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   Chapter 50 NO.50

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After they tied Mathias up and lock him at the cafeteria storage room with a brain jammer they found in the equipment storage room and placed it right outside the door, they brought Linel to his room.

(Note: In case you forget, a brain jammer is a device that gives out a signal at a certain frequency that sends a mild electric shock to brainwave users' brains when they attempt to use brainwaves.)

The one who carried Linel was Zack since he is the strongest amongst the group and could carry him single handedly.

As they were in Linel's room, Zack drops Linel on his bed like a sack full of potatoes.


"Hey! Be gentle!"

Both Clarissa and Wren scolded Zack.

Zack apologizes.

"S-sorry dudes!"

After that, they left Linel's room and meet up with the others who are waiting outside.

"How is he?"

Ace asked.

"He has a cold."

Eriline answered.

"So what should we do guys? Postpone the plan and wait for him to get better?"

Lokki asked.

"No my darlings, we should proceed with the plan! That is what he would have wanted!"

Mathias who miraculously escaped the cafeteria storage room gave an impressive answer.

"How did you get out?"

Wren yell at Mathias.

"That does not matter my darling, what matters is that we fulfill my dear's dying wish and proceed with the plan!"

Mathias said like an inspirational fearless leader who is about to rush into the battlefield.

"Yeah! You're right! Let's fulfill the plan and honor Linel's dying wish!"

Lokki said like he was convinced.

"Yes! Yes! Let's!"

Maple agrees with Lokki.

"Hell yeah! Let's do it!"

Roc agrees as well.

"Yeah dudes!"

Zack agrees as well.

"Linel isn't dead you morons!"

Wren refuted them.

As everyone heard that, a grin appears on their faces.

Wren who is irritated by their grin asks about it.


"Oh nothing! It's just that it's our first time hearing you saying his name which is weird because you usually call him weirdo."

Lokki said casually.

"Shut up!"

Wren shouted and everyone burst into laughter after that.

They laugh and laugh until Ace interrupts everyone.

"How can we proceed with a plan that doesn't even exist in the first place?"

"That, I got it covered my darling."

Mathias said like he was reliable.

"Let's hear it then."

Ace said to Mathias.

"I'll gladly enlighten you but first, let's go to a proper venue. We might rouse Professor Einstein from his slumber"

Mathias said.

"You got a point."

Ace agrees with Mathias.

After that, she told everyone what to do.

"Everyone, let's go back to the pantry. There we will discuss the plan."

Everyone agrees with Ace and starts walking.

Little Wing


After everyone have taken their seats, Mathias starts discussing the plan.

"When I was tied up all alone in the dark storage room, which is really frightening y

And starts eating her sandwich.

Sophie quickly grabs the hypnogun from Feini while Feini eats her sandwich.

"Yes! This will be so scary!!!"

Sophie screamed excitedly.

"My turn! My turn!"

Maple said and grabs the gun.

"Hey! I was first!"

Sophie complained.

"Finders keepers, losers weepers!"

Maple said like an immature little kid.

Roc suddenly snatches the gun from Maple.

"Let me try man!"


Maple whined and grabs hold of the gun.

Maple and Roc started a tug of war with the gun.

Sophie who doesn't want to lose, grabs hold of the gun as well and tries to pull it from them.

Lokki who wants to have his turn, use brainwave manipulation and tries to snatch the gun away from them.

Since the four of them were strong, Lokki wasn't able to snatch the gun away from them.

So he gave up on the idea of using brainwave manipulation and joins in with the tug of war.

While they are fighting over the gun, Ace and Aeris tries to stop them.

"Alright! That's enough!"

"Please don't fight!"

They didn't listen and continued to fight for the gun.

Wren who is irritated by the situation, burst into flames and screams at them.


Wren actions spooked the five and made them accidentally drop the gun.

Before the gun hits the ground, Mathias and Kana put on a peculiar looking sunglasses with a metallic blinds.

As the gun drops on the floor, the glowing tube became unstable and it exploded.

Crackle* Crackle* Boosh*

The whole room is enveloped by a green bright light.

As the light died down, everyone's expression became lifeless except for Kana and Mathias who have the peculiar sunglasses on.

Mathias and Kana takes their sunglasses off.

"Oh dear! Whatever we should do?"

Mathias said worriedly.

Kana takes her phone out and points it at the expressionless lot.

Then she speaks.

"Act like a space cow on drugs."

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