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   Chapter 36 NO.36

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After a long hard lecture and threatening that we would go back to the Silver Wing Academy if we didn't behave from Ms. Leane at the brigs, we went to the control center to find out our next destination.

Since I'm the owner of this ship which is now officially called Little Wing, I head over the ballot box and randomly pick a destination while the rest are eagerly watching me.

I took out a random piece of paper that is folded into a tiny piece, open it up and read the next destination to them.

"Let's see here... Dessert Island?"

After I read our destination, Maple screams out of joy.


Everyone turn towards her because of that.


She asked like we were the weird ones.

"Oh nothing! It's just that you SCREAM all of a sudden which is totally normal."

Lokki said sarcastically.

"What? Can't I be happy?"

Maple asked.

"There's nothing wrong with being happy as long as you don't shatter our eardrums!"

Lokki refuted Maple.

After that, he look at everyone and ask for support.

"Right guys?"

Everyone ignores him and start talking about the Dessert Island.

"Hey Aeris! Have you heard of Dessert Island before?"

"Well I really haven't heard of it much but they say it's one of the many tourist destination in the planet Delitopia."

"Delitopia? What kind of a planet is that?"

"Delitopia class, is a planet whose natural resources is made up of food according to my knowledge."

"So Isaac, you're saying that the entire planet is made up of food as in edible food?"

"Yes! That is correct. Not only it is edible, it delicious as well."

"Dude! Delitopia is making me hungry!!"

"I wonder if there's any scary looking edible zombies there!"

"Hey man! That's just gross!"

"Delitopia... As expected of the boss."

"Hey! Didn't Luna had a concert in Delitopia last year?"

"Yes she did! At Candyland."

"Can we got to Candyland after Dessert Island?"

"I'm afraid we can't. We don't have all sembreak to visit another place in a planet after all unless Luna's Twin do something about it."

"Luna's twin..."

The Luna fanatic trio stares at me which made me feel uneasy.

"Your highness, I think our next destination would suit your liking."

"No it will not!"

"You know your highness, your special someone will be snatch away if you don't start being honest with yourself."

"I don't have a special someone!"

For some reason, Wren is shooting glances at me.

Do I have something on my face?

"Your highness, you're so obvious."


and head for the door.

As we reach the door and step outside, Martha sends her regards.

"Have a safe journey."


As we step out of the ship, I got a full view of the area.

The cake building that I saw earlier is actually a three stack cake with cream and mixed fruit filling.

On top of the cake building is a colorful holographic banner that says "Sweets intergalactic Airport".

The road that looks like chocolate is hard and kinda smooth.

The lights are just like what I said earlier, glowing candies.

I look up the sky and saw a golden moon that looks like a giant ball of cheese and clouds that looks like cotton candy.

Well, clouds everywhere looks like cotton candy but the difference of this clouds and any other clouds is that, it's colorful like cotton candy.

I just don't know any other words to describe them besides cotton candy.

Other than the cotton candy clothes and the golden cheese moon, the only thing normal about the sky is the countless stars and ships flying.

Speaking about ships, there are different kinds of ship that are docked in the area.

There are giant ones, about the same size of the Silver Wing Academy, small ones, and ships the same size as the Little Wing.

There even weird looking ones which looks like a UFO from those old horror sci-fi movies and ones that looks plain ridiculous.

I mean! Come on! A rainbow paint job? Really?

"I know that you're intrigue by the environment but we should go to the airport and do the paperwork or otherwise the airport police would come here and question us."

Ms. Leane said which made me realize that we have been standing here for a while now.


I said and start walking.

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