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   Chapter 30 NO.30

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As soon as the game started, everyone turn towards us and point there weapons.

"Guys? What is going on?"

Lokki whispered.

"I think they're trying to get rid of the small fries."

I said my opinion.

"Dude! That is so like bad right?"

Zack reacted or rather asked unsurely.

"Ooh! This looks like a scary situation!"

Sophie said excitedly.

"Now is not the time to get excited!"

Lokki scolds Sophie.

"What she we do then Mr. Genius?"

Sophie asked.

Lokki turn to me.

"Uh... Linel? Any idea?"

What should we do in this situation?

There's only one thing we should do.

"We should make a break for it."

I answered.


Lokki asked.

I took a quick glance at our surroundings to think up of a way to get us out of this situation.

There are not much people leading to the left exit.

I guess we make a break for it there.

As for the bullets and plasma beams and probably atomic synthesis as well flying towards us, I will synthesize a crystal wall wide enough to cover us.

We need some cover fire as well.

I'm pretty sure Louise could handle that.

She's a freaking super maidbot after all.

Anyways, after I thought of a plan, I told them the plan.

After discussing the plan, everyone gave me a silent nod.

One of the guys who's pointing his weapon at us which is an assault beam riffle, talk to us arrogantly.

"No hard feelings kids. Blame it on society for being a bitch!"

After that, he pulls the trigger and everyone who have guns pull their triggers as well.

Rumble* Pepepepew* Bang* Bang* Ratatatatata*Chechechechew* Chuchck* Bang* Chuchck* Bang*

Before they were able to pull the trigger, I was able to synthesize a crystal wall wide enough to block the shots.

As for our blind spot which is the side pointing towards our exit, Louise jumps in, takes out her dual plasma blades and slashes the incoming bullets and plasma beams.

Voomvoomvoomvoomvoom* Pew* Pew* Pew* Tsk*

As the gunshots subsided, we make a break for it towards the right exit while Louise executes a high jump and blast her particle beams towards the guys who are behind us.

Pshooo* Pshooo* Boom*

After she shot her particle beams, she rushes towards the enemies with her plasma blades.

We could hear screams and insults from the guys that are being attack by Louise.

As we are running towards the exit, we take out every guy who are shooting at us and blocking our way.

I synthesize dozens of crystal shards and Lokki throws them at the enemies using brainwave manipulation.

Shshshshshsh* Pew*

Sophie who currently has the gun, retaliates at the enemies who are shooting at us.

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*

As for Zack, he runs at full speed and tackles anyone who gets in the way like a bulldozer.

"Heads up dude!"

Thud* Thud* Thud* Thud*

The guys who got knocked over by Zack falls down like a bunch of bowling pins which I find hilarious.

The guys who are carrying plasma weapons rushes towards us.

For the guys who rushes towards Lokki, he uses brainwave manipulation to lift their weapons up high in the air and make them fall down towards them like rain.

Voooom* Tsk* Tsk* Tsk*

After that, he took two plasma sabers using brainwave manipulation and use it for himself.

As for the guys rushing towards me, I synthesize a compressed air ball made up of helium on my right hand.

After that I throw it at them.

As the compressed air ball reaches them, I ignite it by

hoever shows up.

"Let me handle this."

The girl said and walks on front of me.

When she was on front of me, she turns on her weapon.

Pshooo* Voom*

What was once a black metal rod is now turned into a plasma scythe.

Then she place the plasma scythe of her right with the blade positioned at her back and turned towards her sides like she's about to execute a vertical slash.

After the plasma scythe was positioned to her liking, the circular device which is the tip starts spinning and her blade starts glowing brighter than before while particle beams start shooting out like sparks.

Tsssssssssssssssss* Tsk* Tsk*

Is that the flash of light I saw earlier?

As a bunch of shadowy figure pop out at an alleyway on front of us and the blade of her plasma scythe is glowing brighter than ever, she executes a vertical slash.


When she did, a vertical beam particle wave is created.

The vertical beam particle wave rushes towards the shadowy figures.

As the vertical beam particle wave hits the shadowy figure, it exploded.


The shadowy figure was pushed back by the explosion and were turned into a bunch of red giant egg like thingy.

"There are more coming. It's best that we run and eliminate them later on once we have the upper hand."

The girl said and turns off her plasma scythe.

I agree with her.

"Yeah! Let's do that."

After that, we run towards the other direction.

As we we're running, a bunch of guys carrying guns and plasma weapons pops out from an intersection to our left.

I grab the girls hand out of reflex and synthesize a gust of wind bellow us to send us up high in the air.

As we were higher than the buildings, I execute a 360 degrees turn and throw the girl at a nearby roof.

As the girl approaches the roof, she lands safely.

As I confirmed that she landed, I point my hand at my back and synthesize a quickly synthesize a nitros oxide booster to push myself towards the roof that she landed on.


As I landed on the roof, I execute a roll so the force of the impact would go to the floor and not on my feet.

Although I won't feel a pain even if I didn't roll, I do not want to lessen my barrier's life any further.

As I get back up on my feet, the both of us start running on the roofs like ninjas.

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