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   Chapter 44 NO.44

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We arrive on a vast floating meadow like grassy island with Giant birds wearing saddles on their back and a tablet on their fronts running and jumping around.

They kinda look like those giant yellow birds in Final Fantasy.

Anyways, surrounding this place is a wooden hanging bridge that connects this floating grassy island to the giant branches.

There's also a depressed bridge north from where we are standing that is connecting to a race track of some kind that is made out of grass and dirt with a bunch of holobanners and holoflags floating around.

In the middle of the area is a tree with a fruit that is shape like a purple bell.

The giant birds who seemed to be hungry flies up and pecks on the purple fruit.

"This is the Rococho Ranch where in you can rent a Rococho to ride around the area for five hundred credits per hour."

The tour guide explained.

Rococho? Must be the name of the birds.

"If you wish to ride a Rococho, all you have to do is take out your phones."

The tour guide takes out her cellphone and the giant birds start flocking around her like a bunch of lost puppies.

"Aw! They're so cute!"

Everyone look at the person who said that.

It was Ace.


Ace who's blushing out of embarrassment asked.

Since it's been a while seeing her like that, I couldn't help but to tease her.

"Oh nothing! We just remembered that you're a girl."

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean!?"

Ace retorted while still blushing.

Everyone burst into laughter.

"Ha ha ha!"

"Hi hi hi!"

"Hu hu hu!"


While we are laughing our pants off, the tour guide clears her throat...

"Ehem! May I have your attention please?"

And asked for our attention.

As she have everyone's attention, she continued explaining.

"If you wanna ride a Rococho, tap on the tablet."

She taps on the tablet of the bird that has been pestering her for a while now by pecking on her collar and the tablet lit up.

As the tablet lit up, a plain text appeared saying "500 credits per hour".

"After that, point your cell phone at the tablet in order to receive the transaction."

She points her cell phone at the tablet.

After that, she showed us her cell phone.

"Tap on the notification and accept the transaction."

She taps on her phone a couple of times.

As she did, the tablet changes its display into the words "Ready".

After the tablet changes its display, the bird kneels down beside her.

The tour guide get on the bird's back and the bird gently stood up.

I gotta say, this bird is well trained.

"And there you have it!"

She said cheerfully.

"And oh!"

She blurted out.

"If you want to race with your friends, you can do so by going to the Rococho race tracks north from here."

I see...

Maybe I should go to the tracks with Lokki and the gang later.

"Now that all said, I'll give you all a quick tutorial on how to drive a Rococho after you all mount your Rococho."

After she said that, those who wants to ride the birds took out their phones while the others who doesn't just pet the birds like Ace who seemed to be lost in her own little world.

As for me, I want to ride a bird so I took out my phone, chose a random bird from the flock and ride it.

As I

s its wing and flaps it.


Before I knew it, I was up high in the air.

I don't know if I should be relived or scared right now but this feels awesome!

"Hey! Watch where you going you jerk!"

Feini screamed at me.

I apologize to her.

"Sorry about that!"

Though I didn't mean it mainly because right now, I don't really feel sorry.

The sensation of gentle breeze passing through my body, looking at the killer view from above, the feeling of nothing beneath my feet, defying gravity itself, can you blame me?

This is so awesome!

This awesome feeling didn't last long when I found out where we will be landing at or rather into.

"Hey stop! Don't land there! Land on the ground. The ground!"

The bird didn't listen to me no matter how much I scream and panicked.

So I prepare myself for the inevitable.

We landed on the lake and made a big splash.


The water splattered all over and I am drenched as a dog who just took a bath.

Damn! This sucks!

People gathered around the lake most probably out of curiosity.

I could see my friends among the crowd.

Those who have a heart asked me if I'm alright like Aeris and Clarissa, other's just watch silently like Kana and the rest made fun of me.

"Bwahahaha! You suck!"

"Crash and burn man! Ha ha ha ha!"

"I think you mean crash and drenched."

"Who cares man!?"

"Dude! That is so funny! Ha ha ha ha!"

"Ha ha ha! Serves you right for being so reckless."

"You look so sexy when you are wet my dear."

Chaching* Chaching*

"Ha ha ha! Hash tag... What should I quote here?"

"How about hash tag "Best day ever" with quotation marks."

"Yeah! That sounds great."

"Don't forget to tag him on the Photo."

"Will do!"

"My! My! Whatever should we do?"

Louise who has been by my side all this time is hovering with her rocket boosters.

She hands me a towel.

"Young master, please use this to dry yourself before you catch a cold."

I accept the towel.


"Ha ha ha ha ha ha..."


Wren who is staring at the window saw Linel and the others having fun at the Rococho ranch.

She became more upset than she was before.

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