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   Chapter 41 NO.41

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As we all got off the boat, the tour guide discussed the itinerary of the tour.

I wasn't listening because I was too distracted by the heat.

Damn it's hot!

I put on my hood which didn't help much.

When I was ready to listen, Ms. Leane threatened us again.

"Now! If you all run off on your own, you know the consequences."

We get it already. Sheesh!

We all respond.

"Yes mam..."

After hearing our response, Ms. Leane talks to the tour guide.

Then after that, we start heading our way while she leads us.


I got off the bridge which is made out of biscuits and stepped into a pink with a mixture of white soft warm sand that smells like strawberry milk shake.

The tour guide start explaining.

"Everyone! The sand that you are all stepping on right now is actually made out of strawberry milk powder. To prove my claim-"

She scoop up some sand with her hand.

After that, she shows us the pile of "sand" on her hand.

"Have a taste."

She raise he hand up high, looks up towards her hand, opens her mouth and slightly tilts her hand to make the sand drip into her mouth.

Sparkles could be seen as the sand drips down to her mouth.

The tour guide is hot so I find her actions very sexy.

I'm totally getting influence by Mathias pervetedness aren't I?

After she took a taste, she lowers her hand slowly and drops the sand.

After that, she looks at us with a smile.


I think my heart just skip a bit.

Must be the heat.

Anyways, I took a taste for myself.

Others did as well.

A scoop a bit of sand and put in my mouth.


It taste like strawberry milk shake.


After I took at taste, I look at everyone to see if they did as well.

Everyone did except for Kana who took out a plastic bottle and filed one-fourth of it with sand.

After that, she filled the bottle with water using atomic synthesis.

Then she shakes it.

After shaking it a couple of times, the sand dissolves and the water turned into strawberry milk.

Hey! Why didn't I think of that?

Then she takes out a cooling wrap from her bag and wraps the bottle of strawberry milk before putting it inside her bag.

I guess she doesn't want to drink it warm.

Anyways, as everyone is done, we move on while the tour guide leads us.

We went through a forest.

The forest doesn't look ordinary since there are rocks that shapes like, looks like, and taste like biscuits, trees whose trunks and branches are made out of sweet pretzels and different colors of cotton candy acting as leaves, soil that is made up of powdered butterscotch biscuits, mushrooms in different sizes made out of gelatin and gummy candy, flowers made out of candy and hardened icing, bushes and grass made out of lickerish, giant sphere lollipops as lamp post and cottages made out of sponge cakes and tarts.

The only thing that isn't edible are the tourists, the locals, the robotic animals and the annoying guardbots.

After we passed through the forest, we climbed up the rocky road mountain.

By rocky road, I mean crumbled and deform cookies.

You know, like the flavor in ice cream.

Anyways, we've been chowing down since we got here so some of us are getting hyper due to all the sugar.

"Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Ar

ndmills, I bump into Aeris.

"Oh sorry!"

I quickly apologized.

"It's okay."

Aeris forgave me.

All of a sudden, Ace shouts.


Which made us look at her.

As we look at Ace, we saw her pointing her cell phone at us.

"Come on you two! Smile or it would be ugly!"

Ace tried to convince us to smile.

All of a sudden, Aeris laugh.


For some reason, it tickled my funny bone so I end up laughing as well.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!"

"That's better!"

Ace said and took a picture.


After Ace took a picture, Aeris approaches her.

I did as well.

"Could you send me the picture?"

Aeris asked and took out her phone.

"Oh! Me too!"

I said and took out my phone as well.


Ace said and sends us the pic through an app called "Share This".


We arrived at our final destination which is a local village full of souvenir shops.

The houses are made out of different kinds of desserts like cakes, tarts, brownies, giant decorated cupcake and etc.

It's already night time so we didn't have much time to go shopping.

So we all buy the things that we wanted as fast as we can.

After we're done shopping, we went straight back to the pier.

As we walk into the forest, the glowing lollipop that serves as a street light really got my attention.

It really blends well with the dark forest.

Not to mention the sound of crickets and owls is really relaxing.


As we we're sailing back to mainland, we all had dinner together.

It was fun but tiring as well since there's a bunch of idiots trying to steal my food.

After dinner, we all rest up somewhere and wait.


While we're riding the tour bus heading back to the airport, everyone is dead tired so they are all asleep.

As for me, I couldn't sleep because of Clarissa who's making me flustered by leaning her head on my shoulder while I try my best to stay still so I wouldn't wake Wren up.


I look out the window to distract myself from this uncomfortableness.

As I did, I saw the city night lights which is beautiful because of the perfect blend of darkness and the lights.

I stare at the window while hoping that will be arriving at the airport soon.

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