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   Chapter 51 NO.51

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Everyone who were hypnotized regain themselves and are now exhausted.

Kana and Mathias, got rid of the evidence which is the broken hypnogun on the floor.

Stomping could be heard coming from the entrance of the pantry but everyone who's exhausted are too drained to hear it.

"What the hell is going on!?"

Leane who is dressed in her sleeping attire which is a black tank top, a camouflage styled pants with a military boots and a sidearm daggling on her left waist asked angrily.

As to why she's wearing a military boots and a sidearm when she sleeps, it is an old habit that she got used to back in her military days.

Everyone who is exhausted couldn't think what to say and just gaze at her like a vegetable except for Mathias who is unusually calm.

As for Kana, she already left through a secret passage which she, who's the only one on board who knows about it before Leane stepped into the pantry.

"I'll give you ten seconds to give me an explanation, if not, you will all spend the next 24 hours in the brigs."

No one responded so Leane starts counting while tapping on her sidearm.






All of a sudden, everyone's eyes widen as they started to realize what was going on and panic.


Everyone tries to think up for an explanation but no matter how much they try, they couldn't come up with one.


As the countdown gets closer to its end everyone started losing hope.



As the countdown is reaching its end, everyone lost hope and prepare themselves for the consequence.


Before Leane could say the final number, Mathias who is relatively calm until now interrupts her and explain to her on everyone's behalf.

"We were deliberating on how we will be able to estab

Can I come?"

Clarissa asked eagerly.

"I said go back to bed!"

Leane repeats herself.

Clarissa pouts cutely.


After everyone left the pantry, Leane inputs the destination and went straight to the boy's dorm afterwards to visit Linel.

As Leane arrives in front of Linel's door, she switch the light.


As the door slide open, she see Eriline sitting beside Linel who is still sound asleep and watching him like a worried mother.

"How is he?"

Leane asked while approaching Linel.

As she approach Linel, she could see that Linel's face is red from his fever, he has a cooling gel pad on his forehead and he's body is covered by a thick classy expensive fur blanket that was given by Wren.

Eriline who is not that surprised by Leane's presence answers her calmly.

"Well, his fever have subsided so he should be alright."

"I see."

Leane reacted calmly.

After that, she dismiss Eriline.

"I'll take it over from here, you can go back to sleep now."

Eriline accepts her dismissal with a polite bow.

"Thank you."

After she thank Leane, she leaves the room.

Leane watches over Linel for a while until Louise who is now fully charge takes over.

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