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   Chapter 39 NO.39

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We arrived at the Chocolate Sunday Pier which is a relief since I could finally move freely.

Sitting beside Clarissa and Wren is straining especially when Clarissa is clinging to me while Wren complains every time I try to adjust myself to make myself comfortable.

As I got out of the bus and stepped on a pavement made out of solidified powdered milk.

How did I know that?

Well, the tour guide who is explaining right now said so.

Anyways, I took a deep breath of the sweet scented fresh air which kinda smells like blue cherry and do some stretching.

When I was done stretching, the tour guide led us to the pier were the boat is that will bring us to Dessert Island.

Since the ship is part of the package with the tour bus, we didn't have to go to the terminal to buy a ticket and wait for the boat to arrive, we just head straight to the docking area.

(Note: If you're wondering why Linel knows all that, it is because he watched some Soap Operas featuring piers.)

As we arrived at the docking area, the tour guide led us to one of the bridge which is made out of biscuits shaped like wooden planks and pretzel sticks that is connecting to the ship.

We walk on the bridge into straight lines that was ordered by Ms. Leane while walking towards the boat.

As I was moving closer to the boat, I noticed that the boat that will be cruising on is actually classy.

I think they call this a Yacht.

Anyways, before I know it, it was my turn to board the boat.

I step on the green transparent walkway and hold on to the railings to my left.

As I did, I start moving towards the deck without taking a step like I was riding an escalator.

As I reach the top, I got off the walkway and gave way to Zack.

After a while, everybody got onboard and we start sailing.

The tour guide said it would take three hours to reach Dessert Island so while we're waiting, we should just enjoy ourselves.

She also said that there's lunch prepared for us at the dining quarters.

Anyways, since I'm not hungry, I decided to hang around the deck for a while and go gaze into the sea with Louise who's always following me around while everyone went their own separate ways.

As I was gazing into the sea, I notice that the sea doesn't smell salty at all, it smells like blue cherr

d Louise! Care to join us? It's really fun!"

I decline Sophie's offer.

"I'm currently on a reconnaissance mission so no thanks."

Sophie turns to Louise.

"Oh I see! How about you Louise?"

Louise declines her offer.

"I'm sorry, I have to decline."

"Aw! Why?"

Sophie asked in an exaggerated manner.

"Because I have to serve the young master."

Louise answered.

Sophie looks at me.

"He doesn't look like he needs serving."

She said.

"Even so, it is my duty to be by his side."

Louise responded.

All of a sudden, Sophie stood up, approach Louise, grabs her arm and tries to drag her towards the lounge chair.

"Come on! Don't be shy!"

Louise who's obviously stronger and most probably heavier doesn't budge.

While Sophie eagerly tries her best to drag her, Louise looks at me.

"What should I do young master?"

She asked.

Well, I could survive walking around without Louise nor do I need to be served so I decided to let her go with Sophie.

"Go hang out with Sophie."

I said.

"See! You got Linel's approval."

Sophie said while still trying to drag Louise to the lounge chair.

Louise blinks two times before giving her answer.

I think that's her thinking face.


She said and start walking to the directing of the lounge chair.

Sophie celebrates.


As for me, I continue exploring.

Before I left the living quarters, Louise speaks to me.

"Stay safe young master."


I responded casually and walk out of the door.

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