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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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While we are driving along the airway, the driver is explaining every iconic buildings and land mark we pass by like a tour guide.

"Now, if you look down to your right window, you would see a huge roulette."

I look down at the right window out of response.

Like the driver said, I could see a huge roulette.

"That is the roulette stage where in the famous intergalactic idol Luna had a concert on the previous month."

Just hearing Luna's name made me a bit irritated.

While I was engrossed in looking at the roulette stage, Wren suddenly made a demand.

"Hey weirdo! Move so I can see."

Since I was a bit irritated, I couldn't help but to mock her.

"Yes your highness."

I move closer to Aeris till our sides slightly touches each other.

Looks like Wren doesn't seemed to be angry at what I said.

I guess she is used to be called that way.

Anyways, Wren move closer to me till our sides slightly touches each other.

As she did, she lean closer towards the window making me and Aeris in an uncomfortable.

How did I know that Aeris is uncomfortable?

It is because her cheeks are slightly red.

Anyhow, I try looking at the window since I'm still quite interested with the Roulette stage but I couldn't see at all because Wren is blocking the view.

Sigh! Oh well…

After we passed the Roulette stage, Wren went back to her spot and I did as well.

"If you look down to your left window, you would see a huge stacks of playing chips."

I look at the left window as a response and saw a huge stacks of chips.

"That huge stacks of playing chips is actually a building called Space city Last Vega Exchange Center where in you exchange your chips into credits and vice versa. There a lot of this buildings throughout the city so we will eventually pass by them later on."

While I was engrossed at looking at the whatever center, Aeris calls out to me.

"Um Linel?"


I responded casually.

"Could you please move a little bit so I could see the building?"

Aeris asked.

Since she asked so nicely, I couldn't help but to grant her request.

So I move towards Wren till our sides slightly touches each other.

Aeris move towards me as well till our sides slightly touches each other.

As we settled down, Aeris look towards the window.

As she did, she sighs.

I'm guessing she couldn't see anything.

"Wanna switch with me for a bit?"

I offered.

All of a sudden, I felt a deadly aura.

"No, it's okay but thanks for the offer"

Aeris politely declines.

The deadly aura disappears.

All of a sudden, Wren stood up.


Which made us dumbfounded to even respond.

"Do you wanna see it or not!?"

Wren said angrily.

"Um… You don't have too-"

"Just take it already!"

Wren shouted.

"Uh… Yes… I am grateful for your kindness…"

Aeris said meekly and sit at Wren's seat.


Wren responded with her usual and move over to where Aeris was sitting earlier.

I guess that is Wren's way of showing consideration.

After we passed the whatnot center, Aeris than Wren again and went back to her spot.

Wren and I went back to our spot as well.

Every time the driver start explaining, we would always do the same thing like when the driver start explaining a landmark that is at our right window, Wren would tell me to move closer to Aeris so she could lean over towards the window.

If the driver start explaining a landmark to our left window, Aeris would ask me to move closer to Wren nicely so she could see the landmark and if she couldn't see it, I would always offer to switch with me and she always turns me down making Wren change into her considerate mode and exchange seats with her.

While we're doing this routine, I could hear the ones from the other side giggling.

I guess they're enjoying themselves in their own way.

It has been three hours since we've started driving around the city and man I'm hungry.

I'm guessing

g and went towards the buffet tables to grab some food.

The others follows me in pursuit.

Every time I go towards each section of the buffet table, the guy who's serving the food gives me a smile sweet talking me.

Do they think that I would report to my father about the service here or something?

Anyways, after we grab some food, we went back to our table and start eating while chatting.

Those who were done eating head straight towards my embarrassing picture to take a closer look while the others who aren't satisfied went back to the buffet tables for seconds.

As for me, I followed the others who went to view my picture in order to stop them from doing anything mischievous like taking a selfie with it and posting it on Spacebook, Instachat, Snapgram, Twibber and any other SNS.

And oh, I also ordered Louis to get me a second serving at the buffet table.

As I was anticipating, they did try take a selfie with my embarrassing portrait and even try to picture it so I photobumed their pictures by blocking their view to those who are too stubborn to stop like Wren and Mathias even when I ask them nicely.

Wren got so frustrated, she teamed up with Mathias to outdo me.

She made Mathias use martial arts to restrain me, of course I was able to break free easily but I was too late to stop Wren since she already have took a picture.

I wanted to grab Eri's phone that Wren used to take the picture and delete it but I don't wanna go up against her mainly because she's stronger than me physically and her kicks hurt like hell based on experience so I just gave up on the idea.

And also, I doubt Wren uses SNS since she doesn't have her own Spacebook account.

Anyways, I went back to our table and ate the food that Louise got me.

"Hey Wren, do you mind passing me the picture later through "Share This"?"

Ace asked.

"Get your own picture! Hmph!"

Wren said angrily.

Ace gave of a sign that says "it can't be helped".

For once, I'm grateful for Wren's selfishness but I wonder though, how come she is stingy with my picture?

Not that I want her spreading it around, I just wonder.


Bragging rights I guess.

Anyways, after we're done eating, we decided to tour the building to get some exercise.

Since we wanted to see different things, we decided to tour the place separately and meet back up at the landing pad on the 20th floor.

I heard from the other guest that there's an arcade here on the 14th floor so I decided to check it out with Louise who decided to follow me.

I took the escalators to go to the 14th floor instead of the elevator cause I felt like it.

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