leane mumbled.

Isaac completes his order.

"And one Peach Apple flavored please?"

That will be 100 credits*

The vendingbot informs Isaac.

Isaac takes out his phone and pays for the drink.

After that, the vendingbot opens its hatch and cold mist sips out from it.

Isaac approaches the vendingbot and looks at the hatch to see two bottles of flavored water perfectly aligned together within it.

Isaac takes the two bottles of flavored water.

After he took the two bottles of flavored water, the vendingbot closes its hatch and thanks Isaac.

Thank you for your patronage!*

After that, the vendingbot left and start searching for customers again.

Fresh made flavored water! Fresh made flavored water! 50 credits a bottle. Made from non-toxic synthetic ingredients. I promise! Fresh made flavored water! Fresh made flavored water…*

Isaac gives Leane her bottle of flavored water and she accepts it.

After that, Isaac opens the lid of his flavored water and starts drinking.

As for Leane who have been nervous all this time, tries to gather her thoughts on telling Isaac about how she really feels about him while fidgeting with her drink.

After she was able to gather her thoughs, she calls out to Isaac.

"Um… Isaac?"

Isaac looks at the flustered Leane.


"I've always admire you…"

As Lean said the last two words, colorful beams of light shoots out from the small circular devices at the center of the tiles and explodes into the air like fireworks.

Pshooooooo* Boom* Pshoooooo* Boom* Pshoooooo* Boom* Pshoooo* Boom*

The countless tourists expresses their awe and astonishment by the phenomena before them.

Some of the tourist and children tries to touch the beams of light out of curiosity.

The beams of light passes through their hand like a ghost and explodes into the air.

As the tourist are busy admiring the phenomena, Isaac places his hands on Leane's shoulders which shook Leane and made her more flustered than before.

Isaac lean towards her right ear and whispers.

Leane's eyes widened as she heard his whisper.

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