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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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The formal clothes have now just arrived and the boys start ravaging through the clothes while the girls neatly searches and try each clothes while asking each other's opinion.

Watching the girls reminds me of the time that Luna and Brea force me and Gray to go shopping with them which takes forever.


Because every time they try on the clothes, they would ask the both of us if it looks good on them.

If we answer that it does, they will ask how so and if we answer that it doesn't, they will ask us based on what which put us in a bind.

Good thing the girls here aren't doing that to us boys.

All of a sudden, Mathias calls out to me.

"My dear."

Which caught my attention and make me look at him.

As I look at him, I saw Mathias holding a torso of a tuxedo with a black polo shirt inside the maroon jacket on front of him.

"Does it make me look sexier?"

He asked.

I wanna refute him but I can't deny that it looks good on him so I decided to ignore him and go on with my business.

All of a sudden, I heard someone whispering on my right ear.

"Your silence is sexier."

I felt someone groping my ass which shocked and irritated me.

I couldn't help but to express myself by surging my whole body with electricity using atomic synthesis


I didn't hear a scream meaning that the pervert who grope my ass is now long gone.

I didn't feel like looking for where he has gone to and return to searching a matching pants for the upper part of the formal clothes that I chose in the cargo box full of pants with the printed Free mafia logo on it.

Just looking at the cargo box made me wonder if the Free mafia is in to shipping business or Ubay.

While I was searching, someone taps on my left shoulder.


I look at the person to see who it was.

It was Lokki.

Lokki, is holding a torso of a tuxedo that has a bright blue jacket, a white polo shirt and a red ribbon that really stands out.

"Do you think this will look good on me?"

He asked.

I think for a bit.

After few seconds, I answer him.

"Yeah if you wanna look like Detective Conan."

"Who's Detective Conan?"

He asked.

Since I'm too lazy to tell him who Detective Conan is, I decided to tell h

yway, I didn't mind at all.

Roc on the other hand...

"Hey man! That's mine!"

He jumps over the box and grabs on to the shoes.

I knew this will happen if I have taken the shoes.

"Hey! I thought you didn't want it?"

Lokki asked.

"Shut up man! Just give it already."

Roc pull the shoes.

"You already said you didn't want it so I'm taking it!"

Lokki drops the red tuxedo on the floor, grabs hold the shoes with both hands and pulls back with all his might.

Now that I mentioned it, he change the jacket didn't he?

I guess he did look Detective Conan up on Ugool.

Anyways, they start playing tug of war with the shoes.

"Hand it over man!"

"No you hand it over!"

"Just give it already damn it!"

That's enough entertainment for now.

I better find myself some shoes.

I start digging for shoes again.

After digging more into the pile, I found another shoes that fits me.

I took the shoes and head towards my room while the two are still fighting over the shoes.


Phew! Finally I'm done changing.

Although it didn't took me long to put it all on since I'm used to it, it is still a hassle especially putting on the tie.

Tying a necktie could be tricky sometimes even if you have done it a thousand times.

By the way, I am wearing a white polo shirt with a black necktie, a black vest, black pants and black rounded leather shoes.

Anyways, I put my cell phone in my pocket that is lying on the desk and head towards the exit.

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