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   Chapter 26 NO.26

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I arrived at the 14th I noticed that there a lot of electronic entertainment here like Internet Cafes, gaming hubs, a movie theatre and arcades.

I also noticed that there a lot of kids my age here.

I guess this floor are for kids like me who haven't reached the age limit to play casino games.

Anyways, I went towards an arcade that is most appealing and entered.

As I entered, I took a look around saw that the arcade is dimmed in a dark bluish light and a bunch of latest games like "Gunman Stratos Ultima 2", "Tekken Tag 67", "Tekken 300", "King of Brawlers Unlimited", "Rush and Speed: Most Furious", "House of Zombies 30", and many more.

The different background music and sound effects of games echoes throughout the room which make me all pumped up.

I rush over the vending machine and bought some coins so I could start playing.

After I got my ass kicked so many times by other kids, I decided to call it quits and head to the 20th floor to meet up with the others.

As I was about to passed by the arcade machine with the game "Tekken 300" I saw a guy with red wavy hair and green eyes with a cheeky face who's wearing a black fancy coat with a matching black hat playing.

This guy looks around his twenties and it's kinda weird to see him here and not to mention, he really stands out especially that cane with a golden handle that is leaning on the right side of the arcade machine which most likely belongs to him.

How come I didn't notice him before?

I'm guessing I got here before him.

As I was walking pass his back, he suddenly calls out to me.

"Hey Kid!"

Which made me stop walking.

"Do you mind sparing me some coins? As you can see, I'm about to get my ass handed over to this bitch."

By "bitch" I guess he means Haruka Kazama who specialized in Kazama style aikido.

By the way, he's using Haruka's Cousin Gin Kazama who specializes in Kazama style karate.

Since I'm not using my left over coins, I gave it to him by placing them on the arcade machine near where the controller of the second payer is at.

As soon as I place the coins, he lost.

"Son of a bitch!"

He screamed angrily and hits the controller.


As I saw that, it made me feel nostalgic somehow.

I wonder why.

As the continue screen flashes, he calms down, turn towards me and gave me a cheeky smile.

"Thanks for the coins kid!"

"You're welcome…"

I said casually.

After that, I walk away.

All of a sudden, the guy calls out to me.

"Hey kid! Wait!"

Which made me turn towards him.

As I did, he use his thumb to fling something towards my direction.


I catch the thing that he fling out of reflex and


Alright! That's enough wasting time.

I open the Uver app and press the call button.

After that, I went to the landing pad and wait for the limousine to arrive.

After few seconds, the limousine arrives and I enter it.

The driver asked where the others are and I told them that they had something to do so they already left.

He accepts my explanation with no questions ask.

After that, he ask me on where I would I want to go and told him to bring me to the central square.

He asked me why I would I want to go there, and told him the truth.

After he heard my explanation, he accepts my request.

While we were heading towards the central square, he suddenly told me to open the compartment that's under the seat and get whatever's in there.

So I did what he said and got a handgun.

I wasn't surprised when I saw that since I'm used to seeing and holding guns but it made me curious about why he wanted to give me this.

So I ask about it.

He told me that the party tends to get crazy and I need it for my own protection.

I told him if anything comes up, I would just blast them away with atomic synthesis or make Louise beat the crap out of them.

All that said, he still insist of me on taking the gun.

Since it's hard to decline and having this makes me feel so badass, I accepted it and put the gun in my vest pocket.

We finally arrived at the central square and I noticed how much people there are here.

This is definitely a party alright.

The driver drops me off at a street a little bit further from the central square and reminded me to wear the pin and be careful.

I did what he said wear the pin.

After I got off the vehicle, the limousine ascends towards the airway.

I walk towards the central square with Louise.

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