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   Chapter 43 NO.43

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Planet Proneterra

The Country of Midgaria

The Great Tree Yiggdrasyll...

"Hey! We're standing on a tree right? Right?"

Lokki asked while shaking me which is quite irritating.

"That's what the tour guide said."

I said to him while trying to suppress my irritation.

"I can't believe it!"

Lokki shouted while shaking me crazily.

"Would you knock it off!?"

I shouted and shove his hand off my shoulders.

"Dude! This is so awesome!"

Zack screamed like there's no tomorrow.

"Oh man! This is really high!"

Roc said nervously like a scaredy cat.

Sophie who seemed to find Roc amusing start pestering him.

"Are you scared? Huh? Are you scared?"

"I am the king of the world!!! Bwahahahahahaahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!"

Maple screamed like an overly hyper evil villain.

"You mean queen of the world."

Ace corrects Maple.

Aeris laughs at Ace's retort.

"Hi hi hi..."

What did they eat to make them so energetic?

Oh! Right! Maple's disaster sugary caffeinated pancakes.

One bite felt like a hard slap on the cheek.

Good thing I just ate one bite otherwise I'll be crazy right now.

While I was in deep thought, Clarissa suddenly clings to me...

"Bat Man!"

Which made me flustered.

"Please hold on to me so I wouldn't fall off."

She asked in a cute manner.

The mixture of embarrassment and fluster makes my brain scrambled.


"If one of you falls off, then both of you falls off."

Feini who's behind us said jokingly.

"That would be romantic."

Clarissa said to Feini.

"That's just creepy."

Feini retorted.

While I was trying to get my thoughts in order, I suddenly felt a murderous intent.

This feeling is bothering so I tried looking around to see where it came from.

I look up at the countless giant branches that are all over each other.

Hmm... It doesn't seem to come from there.

I went over the left edge towards the safety railings and look down.

As I look down, I see a vast plain.

Doesn't seemed to come from there either.

I look to my left and see the others who are looking at me dumbfounded.

Hmm... Not there either.

I look at the hanging bridge that connects this giant branch to a nearby branch further away from here.



I move over to the right edge where the safety railings are and look down.

I saw the same sight that I saw when I look over at the left safety railings.

Nothing either...

I tired looking everywhere but couldn't find the source of the murderous intent.


Maybe it's just a kick of adrenaline from the height.

Though, I ain't scared of heights.


"Is there something wrong?"

The tour guide who seemed concerned asked.


I said and went back to my post.

As I did, Clarissa clings to me again and we started walking.

After few steps, I felt a murderous intent again.

This feeling is so uncomfortable it makes me feel sick.

"Bat Man? Are you not feeling well?"

Clarissa who seemed worried asked.


I answered honestly.

"Is there anything I could do to help?"

Clarissa asked kindly.

"How about you give him some space?"

Ace said to Clarissa.

"But if I do that, he might collapse."

Clarissa rejects Ace's suggestion.

"I think you're the reason why he's not feeling well."

Ace said like she's stating the obvious.

Ace is kinda correct.

Clarissa is part of why I'm feeling so weird right now.

"Is that true Bat Man?"

Clarissa asked while looking a bit sad.

"I... Uh..."

Damn it! What should I say?

All of a sudden, Feini pulls Clarissa away.

"Come on Clarissa! Give Line

order Louise around huh?

It makes me feel special somehow.

"Oh! I see!"

Professor Einstein said in realization.

After that he turn towards me.

"Mr. Silvercrest, may you?"


I said and turn to Louise.

"Louise, could you go first and see if the bridge is safe for us?"

Louise response.

"As you wish young master."

After that, Louise walks to the bridge.

As she walks at the bridge, the bridge swings and wobbles a bit but it is not enough to keep her off balance.

I doubt she would fall off though and even if she did, she has rocket boosters to bring her back to the bridge.

When Louise is at the middle of the bridge, she stops and do some testing.

She jumps on the bridge a few times and nothing happens.

She tries swinging the bridge crazily and the bridge only swing for few inches which is not enough to throw her off the bridge.

Then, she jumps off the bridge.

Wait! She did what!?

I ran through the bridge till I reach where Louise jumps off out of reflexes.

Before I was able to look down to see if Louise is alright, Louise flies back to the bridge and lands right on front of me.

Boosh* Tap*

After she landed, she gives me a verdict.

"The bridge is safe young master."

I grab her shoulders and scold her.

"Don't just jump off the bridge like that!"

Louise apologizes.

"I'm sorry to worry you young master, I was just trying to see if there is really an invisible net bellow the bridge and I was able to confirm it."

"Can't you just use your detection ability to see if there's a net bellow the bridge?"

"I tried young master but I couldn't detect it that's why I jump off the bridge to see for myself."

I couldn't help but to sigh.

"Sigh! Next time, could you warn me before doing something crazy?"

"As you wish young master."

"Hey guy! We better get moving!"

I look at the person who said that to us.

It was Lokki.

"Hurry up! This bridge is scary!"

Lokki demanded.

While Lokki is trying to calm his nerves, Sophie sneaks up behind him.

Since I'm interested what Sophie's gonna do, I just let her be.

As Sophie was near Lokki, she taps on his shoulders and shouts.


Lokki screams like a girl.


And hugs me while shivering.

Laughter could be heard from the other side where the others are.

"Get off me!"

I said and shove Lokki.

I regret not stopping Sophie.

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