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   Chapter 38 NO.38

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We were given the VIP treatment in the airport because of Wren being a royalty from a powerful country in another planet who's currently at war so we were able to get out of the airport with ease despite the reporters trying to get an exclusive interview with Wren and the photographers trying to take a picture of her but couldn't because of the Ms. Leane and the guardbots blocking them.

Is that the reason why Ms. Leane stayed behind after the paperwork so she could Wren's status to bring all the heavy equipment?

Anyways, seeing all the flashes of light from the cameras made me dizzy, so as soon as we got out, I hop on the tourist air bus that I booked earlier and sat on the back seat near the left window.

Wren who has no choice because she's a guest of honor, have to ride the limousine with Ms. Leane and Eri while the others ride the tourist air bus along with the guardbots.

By the way, Clarissa sat beside me and try to nurse me before Louise could.

Although Clarissa's nursing is great, it wasn't enough to cure my dizziness so Aeris who's sitting on front of me offered me a candy and said that eating one will subside the dizziness.

I took up her offer and took the candy and ate it.

As I did, Clarissa puffs her cheeks in an upset manner for some reason.

Although I found that cute, I can't help but to wonder why is she upset.

Well, my dizziness wouldn't let me ask so I just sit back and relax while enjoying the view from the window.

As everyone is on board, the air bus starts moving.

Before we could go to the Chocolate Sunday Pier in order to catch a boat to go to Dessert Island, we will stop by the Government Palace for political reasons reggarding Wren according the tour guide.

Everyone start complaining and the tour guide just apologize.

I know it's not Wren's fault but damn! Being royalty is a pain in the ass.

While we were traveling, the tour guide is explaining the history of this country.

I didn't listen much since I was enjoying the view while trying to stay calm from Clarissa's clinging but here is the gi

"Try me!"

Before Wren could do anything, Ms. Leane interferes.

"Alright! Break it up you two!"

Which made the two look at her.

After that, Ms. Leane speaks to Clarissa.

"Clarissa, move!"

"But Ms. Leane, I was here first!"

Clarissa complained.

"Just move!"

Ms. Leane repeats herself with full of authority.

Clarissa quietly obeys Ms. Leane.

"Yes mam..."

Wren mumbles to herself.

"Hmph! You should have done that earlier!"

I didn't hear what she said but it definitely ticked Clarissa off.

Before Wren was able to take her seat, Ms. Leane calls for her attention.

"Hold up!"

Which caught Wren's attention.


She asked.

Ms. Leane ignores Wren and turn towards me.

"Linel! Move!"

Since she said that to me all of a sudden it made me dumbfounded.

"Uh... Excuse me?"

"I said move!"

Ms. Leane shouted with full authority.

Because of that, I quickly move towards Clarissa.

After that, Ms. Leane speaks to Wren.

"Now you may seat."


Wren asked.

"Where else?"

Ms. Leane responded.

Wren stares at the empty seat beside me which is by the left window.

All of a sudden, her face turns a bit red.

"Sit so we can get going!"

Ms. Leane pointed out.

Wren reluctantly takes her seat beside me.


After that, Ms. Leane went back to her seat and the air bus starts moving.

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