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   Chapter 52 NO.52

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While everyone is in the pantry eating their breakfast which is compose of decent, extravagant and sloppy food made by Kana, Mathias and Zack, Martha the ship's A.I projects herself in the middle of the room.

"We have now arrived in Technoland. The universe biggest science convention. The authorities would like a representative in the immigration office for the visitation procedures."

Everyone stares blankly at Martha.

After Martha informs everyone, she disappears like a ghost.

All of a sudden, Isaac stands up and rejoices.

"This is splendid! Just Splendid! Brilliant! Extravagant! Fantastic! Magnificent! Gratifying! Delightful…"

While Isaac expressing his joy in different vocabularies, everyone looks at each other like they were giving each other a signal.

Leane suddenly stood up from her seat and approach the rejoicing Isaac and calls for his attention.

"Umm… Isaac?"

Isaac stops rejoicing and turns his attention towards Leane.

"Yes Ms. Hawkeye?"

"Do you mind going to the immigration office and fill out their visitation procedure form?"

Leane asked.

"Sure! As long as you allow me to do a quick tour of the place."

Isaac replied to Leane.

"Alright! She approve. "But don't get side tracked."

As Isaac heard Leane's approval, he suddenly held her hands and thank her which made Leane flustered.

"Thank you!"

After that, he rushes off towards the exit with full of excitement.

Kana follows him in pursuit.

As Kana left the pantry, everyone stood up from their seats and assembled.

Leane starts briefing.

"Alright! Just like what we planned earlier. While Isaac is busy doing the visitation procedures and Kana is keeping a close eye on him, we would prepare ourselves. Sophie, Clarissa, Crisselda and Eri!"

The four who were called, responds in their own way.

"Present!" (Sophie)

"Here!" (Clarissa)

"Yeah!" (Crisselda)

"Hmm?" (Eriline)

After Leane heard there response, she continues.

"You five help me get dressed. As you can see I'm not too keen when it comes to fashion."

The four responds in their own way.

"Roger!" (Sophie)

"Understood!" (Clarissa)

"You don't have to tell me twice!" (Crisselda)

"As you wish." (Eriline)

After Leane heard their responses, she continues the briefing.

"The rest will think up of strategies on how to make the date a success in case things turned sour."

Everyone responds in their own way at the same time.

"Roger that!" (Lokki)

"Whatever man!" (Roc)

"Aye-aye captain!" (Maple)

"Dude!" (Zack)

"Certainly!" (Mathias)

"Copy!" (Ace)

"…" (Aeris)

"Hmph!" (Wren)

"Y-yes…" (Harumi)

"Yeah!" (Shirley)

"Understood!" (Viola)

"Yeah-yeah!" (Feini)

"Affirmative!" (Favion)

After Leane heard the response, she claps her hands and initiate the plan.

"Alright! Let's get moving!"

Clap* Clap*

Everyone started moving.

(Note: In their early meeting, Leane wanted to cancel the date because of Linel's condition but the others were able to convince her to press on by saying that it was Linel's idea and he wants the plan to succeed.)

While everyone is deliberating strategies, there are two people who aren't focused.

Aeris who seemed to be lost in thought while having a worrisome expression on her face and Wren who has her arms crossed and tapping her right foot repeatedly out of anxiety.

The two of them are thinking about the sick Linel.

Aeris is thinking of what she can do for Linel while W

s. Leane wearing a white sleeveless blouse, a blank pants and a brown high heeled sandals with a girly looking wrist watch on her right wrist.

It is my first time seeing Ms. Leane wore anything other than a military get up and it's my first time seeing her without a gun dangling on her hip so it's a surprise yet a reward for me.

Honestly, she really looks good right now.

The way she dress makes her look more mature and not to mention, I can see the curves very well.

I should savor the sight while it last.

Clarissa ignores Ms. Leane and tries to give me care while Wren just both glares at me and Clarissa.

"Linel, do you need anything? Are you thirsty? Do you want something to eat?"

Wren who is agitated for some reason pulls Clarissa away from me.

"Get away from him!"

The two started arguing again.

Ms. Leane pulls the two away.

As she grabs hold of their arms, Lokki and the rest barges in the room.

"How are you feeling Linel?"

"Everyone! Get Out!"

Ms. Leane screamed.

After Ms. Leane let everyone out, I had a little chat with her.

"How are you feeling Linel?"

I answer her honestly.

"Well… Better than last night."

"That's good to hear."

Even though Ms. Leane didn't look like it, I could feel that she's relieved to hear me say that.

After our little exchange, we became silent.

During the silence, a thought came to me.

What happened to the visitation procedures and who paid the entrance fee?

I ask about it.

"Um… Ms. Leane?"

"Yes Linel?"

"About the visitation procedures and the entrance fee…"

"Oh that? You don't have to worry about that. Isaac and Kana are taking care of the visitation procedures and as to the entrance fee, there's no need to pay the entrance fee because we are visiting as a school so admission is free unless one of us want to join the bazaar and sell something. So stop worrying and rest. We want you back in shape by tomorrow."

Hearing Ms. Leane said that made all my worries go away to the point that I became so relax, my eyes started closing on its own.

"That's good to hear…"

As my eyes is nearly shut, I smell a faint scent of perfume and a warm soft hand rubbing my forehead.

A voice that sounded motherly whispers to me gently.

"Thank you for making this plan for me. Get better soon."

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