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   Chapter 40 NO.40

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I entered a room that resemble a kitchen and a dining room with a bunch of medium sized lunch boxes and thermoses on the table.

Maybe this is the dining quarters that the tour guide spoke of.

Anyways, the Luna fanatic trio are at the table eating their lunch while taking advantage of the Wi-Fi by watching Luna's music videos and interviews on Utube using their devices.

Favion who is at a bar like counter is drinking a bottle of milk like an adult whose drinking liquor in a pub.

Now that I think about it, Favion seems kinda lonely doesn't he?

I wonder though, why isn't he with Maple?

Maybe he's taking a break.

Since I'm already here, might as well have my lunch.

I sat on the table across the Luna fanatic trio who doesn't seemed to notice me right now since they're indulging themselves in their fantasies which is a good thing because I'm not in the mood to deal with them.

I open the lunch box and saw a complete meal which is composed of a salad as an appetizer, some kind of roast bird thigh, sea potato for the carbs, and a tiny straw banana muffin for desert.

There's also soup in the thermos but I don't feel like eating soup for some reasons so I didn't bother pouring myself some.

Anyways, I eat my lunch.

The food is surprisingly good.

After I eat my lunch, I stood up and head for the bar where Favion is to get a drink in the fridge.

As I reach the fridge behind the bar table were Favion is drinking, I open it and took out a can of blue cherry soda.

This would keep me going.

After I took out a blue cherry soda, I close the fridge and open the drink.


I drank the blue cherry soda in one gulp and place the empty can on the bar table.

After that, I continue on exploring by heading for the stair at the end of the room beside the bar.


As I reach the top, I'm in a hallway full of doors.

My gaming extinct and curiosity tells me to check all the rooms out.

So I did.

All of the room I check so far are identical.

They all have a single bed, a night lamp on top of a drawer, a dresser, a circular window hiding behind a red curtain, air vents, carpeted floors and a bathroom but that did not stop me from checking them all out.

I reach a room at the center of the hallway on my left and try opening the door.

As I did, it was locked.

A locked room huh...

As I recall in all the RPG's I played so far, a lock room means that there's a special item inside like a weapon or some secret room full of Easter Eggs.

(Note: Easter Eggs in gaming terms means hidden content.)

I know the difference between games and reality but that doesn't stop me from being curious.

So I decided to force my way in by picking the lock.

Good thing the lock it isn't digital.

I place my hand on the lock and charge it with a positive charge.


After that, I charge my hand with a negative charge.

The reason why I did that, it is so that the button like mechanism of the lock would be pulled back by the electro magnetism.

After that, I twist my hand



Oh yeah! It's the Northside of the deck where Mathias was earlier.

I hope Mathias isn't there anymore.

Well if he's there, I hope he isn't doing anything crazy.

I walk along the east part of the deck and saw Aeris and Ace still gazing at the sea while chatting.

This time, they don't look so serious.

I guess they're talking about something happy.

I reach the Northside of the deck and saw that no one is there.

I guess Mathias left.

I approach the stairs and climb down to see where it leads too.

As I was heading down, I could hear machinery noises.

I reach the bottom of the stairs and noticed that I'm in a small room with a single door.

I couldn't see the sign of the door since the door is already open.

As I look into the door, I saw Professor Einstein standing there.

What is he doing?

I approach him to see what he's up to.

As I was near him, I greeted him.

"Hey there Professor Einstein."

Professor Einstein greets me back.

"Oh! Mr. Silvercrest. Hello!"

"So, what you doing here?"

"I'm observing the mechanism of the ship's engine. Perhaps you're interested in joining me?"

"I don't think I'll be able to understand what's going on."

"Then allow me to teach the fundamentals of mechanics."

"No thanks!"

I walk away.

"Such a shame."

Professor Einstein said something but I wasn't paying attention.

Anyways, I'm done exploring so I don't have anything to do.

Maybe I should join Sophie and the others.

Yeah! I should do that.

I climb up the stairs that leads to the deck.

While I was climbing up, I heard an announcement.

Attention all passengers! This is your captain speaking! I would like to inform you that we will be docking soon at Dessert Island pier. Attention all passengers! This is your captain speaking! I would like to inform you that we will be docking soon at Dessert Island pier. Thank you and have a great day.*

So we have arrived.

After listening to the announcement, I continue climbing up the stairs.

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