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   Chapter 37 NO.37

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Just got back from the airpot doing the paperwork and damn it was hectic.

I can never get used to that.

Anyways, since I'm hungry, I head over the cafeteria to grab some breakfast.


Little Wing


As I arrive at the pantry, I could hear oil frying, things chopping and blenders spinning.

The group in charge of cooking duty today is Ace's group.

Judging by the sound, they just started cooking.

(Note: If you wanna check the groupings, go to Vol. 3 chapter 2 part a.)

Probably that's the reason why no one is here yet except for Aeris who's sipping a cup of hot drink at a table near the food counter.

Since I'm I wanna know the time, I took out my cell phone and check it out.

My phone time setting is adjusted automatically to the location so, the time that I'm seeing right now is the time of the place where I am and not the universal time.

The time is 4 in the morning.

I wonder what the universal time is.

I adjust my clock's setting to universal time and saw that it is 8 in the morning.

So this place is four hours behind the universal time.

After I check the universal time, I adjust the setting back to the local time.

Since I'm not sleepy and I don't have anything better to do, I decide to have a friendly chat with Aeris while waiting for breakfast.

So I approach Aeris.


I greeted her.

Aeris who's wearing a pink jacket over her PJ's greets me back cheerfully.

"Good morning Linel!"

As I was close to her, I could see what she's drinking.

It's coffee.

"Can I join you?"

I asked.

"Oh! Sure!"

She kindly responded.

After I got her approval, I took a sit across her.

As I sat down, Aeris ask me a question.

"How's your trip to the airport?"

I answer her.

"Well... How do I say this? Everything looks and smells delicious?"

"Oh? How so?"

"Well, the road is made out of chocolate I think, the airport building looks and smells like a giant cake and the airport lights looks like radioactive candies. Not to mention the moon looks like cheese and the clouds looks like cotton candy. And oh! There are multiple ships everywhere. Now that I mentioned it, there's this one ship that totally looks so weird."

"Why is it so weird?"

"Well, the ship is painted in a very colorful way while the shape of the ship looks like a deformed unicorn."

"That is weird. Hi hi hi..."

"Yeah... Ha ha ha..."

Watching her laugh cutely makes me relax and a bit flustered.

"How was the paperwork?"

I told

I find Wren's attire refreshing since she's wearing normal clothes for once and Eri, not so much since she's still wearing a maid uniform.

Louise who just arrived is suddenly drag away by Sophie for some reason.

As Sophie and Louise returned, I was surprised to see Louise wearing one of the clothes that I bought her which is a pink long sleeve one piece dress and a matching shoes instead of her maid uniform.

She looks like a normal girl.

Everybody was shocked to see Louise wearing normal clothes.

Lokki asked Louise where she go the clothes and she told Lokki that it came from me.

Everybody except for Aeris, Wren and Clarissa gave me a dirty look.

I try to explain to them why I gave her clothes and the others just brushed me off and stick to the conclusion that I'm a pervert who likes dressing up maidbots.

Anyways, after a while, Ms. Leane who's wearing the same clothes that she was wearing earlier with an included protective vest, comes out of the equipment room with a sniper rifle and several guardbots armed with an assault buster rifle on their left hand and a buster plasma shield their right hand.

We were dumfounded by the sight.

As Ms. Leane approached us together with the guardbots, she starts explaining.

"If you're wondering what these are for, it is for your own safety so don't try to run off on your own or we won't hesitate to shoot."

After she said that, she cocks her gun.


Talk about scary.

"Now then, shall we get going?"

She said with a smile.

We were too afraid to say anything and just walk towards the hangar silently.

I wonder how will she be able to get pass the airport with all that.

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