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   Chapter 31 NO.31

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(While Linel and the gang being betrayed by their teammates, let's see how the others play out.)

Casino space city Last Vega

Vega Park...

The crowd surrounding Ace, Aeris, Einstein and Kana points their weapons at them as soon as the event starts.

"So, they decided to eliminate the "weaker" ones first."

Ace said in a cool manner.

"It appears so."

Einstein agrees with Ace statement.

"I'm not a fan of betrayal so I say we show them who they're messing with."

Ace said what was on her mind.

"Can we just talk to them? Maybe they'll let us go."

Aeris suggested.

"I'm afraid they wouldn't bother listening Ms. Hope so there's only one way to solve this problem which is by eliminating the source."

Isaac rejects Aeris suggestion.

"Get ready to attack."

Kana who's fidgeting with her phone suddenly said.

Before the others could even react, countless phones starts ringing.

Ring* Ring* Ring* Ring*

The crowd who have their weapons pointed at them got distracted.

"What the hell? Who's calling at a time like this?"

"Damn it! I should have turned my phone off."

"Son of a bitch!"

Ace and Isaac who understand what Kana meant starts attacking.

Ace synthesize countless pointed ice shards and make them fall towards the enemy like rain.


After that, Mr. Einstein throw four metallic balls on the ground and the four metallic balls turned into four giant beings which he calls Plasma Golem.

(Note: Volume 1 chapter 12 part A.)

Then he controls the Plasma Golems to cause havoc by attacking the enemies.

Bzooooom* Bzoooom* Bzoooom* Bzooooom*


"What the hell is that!?"

The enemy who were able to recover from shock, tries to shoot the four with their guns.

As they pull the trigger, no shots were fired.

Click* Click* Click*

They check their guns and saw that their safety is on.

They tried to turn off the safety but they couldn't due to Kana's hacking.

They throw their guns away out of frustration and rushes towards the four with their plasma weapons but before they could even get close to them, they were swept away by the Plasma Golems.

Aeris who decided to fight as well, got one of the guns that were thrown away using brainwave manipulation.

Kana who saw that, disables the safety of Aeris' gun.

After that, Aeris starts firing.

Chuchuchuchuw* Chuchuchuchuw*

Ace who's done with long range attacks, decided to switch to short range by synthesizing two ice blades.

After that, she rushes towards the enemies.

As she reaches the enemy, she slashes them skillfully until their pin explodes and turned into a black resin which starts enveloping them until

es and they were turned into giant size velvet eggs.

One of the men who weren't caught up by Eriline's attack, shoots Wren with their guns.

Bang* Bang* Ratatata* Ratatata* Ratatata*

But before they were able to reach Wren, the bullets melted due to her flames that she enveloped her whole body with.

Wren who just got shot couldn't control her anger any further and synthesize dozens of fire bolts and launches them towards the men who fired at her.

Boooooooosh* Booooooom*

The men who got hit by Wren's fire bolts got turned into giant size velvet eggs.

After that, she synthesize countless fire bolts above her and launches them all towards the enemies.

Boooooooooooosh* Boooooooooooom*

Clarissa and Feini who got caught up in the action tries to flee while dodging Eriline and Wren's attacks.


Last Vega Intergalactic Spaceport

Private Docking Port

Little Wing


Leane who's walking back and forth like she's impatiently waiting for something, vigorously types on her cell phone.

"Come on! Answer me already!"

She said to herself irritably.


Little Wing

Entertainment Room...

Maple and Roc are playing a shooting game called "Call of Rookie: Modern Warfare" on online multiplayer mode while Favion is serving them snacks.

"Die! Die! Die! Bwahahahahahaahahahahahaha!"

Maple shouted and laughs evilly.

"Hey man! Stop shooting at our team!"

Roc told Maple off.

Maple ignores Roc and continues to do what she's doing while laughing evilly.

"Bwahahahahahahahahaha! His ass is on fire! Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!"

"What the hell man!? That was my ass you torched!"

Roc complained.


Little Wing

Girls Dormitory...

Harumi who's still wearing her kimono is sleeping soundlessly on her bed.


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