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Ace who's holding her trademark ice blades, Aeris who's carrying a machine beam pistol, Kana who's holding nothing but her cell phone and Professor Einstein who isn't carrying anything walks out of the north intersection.

Following behind them are four giant particle beam monsters.

Wren who's carrying a red plasma saber and Eri who's carrying a beam assault rifle walks out of the west intersection.

Clarissa and Feini who are carrying a hand gun walks out of the north-west intersection.

Louise who have her plasma blades out, walks out of the south-west intersection.

Zack who's carrying nothing, walk out of the north-east intersection.

Sophie who's still carrying the hand gun that she got from me, walks out of the south-east intersection.

And Lokki who has two plasma sabers floating on both of his sides, walks out of the west intersection.

(To get a better picture, here is what they look like.)


L = Linel

B= Blaire

M= Mathias

A= Ace

Ae= Aeris

K= Kana

I= Isaac (Professor Einstein)

W= Wren

E= Eriline

C= Clarissa

F= Feini

Lo= Louise

Z= Zack

S= Sophie

Lk= Lokki

As everyone pops out, Mathias greets them.

"Hello! Such wonderful night isn't it? Don't you all agree?"

"Young master, I have arrived."

Louise greeted me.

"This turned out to be interesting.

Ace said in a cool manner.

"Indeed it did."

Professor Einstein agrees with Ace.

"Oh hello everyone!"

Aeris greeted everyone.

"Sup dudes!"

Zack greeted everyone as well.

"Woah Linel! When did you two become chummy?"

Lokki asked me in a surprised manner.

"Oh Linel! You sly ball!"

Sophie said teasingly.

"Bat Man, may I ask who that girl is?"

Clarissa asked in a serious manner.

"Hey weirdo! Who's she!?"

Wren asked angrily.

I try to tell them about Blaire but before even speak up, Blaire ask me a question.

"Friends of yours?"

I answer her out of reflex.


All of a sudden, Wren burst into flames and Clarissa points her gun at us.

"Hey Clarissa! You know you're pointing your gun at Linel right?"

"Your highness please calm down."

I don't know what Feini said to Clarissa and Eri said Wren but judging by their facial expression, I think they're both trying to calm those two down.


Ace said which got everyone's attention.

She continues.

"Since we're all here, why not we enjoy ourselves?"

"What do you mean?"

I asked.

"What I mean is we should play this game. It's a rare chance for us to be able to fight like this. Don't you agree?"

Ace does have a point and I rather fight then to stare at each other awkwardly so I agree with her.

"Yeah! I agree!"

"How about the others?"

Ace asked.

Everyone responds to Ace question.

"Meh! Why not?" (Lokki)

"Yeah! It will be so fun and scary!" (Sophie)

"Totally dude!" (Zack)

"Sure." (Kana)

"I don't think we should be fighting." (Aeris)

"This will make an interesting data." (Isaac)

"Yes! I totally agree!" (Clarissa) (Glares at Blaire.)

"Sigh! If Clarissa is in for it, I might as well be." (Feini)

"Definitely!" (Wren) (Glares at Blaire.)

"Whatever her highness' decides, it is my responsibility to see that she doesn't get hurt for it." (Eriline)

Now that everyone gave their response, there's only one left who didn't.

Well Blaire and Mathias didn't respond but I'm pretty sure they're up for it.

So we all look at Louise.

"I am not oblige to fight you all. If you all do, it is my duty as the head maidbot of the Silver Wing Academy to stop you."

Louise declares.

"Kana, would you please do the honors?"

Ace asked.


Kana said and taps on the screen of her cell phone with her thumb.

All of a sudden, Louise shuts her eyes and bends down.


Did Kana just shut down Louise?

"Now then, shall we?"

As Ace said that, everyone gets ready to attack except for Aeris and Kana since she's just holding a cell phone.

After few seconds, everyone starts attacking.

A flaming Wren rushes towards Blaire and tries to slash her with her plasma saber.

Voom* Tsk*

Blaire was able block her attack.

Clarissa starts shooting at Blaire regardless of Wren being there.

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*

Feini follows Clarissa's example.

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*


the fight continues.)

Blaire who was knocked down by Wren, quickly recovers and stood up.

Then Wren synthesize dozens of fire bolt at Blaire but Blaire was able to parry them by launching her particle beam wave at the fire bolts.


The particle beam wave hit a couple of fire bolts and the fire bolts that got hit exploded which cause a chain reaction and made the other fire bolts explode.

Boom* Boooom*

Then Wren run towards Blaire and slashes her with her plasma saber.


Blaire was able to block the slash with the blade of her plasma scythe.


They end up locking blades.

Since Wren is stronger than Blaire, Blaire is being pushed back.

Blaire quickly deactivates her plasma scythe and quickly move to the side to dodge Wren's plasma saber.

Then she use her deactivated plasma scythe as a rod, sweeps Wren with it, executes a 360 degree turn and use the fulcrum of the turn to throw Wren far away.

As Wren was thrown away, Blaire activates her plasma scythe and dashes towards her.

Voom* Woosh*

Ace and Mathias who were baffled on what just happened, they both recovered and face each other.

They each took a step back and ready their weapons.

As they were ready, they start clashing blades.

Voom* Tsk* Slash* Tsk*

While Wren, Blaire, Mathias and Ace are engage in their own battle, Eriline is trying to keep Clarissa and Feini interfering with Wren's battle by fighting them.

Clarissa and Feini who have ran out of ammo, threw away their guns and switch to using atomic synthesis.

Every time Clarissa and Feini launches an atomic synthesis attack, she parries them with her own atomic synthesis attack.

They keep on launching atomic synthesis attack on each other without getting tired of it.

In the midst of fighting and Aeris reluctance and confusion to fight, Kana was hacking the event's system using her cell phone.

As she successfully break through the system's firewall, she sends a virus to the pins of everyone participating in the event except for hers and the ones who have already lost.

As she did, the pins malfunctioned and exploded on its own which turned everyone into giant eggs.

The event was soon over and Kana was declared the winner.

She give a victory post.


We returned to the ship exhausted and waiting for us at the hangar is a very angry Ms. Leane.

Ms. Leane drag all of us over to the brigs and made us kneel down while giving us a hard lecture.

While Ms. Leane is giving us a lecture, I just remembered that Blaire haven't answer my question yet about why did she ask for my picture.


I should have ask for her number when we part ways.

Well there's always Spacebook.

What's her surname again?

Amityville? Armyswiss? Hamsterville? New Jersey?

"Hey! Linel! Pay attention!"

Ms. Leane shouted which brought me back to reality.

"Yes mam..."

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