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   Chapter 49 NO.49

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In the middle of the night, Wren who is wearing a majestic purple night gown made for royalty approaches Linel who is sound asleep in his bed.

As she was near him, she looks directly at his face.

Her heart starts beating fast, her body temperature rises and her cheeks turned red.

She slap herself to regain composure and tries to wake Linel up gently.

She first pokes Linel's cheeks and see if he would wake up but he didn't.

Then, she gently rubs his head and see if he would wake up.

But he didn't.

She tried blowing into his right ear to wake him up and he still didn't wake up.

She then, tried blowing his bangs and see if he would wake up but then again, he didn't.

As she was about to move away from Linel's face, she spotted his lips.

As she stares into Linel's lips, an idea pops up in her head.

Her cheeks turns red and slowly lean towards his lips.

As her face got closer to Linel, she could feel Linel's breath.

When her lips is about to touch Linel's lips, the door suddenly opens.

Pshshshshs* Zit*

Wren jumps back out of impulse and turn towards the door to see who opened it.

As she did, she saw Eriline her personal maid who is wearing a normal yellow pajamas.

"Your highness, I have gathered everyone at the pantry as you requested."

Eriline said to Wren like she was reporting.

Wren scowls at Eriline in response.

"Your highness, did I perhaps interrupted you with something?"

Eriline asked.

As Wren heard that, she remembered what she was doing earlier.

The feeling of embarrassment and fluster whirls up inside her.

She try to hide her embarrassment with anger but it wasn't successful because her face turn red from the cluster of emotions.

"Perhaps I'm right?"

Eriline asked teasingly.

Eriline's teasing made Wren more embarrassed and made her feel remorse and baffle.

She tries to get rid of these feelings by venting her anger on Linel.

She turn towards Linel and shouts.

"Wake up weirdo!"

I slowly open my eyes and saw Wren looking down at me which is surprising.

I didn't have the energy to react since I'm exhausted as hell and I'm suffering from headache and dizzy spells, not to mention my whole body aches for some reason and I feel really heavy, I told her to go away.

"Whatever you want, just save it for tomorrow. Good night!"

I said and pull up the blanket to cover my head.

Before I was able to put my hand under the blanket, Wren grabs my right hand and pulls me out of bed with great force which really hurts by the way.

I swear I felt my joints cracking as she pulled me out.


As I land hard on the floor with my back, I shout in protest.

"Aw! What the hell!"

Wren ignores my protest and pulls me up.

As I was standing up, Wren pulls me towards the door where Eri is standing there waiting and looking somewhat happy.

Wait! Eri is here as well?

"Hey! What the hell is going on?"

elt that Line's temperature is higher than usual.

"Oh my!"

Eriline exclaimed in a worried manner.

"What's wrong?"

Wren asked worriedly.

"We better bring him back to bed immediately!"

Eriline exclaimed.

"Allow me!"

Mathias volunteered and picks up Linel single handedly and carries him like a princess.

Mathias started walking while the others follows him.

As Mathias walk through the corridor of the boy's dormitory, he passed by Linel's room and continued walking.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?"

Wren asked.

"To my room darling."

Mathias answered.


Wren asked.

"So I can take special care for him."

Mathias said like he had an ulterior motive.


Wren and Clarissa said at the same time and runs after Mathias while Mathias runs away laughing while skipping.

"Ha- ha- ha-!"

Wren and Clarissa screams at Mathias.

"Get back here you pervert!"

"Give me back my Bat Man!"

Mathias ignores their scream and skips towards his room.

Everyone follows in pursuit.

Mathias was too fast, Wren and Clarissa who was in the lead from the rest couldn't keep up and before they knew it, he was in front of his room.

Mathias quickly taps on the switch to open the door.

As he did, the door didn't open.

Mathias tried again but the door didn't open.

(Note: The reason why Mathias couldn't open the door, it is because Kana hacked the door and locked it.)

When Mathias was trying to open the door for the third time, Wren and Clarissa who have a murderous expression on their faces was now standing behind him.

Wren who is on fire, literally, cracks her fist while Clarissa clenches her fist and envelopes it with a crystal using atomic synthesis.

Crack* Crack* Shshshshsshshsh*

Mathias slowly turns around towards them.

As he was facing them, he smiled at them with a charming smile.

They ignore the smile and both punch Mathias on the face.


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