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   Chapter 45 NO.45

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I smell like citrus from the over ripe fruits that were floating on the water and the sticky nectar was all over me when I landed on the lake with the bird. I have to go to the city to buy a set of new clothes and look for a place to take a bath.

Accompanying me is Louise, Professor Einstein, Aeris, Clarissa, Feini, Mathias and two guardbots while the others stayed at the ranch.

After walking for almost half an hour, we reach a stairway that leads to the top of a giant trunk.

As we were walking towards the stairway, one of the two guards who is wearing a green uniform and carrying an assault rifle that is posted at the left corner of the entrance of the stair way stops us.


He shouted while showing us his right hand.

We stop walking as a response.

Then he points at Louise and the guardbots.

"Leave your bots if you want to enter the city."

I was about to ask them about that but Professor Einstein ask them in my stead.

"Can I ask you gentle man why we have to leave our bots behind?"

"It is because our god Yggdria didn't created them and they don't have souls. So the soulless aren't permitted to enter the sacred city."

After he said that, he started rambling on his own.

"To think this country's government didn't banned bots from entering the sacred tree. How absurd!"

Okay! This guy have some issues.

I know there are different cultures and religions out there in the universe but I'm surprised to hear that there's a religion that detest bots.

I mean, everyone in the universe uses bots. They make our lives easier and they're convenient.

So it makes me wonder, what did the bots ever do to the guy who made this religion?

The others seems skeptical as I am while Mathias looks normal and Professor Einstein looks very intrigue.

Even the guard who has been quiet all this time looks a bit troubled when his colleague started rambling.

"Can you tell me more about your god I'm genuinely interested."

Professor Einstein asked enthusiastically.

I got a feeling this will be a very long boring conversation.

"My friend! Are you prepared to learn the ways of Yggdraria?"

The guard asked like a proud believer.

Yggdraria? Is that the name of the religion?

"Yes I am! In fact, I want to learn about your religion and its origin."

Professor Einstein responded positively and politely.

"Well then my friend. Listen very closely."

The guard started preaching while Professor Einstein listens intently.

If we stay and wait for Professor Einstein, who knows what time I'll be able to get myself clean.

So I decided to leave Professor Einstein be and enter the city.

I told the others what we should do.

"Let's leave this two and enter the city. Who knows how long this will take."

"I totally agree with you Bat Man."

As expected f

emed to just arrive asked.

As I look at Lokki, I could see the others who were left at the ranch with him.

I took a glance at Kana and thought to myself that, if anyone can deal with these annoying guardbots, Kana can.

I approach Kana.

As I was near Kana, she takes out a gas mask from her bag and wears it.

I felt offended so I ask what her deal is.

"Hey! What's with the gas mask?"

Instead of answering me, she taps on her phone.

After she taps on her phone, my phone vibrates.

I took out my phone to check my notification.

I receive a message from Kana.

This is what it says.


"Precaution of what?"

Kana sends me another text message.

From an unknown bacteria that you got from the lake.

"What are you? A germ freak?"

I retorted.

Kana sends me a message again.

It's just a precaution.

Sigh! If we do this any further, it will lead us to know where.

Better ask Kana to deactivate these guardbots with her hacking so I can finally go to the city and get myself clean.

"Hey! Can you deactivate those guardbots with your hacking? Because we can't enter the city with these things following us around."

Kana took at her phone and lightly taps the screen with her thumb.

After that, she sends me a message.


I check the guardbots to see if Kana really deactivated them.

As I did, I saw the light that serves as their eyes disappeared while their body is in a slouching position.

They're definitely deactivated.


I said.

Kana sends me message.

That will be 50 bucks.


I reacted.

She sends another message.

That was a joke.

"Oh! Right..."

This must be one of her dark humors.

Anyways, after confirming that the guardbots have been successfully deactivated by doing some test, we proceed to the stairway that leads to the city while Louise stays behind.

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