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   Chapter 32 NO.32

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We settled down on a roof of a building near the highway to survey the area just like super heroes at night looking for evil doers.

For reasons leading all the way to the fight in the alley, the girl and I became partners.

Now that I think about it, I don't know her name yet.

I couldn't keep on calling her "you" can I?

I better ask for her name.

"Hey! Do you mind telling me your name? Since we will be working together, knowing your name would make things a little less awkward."

She answers me without looking at me.

"My name is Blaire, Blaire Ambertriess."

"Nice to meet you Flair, my name is-"

Before I could finish my self-introduction, she interrupts me.

"Linel Silvercrest and its Blaire, not Flair."

That spook since I never met her before until now and she knows my name.

Because of that, I couldn't help but ask.

"How did you know my name?"

"It is because I am a student of your grandmother's school and your grandmother is quite fond of you and also frustrated that you weren't born a girl."

"By grandmother you mean Anna Gunn?"

"Yes. That's right."

"So, you're a student of the Black Raven Academy the all-girl military school?"


"Okay but how did you know I'm Linel Silvercrest? Did she show you a picture or something?"

"Yes she did."

"She really did??"


She show me her cell phone.

As I look at her cell phone, I saw a picture of me wearing the Silver Wing Academy uniform walking down the hallway towards the cafeteria.

I have three questions which are how the picture was taken, why grandma gave you my picture and why do you have a picture of me in your cell phone?

Among those three questions, the third one strikes me the most interest.

Anyways, time to ask my question.

"Why do you have a picture of me in your phone?"

"It is because your grandmother gave it to me."

"And why would she do that?"

"Because I ask for it."


"Hold that talk!"

All of a sudden, she turns on her plasma scythe.

Pshshoo* Voom*

And then she took few steps back.

Since I was dumbfounded of her strange actions, I ask about it.

"Okay... What's going on?"

"There's an enemy at ten o'clock."

"An enemy at ten o'clock?"

I look at the direction on where she pointed at.

As I did, I saw a tall guy with semi long blond hair and green eyes carrying a Gun Saber.

Somehow that guy looks really familiar.

Now where have I seen him before?

Oh right!

When I was able to realize that the enemy that Blaire is referring to is Mathias, she have already jump off the roof.


Although I know that screaming for her to wait is no use, I just had to do it.

As Blaire is near Mathias, she executes a diagonal slash.

Vooom* Tsk*

Mathias reacted quickly reacted and was able to block the attack.

"Hello there little kitten! Did you come out to play?"

I don't know what Mathias said since he's so far away but Blaire didn't react to it.

Then Blaire executes a twist kick towards Mathias right sides but he was able to block it with his right hand which is his free hand.


Although Mathias blocked the attack, her kick was so hard it send him flying towards his left.

Mathias stabs the ground with his Gun Saber to stop him from crashing tow

fore he could, Blaire interferes by attacking him with a horizontal particle beam wave.


Mathias jumps high in the air to dodge it.


I took this chance and shoot a fire bolt at him.


Before the fire bolt was able to reach him, he slashes it and it exploded.


After that, Blaire, shoots out a diagonal particle beam wave at him.


Although I couldn't see Mathias since he's covered with smoke but the particle beam wave was able to hit him and it exploded.


I guess he's done for.

I stood up from the ground.

When I was sure that it was over, Mathias jumps out of the smoke unscathed.


Blaire tries to hit him again with her particle beam wave but before she could even move her plasma scythe, Mathias whose Gun Saber is now in gun mode, shoots her.


But instead of her being shot, the bullets stop in midair before they could even get to her.

She probably used brainwave manipulation to stop the bullets from hitting her...

Wait a minute! She's a brainwave user??

No wonder she could jump off a roof and land safely without using any gadgets like it was nothing.

Anyways, Mathias who's still in midair, shoots her a couple of times and she stops the bullet from hitting her using brainwave manipulation every time.

When I was about to do something like shoot a fire bolt at him or rush towards him, he figures it out and shoots me as well.

Mathias was able to land safely at the center of the intersections while Blaire and I weren't able to move out of our position.

As he was in the center of the intersections, he switched to sword mode.


Then, he lay his Gun Saber down for some reason and at the same time, Blaire jump towards my side.

Since I find both of their actions strange, I ask her what is going on.

"Hey! What's the matter?"

"There are enemies approaching."

She answered.

"You mean there are more coming?"

I asked.

"Yes so be prepared."

She answered me.

All of a sudden, a bunch of people walks out of the intersections.

As I took a closer look at them, I realized that they are not just people, they are someone that I know very well.

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