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   Chapter 21 NO.21

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Updated: 2018-01-15 23:58

Just finished doing a load of paper works to get a permit of entry to the city of Last Vega at the immigration office in the space port together with Ms. Leane and Louise and damn, my hand is aching like hell.

To think that writing is more straining than punching a dummybot with my bare fists.

Why can't they do all the paper works digitally to save more time and energy?

I mean, come on!

It took at least three hours for me to get my turn to do paper works and man I was bored as hell.

I had to play some crappy mobile game called "Smash of Plans" which is about clans and building a fortress and defending it from sadistic trash talking players who likes pounding some random noobs.

I wouldn't have touched that game if it wasn't for Lem who is somewhat unusually awake in the early morning, strongly suggested it while we were chatting on Spacebook messenger earlier.

I wish that game get remove form the app store because damn, despite the high ratings, this game is a piece of crap.

Anyways, we just have returned from the immigration office and man I am starving.

Well, what to expect since we were at the immigration for three hours straight with no food nor drinks since for some reason, any food or drinks besides water are banned inside the immigration office.

I bet the reason why is that the manager of the immigration office is a clean freak and he or she doesn't want any crumbs on the floor.

Either that or he or she is just paranoid of some unknown bacteria that foreign food

stop eating.

Roc who was passing by suddenly stops.

"Hey man! Are you gonna eat that?"

He asked while looking at my waffles.

I think for a bit.

After few seconds, I come up with a conclusion.

"You can have it."

"Thanks man!"

He said and grabs a waffle off my plate and wolfs it down.

After he ate my waffle, he didn't stop there and start devouring the rest of my food like a starving zombie who is hungry for brains.

Since I don't have an appetite, I just leave him be.

I made sure take away my yogurt ice cream because it is blue cherry flavor and I have plans on eating it later on once Roc is gone.

While Roc is enjoying himself, I heard chairs moving from different directions and food steps approaching.

Creek* Taptaptaptap*

I look around to see who it was.

Approaching from my left is Wren and from my right is Clarissa.

As they were near my table, they stop and shout at the same time.


Which surprised Roc and made him choke.

Cough* Cough*

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