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   Chapter 24 NO.24

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As we exited the space port and enter the city, the countless glamorous neon lights from nearby casinos and buildings, crowds of people dressed in formal fashion and different jazz music being heard practically everywhere greets us.

There are also girls dress in revealing outfits walking around passing flyers and holobanners floating around that are advertising different casinos, hotels and restaurants.

I look up to see if this city have an artificial sky like the one in Sagittarius space city and only saw outer space.

I guess the starry night sky matches the city's atmosphere.

Anyways, the area around the space port is so amazing, it makes me wanna see the whole city.

Surely we can't explore the whole city by foot or taking a train so hiring a tourist air bus to tour us around sounds logical but I should ask the others for their opinion.

"Hey guys! Should we hire a tourist air bus or something to tour us around the city?"

"A tourist air bus sounds great but it is too big for us so a Uver air van would do."

Ace responded.

(Note: Uver is pronounced as Yu-ver in case you are wondering.)

"What do you mean too big? There are more than twenty of us here…"

As I turned around to face Ace, I saw only six people behind me.

The six people are, Ace, Aeris, Wren, Eri, Louise and Mathias.

"What the hell? Where did everyone else go?"

I reacted.

"They left on their own as soon as we entered the city."

Ace answered.

I guess the others were too excited to explore the city on their own so it can't be helped.

But what about the two teachers, they won't just leave on their own.

I ask about that.

"What about Ms. Leane and Professor Einstein?"

"Ms. Leane chase after the others who have left while Professor Einstein disappeared somewhere along the way while we were in the space port."

Ace answered.

"I see… Well I guess it's just us then"

I said and took out my phone.

After I took out my phone, I open the Uver app.

An air van seems kinda off in this type of city full of casino and classy looking people so I decided to hire a limousine instead so we can fit in with the atmosphere.

Before I press the order button that is beside the 3D model of a limousine, Aeris calls out to me.

"Um Linel?"

Aeris calls out to me.


I responded.

"Shouldn't we wait for the others to come back?"

Aeris asked.


"Who cares about them!? It's not our fault they left so let's stop wasting time waiting for them and get going already!"

Wren refutes Aeris harshly.


"I agree with Wren on this one since we only have one day to explore the city and we've already wasted fifteen minutes of our time waiting."

Ace said to Aeris.

Wren reacts to what Ace said with her usual.


Mathias approaches me and place his hand on my right shoulder.

"My dear…"

I took his hand of my shoulder and took a step away from him.

Mathias smiled playfully at my reaction which creeps me out a little.

Never the less, I'm getting use to his creepiness so I didn't have the urge to hit him.

Mathias continues…

"I ponder that we have all come to an understanding?"

I'm guessing Mathias is trying to say that everyone have come to a decision which is we tour the city without the others who left.

Better fetch our ride then.

"Alright then…"

I said and press th

u going to sit here?"

"Oh no darling! Not me!" (Wink two times)

Ace looks at me.

"Oh! I see… Alright!"

Ace moves towards the corner.

I'm starting to think Mathias is a reliable guy despite being a perv.


I said and sat between Aeris and Ace.

As I did, I felt a deadly aura.

I look around to see where it's coming from and saw Wren glaring at me.

What did I do now?

All of a sudden, Ace calls out to Wren.

"Hey Wren!"


Wren responded angrily.

"Switch with me will you."

"Why should I?"

"Because I'm not comfortable sitting beside a boy."

Ace answered bluntly.

"Then why won't you just move over to this side?"

"As you can see, it's already full."

What Ace said caught my attention.

I look towards the side where Wren is sitting at and saw Mathias and Louise sitting there.

"Not my problem!"

Wren said angrily.

"Oh well! I just have to endure sitting beside Linel then."

Did I just imagined it or Aeris put an emphasis when she said my name?

For some reason, Wren twitched.

All of a sudden, she stands up from her seat and move over to my side.

Ace stands up and move over to where Wren is sitting earlier.

As Wren sat down, she crosses her arms and legs while doing her usual.



Problem solved… I guess…

(If you are wondering what their sitting arrangement looks like, here is a diagram.)


Li= Linel

Ae= Aeris

Wr= Wren

Ac= Ace

Ma= Mathias

Lo- Louise

Er= Eriline



Ac | | Ae

Er | Smart |


Ma | Table |

Lo | | Wr



(Back to the story.)

All of a sudden, we heard the driver's voice through the speakers.

"Have you all settled down?"


I answered.

"Now where would you like to go?"

The driver asked politely.

Where would we like to go?

For starters let's drive around the city.

"Can you give us a tour around the city?"

I asked.

"Certainly Mr. Silvercrest."

The driver responded.

After that, we took off and slowly ascend towards the airway.

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