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   Chapter 47 NO.47

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After we squeeze through the crowd, we were able to meet up with Kana.

By the way, Ace used brainwaves to jump over the crowd and head straight to Kana without anyone noticing because she doesn't want to bump into boys.

Anyways, the fountain isn't active since there are no water spewing out of it.

According to the tour guide, there will be a spectacular show here.

Since the fountain has the word opera on it, I was expecting to see a stage in the middle of the fountain with a bunch of people dressed up and an orchestra on top of it.

Seeing that there is no stage in the middle of the fountain let alone people dressed up nor an orchestra, it made me curious what kind of show we're about to watch here.

I check my phone to see what time is it.

It's 7:59 pm.

A minute more before the show begins.


As the clock strikes at 8:00, the chiming of bells could be heard at a nearby clock tower.

All of a sudden, all the lights in the town square are turned off making the whole place dark.

Then a loud pitch from a classical music is heard and then water with different colors of light gushes out of the fountain creating a mist.

Within in the mist, there is a footage of people wearing robes singing.

I'm guessing this is a hologram but it blends well with the mist so I couldn't really tell.

I couldn't make out on what they're singing since they are singing in a language unknown to me.

After a series of high pitch music, the tempo mellows down along with the gushing water and an old dude wearing robe which looks similar to the sculpture that Professor Einstein and Mathias bought earlier appeared.

He appears to be lonely judging by his action and he's all alone and all.

Then after a while, he waves his hands while the tempo of music goes up with it and a bunch of people dressed up in different styles of fantasy clothing appeared.

The old dude started singing gibberishly with some matching actions while facing the people in fantasy clothing.

The people dressed up in fantasy clothing sings back to the old dude wearing a robe and disperses.

The gush of water died down along with the music and the lightings.

After a while, a lightly mellow music is being played and the water rises up slowly with different colors of lightings creating a colorful mist.

Then a footage appeared of a guy wearing a brown fantasy outfit within the mist.

The guy in brown is singing a song while matching the music's tempo and pointing both of his hands at nothing.

He's a bit jumpy but he's not out of tune.

While he's singing and pointing his hand at nothing, some kind of rock formation is slowly appearing at the empty space that the guy is pointing his hands at.

After he stopped singing, an imperfect boulder appears before him.

Then the music slowly dies down along with the gushing water and the lightings.

After a while, music is being played again with the same tempo and mellowness as last time while water rises up again creating another colorful mist.

Then a footage of a woman wearing a blue fantasy clothing appeared pointing her hands at the imperfect boulder singing in tune with the music.

Unlike the previous guy in brown, her singing style sounds a bit solemn.

She's hot by the way.

ss they don't have the budget to hire that many people.

The lights and footage dims again.

As they reappear, the god who seemed please is being shown.

The god seemed so please of what have become of humanity and decided to live amongst them.

So he went down the planet, and into a vast plain.

He wave his hand and a humongous tree grows out of the ground.

Is that the tree that we're on right now?

Then, the god flies towards the top of the tree and the footage and lightings disappeared.

As the lights and footage reappear, a bunch of people standing in front of the humongous tree is being shown.

They seemed amazed by the tree and decided to live there.

So they bring a bunch of materials and animals, climb up the tree and started building a city.

After they build a city on top of the tree, humans from all over the planet come over to live there.

The god is pleased by that and they live happily ever after.

Then End...

The show is touching and fantastic but it wasn't enough to make me a believer.

I took out my phone to check out the time.

It's 10:00 pm...

This late already.

I guess it's time to go home.

I turn towards the others to inform them that it's time to go home.

As I did, I saw Maple, Zack Roc and Lokki crying.

"Uwaaaaah!" (Maple)

"That was so awesome! Sniff* Sniff*" (Lokki)

"Man! Sniff* I can't stop crying! Sniff* Sniff* What the hell man!? Sniff* Sniff* Damn it!" (Roc)

"Duuuuuuude! Sniff* Sniff*" (Zack)

This is so hilarious.

I couldn't help but to take pictures of them.

The others did as well.

"Stop that! Sniff* Sniff* Stop!" (Lokki)

"I'll remember this damn it! Sniff Sniff*" (Roc)

"I'll hide your shoes for revenge later! Sniff* Sniff*" (Maple)

"Duuuuuuude! Sniff* Sniff*" (Zack)

Ha ha ha ha!

Gotta post this on Spacebook.

While I was posting the pics that I took, I feel cold and heavy all of a sudden.

I must be tired.

Once I get back, I'll probably go straight to bed.

We can always do the draw lots tomorrow.


Little Wing

Boys Dormitory

Linel's Room...

"Wake up weirdo!"

I slowly open my eyesand saw Wren looking down at me.

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