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   Chapter 29 NO.29

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As we turned around to see who pushed us, we saw Sophie who's smiling at us cheerfully.


She greeted us.

We greet her back.

"Oh! S-Sophie! Hey!" (Lokki)

"Hi..." (Linel)

"Dude!" (Zack)

I didn't see Harumi so I find it unusual since she practically sticks to Sophie like glue so I ask her where she is.

"Where's Harumi?"

"Oh! Harumi? She wasn't feeling so well so she went back to the ship."

Sophie answered cheerfully.

"I see..."

"So, now that I've answered your question, it's your turn to answer mine. Watcha doing earlier?"

Sophie said mischievously.

Since Sophie is not type to get angry over trivial matters like we're staring at a girl to see how hot she was so I decided to tell her the truth.

"Oh that? We were-"

Before I could complete my sentence, Lokki interrupts.

"We were just looking around!"

After that, he laughs it off nervously while rubbing his head.

"Ha ha ha..."

"Oh! I thought you guys were checking out that girl."

She said and looks at the girl that we were looking at earlier.

"No we weren't!"

Lokki quickly denies.

"Why are you so jumpy?"

Sophie asked mischievously.

"Am I jumpy? I'm not jumpy!"

Lokki refutes Sophie.

After that, he look at me and Zack.

"Right guys?"

I'm guessing he's looking for support.

As his friend, I should go support him.

"I guess."

Zack supports him as well.

"Yeah dude! Totally!"

Lokki turn towards Sophie.

"See! I told you I'm not jumpy."

"Let's see about that."

Sophie said and turn towards Louise.

After she turned towards Louise, she ask a question.

"Ms. Head maidbot, is Lokki lying?"

Before Lokki could say anything, Louise answers Sophie's question without batting an eye.

"According to my lie detector program, Lokki Ragnarok is indeed lying."

"Hey! No fair!"

Lokki shouted.

For some reason, Sophie gave of a face that is more mischievous than before.

"I have another question for you Ms. Head maidbot."

Sophie asked.

"What is this question Sophie Ferz?"

Louise asked.

"Please just call me Sophie."

Sophie insisted.

"As you wish Sophie."

"Thanks! Now, back to my question. What were the boys doing earlier before I got here?"

"Hey! Don't-"

Before Lokki was able to say anything else, Louise answers Sophie's question.

"I believe they were observing that particular individual."

As Louise said the last part of her sentence, she looks at the girl that we were checking out earlier.

"So you guys were checking that girl out."

Sophie said mischievously.

"I already told you, we weren't okay!"

Lokki completely denies it which is no use since the cat is already out of the back.

"But the head maidbot said you were and maidbots don't lie."

Sophie pointed out.

"They could if their master order them too."

Lokki refuted.

"I didn't hear Linel giving any orders to Louise."

Sophie answers back.

"Linel isn't her master!"

"If Linel isn't her master, why is she following him around?"

"I don't know? Ask her!"

"Okay then!"

Sophie turn towards Louise and ask a question.

"Ms. Head maidbot, is Linel your master?"

"He is until this trip is over and we've safely returned to the Silver Wing Academy."

Louise answered honestly.

Sophie turn towards Lokki.

"See! Linel is

n't recommend the latter because there are a lot of conspirators in this game so if I were you, I would move around and stay away from people you don't trust.*


And also, watching you all lie in wait for an ambush is so boring.*

No one ask you...

Now then! For the rules. The rules are simple. There are no rules. Do whatever you can to win.*

I saw that coming so I wasn't surprised.

And lastly, if you want out of this game, there are two things you can do. Either you kill yourself which is an exaggerating since you can't die or you win. And oh! In case you try to escape the event area, there a solid barriers to keep spectators from coming in and you sorry sods out*

There goes my plan to escape.

Now that's all settled, welcome to The Four Leaf Clover Festival! I hope you'll all enjoy yourselves because I know I would. And also, ten seconds remaining before the event start.*

"What should we do?"

Lokki asked like he was panicking.


"Uh... Kill ourselves?"

I said sarcastically.


"What! No way! That will be boring! Let's just win this!"

Sophie said eagerly.


"Yeah dude! That would be awesome!"

Zack agrees with Sophie.


"How can we even win when we don't even have a weapon?"

Lokki refuted.

"Well... I do have one here."

I said and show him the handgun that the driver gave me earlier.


"Oh! Good! Can I have it? You're not gonna use it right? Since you fight with kung fu and atomic synthesis."

Lokki asked for the gun.


Well... He's right! I don't use a gun so I should give it to Lokki then.

I hand the gun over to Lokki.

"Knock yourself out..."


"As the only girl in the group, I should have the gun!"

Sophie said and grabs the gun.


"I believe in gender equality and I asked for it first!"

Lokki refuted Sophie and pulls the gun over to him.


"Cool tug of war dude! Let me join in!"

Zack said and grabs hold of the gun as well.


"Hey let go!" (Lokki)

"Let me have it!" (Sophie)

"Dude! This is so awesome!" (Zack)

I couldn't help but sigh helplessly.

"Sigh! Idiots!"

Zero...* Start!* Tooot*

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