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After taking a nice hot bath in a bathroom of a hotel room that I rented, I put on the clothes that I bought earlier at a boutique shop in the city.

After I've put on my clothes, I proceed to the hotel lobby in order to check out.

Since the hotel is in the shopping district, everyone is waiting for me here while doing their own thing.

I exit the hotel with Clarissa who have been waiting for me at the lobby and what greeted me is a street full of old fashion buildings which looks like from the medieval era.

Stalls are everywhere, displaying different kinds of stuff from souvenirs to religious items to everyday kitchen utensils

This feels like I'm in a bazaar like in those adventure games I used to play.

Clarissa and I headed towards the food stalls where Feini is.

As we arrive at the food stalls, we spot Feini eating some kind of skewered grilled rodent.

We approach her.

Since I was curious and disgusted at the same time on what Feini is eating, I ask her about it.

"What the hell are you eating?"

While Clarissa greets her.

"Hey Feini!"

Feini swallows her food before screaming energetically.

"Oh Linel! Clarissa! Good timing!"

She shows us the roasted skewered rodent that have its sides bitten off by Feini.

I feel so disgusted describing that so from now on, I'll be calling it "that thing".

"You should try this! This taste so awesome!"

I decline her offer.

"No thanks!"

Just thinking about taking a bite on that thing grosses me out.

Clarissa takes an interest on that thing.


"Yeah! Really!

Feini responded.

After that, she put that thing near Clarissa's mouth.

"Come on! Try it!"

Clarissa didn't hesitate to take a bite.


After Clarissa took a bite, she slowly chews her food before swallowing.

After she swallowed her food, she gives her verdict.

"You're right!"

Clarissa takes another bite on that thing.


After Clarissa took a bite, Feini takes the thing away from her angrily like a child who doesn't like to share his or her favorite toy.

"Hey! If you want more! Go buy your own!"

"Aw! Don't be stingy!"

Clarissa said cutely and tries to take another bite of that thing while Feini tries to keep that thing away from her.

"Hey! Quit it!"

"Come on! Just another bite!"

"Buy your own grilled square bat!"

"Pretty please~"


Watching them act like children is entertaining in a way.

After a while, Clarissa decides to buy her own of that thing while Feini who doesn't seemed to be satisfied bought another one.

As for me, I'm still gross out to even try that thing.

After Clarissa bought her thing, she approaches me and shows me that thing.

"Let's eat this together Bat Man!"

She said cutely.

"I'll pass."

I rejected her offer.

"Say ah~"

She slowly pushes that thing towards my face.

How much does she want me to taste that thing?

Looks like rejecting her didn't work.

As they say, action speaks louder than words.

I quickly took a step back.

Clarissa follows me in pursuit by taking a step.


I quickly took few steps back.

Then again, Clarissa was able to chase after me.

This exchange continued until I accidentally bump into someone.


I quickly apologize.

"Oh! Sorry!"

"No worries."

The person I bump into gave me her forgiveness...

Wait a minute! Her voice sounds really familiar.

I turn towards the person that I bump into to see who it was.

It was Ace.

As Ace looks back at me, her face becomes flushed red and she dropped all the shopping bag that she was carrying.

Talk about late reaction!

Maple along with the gang and Favion who seemed to be passing by saw what happened

The four made fun of Ace while Favion kept her mouth shut.

"Bwahahahahaha! Good one!"

"Ha ha ha ha! That's so rich!"

"Dude! Ha ha ha ha!"

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Man! I'll pay fifty bucks just to see this!"

All of a sudden, Lokki became serious.


He asked Roc.

"Of course not! It was a joke man!"

Roc retracted what he said earlier.

"Jokes are half true you know..."

Feini butted in to Lokki and Roc's conversation.

"What the hell man!"

Roc stated his complain.

Everyone burst into laughter because of that, except for Ace who is still in her cute mode.

After we have our laughs, we search for the others together.

We ran into the Luna fanatic club (that includes Aeris as well) who are at a stall that sells Luna's fan goods that are in bad quality.

By bad quality, I mean Luna's picture is a bit blurry.

The quality doesn't seemed to mind them at all since they are too engrossed in buying...

Now that I look at the pictures, they seemed to be stolen shots.

It's no surprise that Luna have some stalkers and it is to no surprise that they would be selling those stolen shots one way or another so it doesn't bother me at a

ing wackily behind us.


We left the Mysterious blah blah blah occult shop and joined up with Professor Einstein and the others.

By the way, the Luna fanatic club are here as well.

They must have joined up with Professor Einstein and the others while we're in the shop.

Now then! Only one person left to find.

"So, where do you think we can find Kana?"

I asked.

"I think we could find Ms. Ishizawa in an electronic shop."

Professor Einstein answered.

"Alright then! Let's go!"

I said and start walking.


We went to different electronic shop and couldn't find Kana.

It's getting dark and the show at "The Fountain of Opera" which is located in the town's main square that the tour guide recommended us to visit before she left us when her shift has ended will be starting in about an hour.

"Where the hell is she?"

I blurted out my frustration.

"Hey! Have you guys every tried texting? It's really convenient you know."

Feini suggested with a hint of sarcasm.

"Oh! Right!"

I said in realization and brought out my phone.

The others did as well.

"So, who will be the one to text Kana?"

Lokki asked.


I volunteered.

"All yours then!"

Lokki said and put his phone away.

The others did as well.

I texted Kana where she's at.

After few seconds, I got a reply.

I'm at the town square taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi.

"She's at the town square."

I told everyone where Kana is.

"We've been searching for her everywhere and she's already at the town square, what the hell man!"

Roc stated his complain.

"Hey! Don't get mad at me! I'm just telling you what Kana texted me."

I refuted him.

Roc quickly apologizes.

"Sorry man!"

"Can you ask her to text her exact location?"

Professor Einstein asked.

"On it!"

I said and start texting.

We waited for a minute and a half before getting a reply.

Kana texted me the exact coordinates where she's at, a screen shot of her location with the map app and a selfie pic wherein Kana is sitting at the sides of the fountain with a lifeless peace sign pose.

That's too much information.


The Holy City of Yggdria

The Church of Yggdria...

Wren along with Leane and Eriline are sitting at a VIP box which is above the pulpit waiting for something to happen.

The church is decorated with idols representing their god and the sacred spirits of the religion.

There are ornaments everywhere, the seats of the church are like seats of a theatre, the floor is decorated with a majestic red carpet and the whole place is well lit.

There are also spot lights hanging at the ceiling not far from the pulpit.

Surrounding the pulpit are cameras and special effects machine.

Wren has a frustrated look on her face which made Eriline worried.

"Your highness, perhaps you're not interested in the opera?"

Eriline asked.

"Of course I'm not!"

Wren expressed her displease.

"Whether you like it or not, you have to watch the Opera to show respect to this country and its culture. So be a good princess and just bear with it. You don't want to shame your family's name and your country's reputation do you?"

Leane tried to reason with her.

Wren clicked her tongue and behaves.

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