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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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Christmas Special:

(One year ago during Christmas eve…)

12:45 am…

"Psst! Liney! Wake up!"


"Wake up!"


"Wake up I said!"

"I didn't order the cheese burger. Zzzz…"


"Huh what!?"

I slowly open my eyes and see Luna's ugly smug.


Luna said in relief.

"Waddya want?"

I asked while feeling irritated and drowsy.

"Santa is here!"

She answered me excitedly.

I heard what she said but I couldn't help but I just had to ask.


She repeats herself.

"Santa is here! I saw him in the living room!"

I know that Luna is dumb but I didn't know that she's this dumb.

So as the smart one, I decided to set her straight.

"Santa doesn't exist. I'm going back to bed."

I turn towards the right and shut my eyes.

"He's here! He's really here! I saw him!"

Luna said like she was trying to convince me.

"That's just dad wearing a costume."

I answer her.

"No it isn't! It's really Santa! I'm sure of it!"

I got up and turn towards her.

"What makes you so sure?"

"Dad isn't fat."


"Dad isn't fat!"

"Yeah I know he isn't fat so what?"

"So Dad can't be Santa because the Santa I saw has a huge pot belly!"

"Um… Luna-"

"Dad can't be Santa!"

Sigh! Explaining to her the science of putting stuff under your shirt to make you look fat is such a drag.

So I decided to show her.

"Alright! Come with me! I'll show you that the Santa you saw is dad."

I said and got off my bed and head towards the door while Luna follows in pursuit.

As we arrive at mom and dad's room, we saw the both of them sleeping soundly on their bed.

"See I told you it wasn't dad! Now do you believe me?"

Luna said in a whisper.

"Alright! It's not dad but it maybe Gray or Brea."

I said to her in a whisper.

"Gray-gray and Brei-brei aren't fat!"

"Come! I'll show you."

Both of us left mom and dad's room and head towards Brea's room since it's the closest.


We arrived at Brea's room and saw in her negligee despite the cold temperature sleeping in an awkward position.

She kinda looks like someone who just went through exorcism.

All of a sudden, Luna take out her cell phone and start taking pictures of Brea.

Cha-ching* Cha-ching*

"What the hell you think you're doing?"

"I'm taking pictures. Duh!"

"I know but why the hell?"

"Because it's funny!"

Cha-ching* Cha-ching*

Brea's face twitches and she starts mumbling.

"Mmm… Mmm…"

Which made us panic and skedaddle out of her room.

Outside Brea's room…

"See! I told you it wasn't Brea."

Luna said while giving me the "I told you so" look.

"Then there's only one person left who could be dressing up as Santa."

I said in a cool manner.

"Who? The rain deer?"

Luna asked.

"Of all the suspect she could think of, why a rain deer?"

"Because if isn't Santa, it's the rain deer duh!"

Sigh! I couldn't understand Luna's crazy logic.

"Come on Luna! I'll show you that the Santa you saw in the living room isn't really Santa or a rain deer."


Luna said in cheerfully.

I lead Luna towards Gray's room.

(Outside Gray's room)

"What are we doing here?"

Luna asked.

"What else? To prove that the Santa you saw was actually Gray."

"I already told you, Gray-gray isn't Santa because he isn't fat."

"You'll see…"

I said and place my index finger on the door knob.

Before I could turn the door knob, I heard someone's voice behind.

"What are you two planning to do in my room?"

The both of us turn towards the person who said that.

It was Gray.

"Good timing! Could you tell this block head that you were the Santa that she saw in the living room?"

I asked.

"I told you it's not Gray-gray!"

Luna makes her stand.

"Luna's right. It wasn't me."

Gray responded.

he living room a part.

As the gust of wind subsided, the Huge Santa disappeared.

I let all the tension out of my body by sighing deeply.


Then after that, the three who were watching came down from the stair case.

"Wow! Liney! That was so cool!"

Luna said with full of admiration.

"You just had to wreck the place don't you?"

Brea said sarcastically.

As for Gray, he approach the normal looking Santa and offers his hand.

"You're safe now."

Normal looking Santa hugs Gray's legs.

"Thank you! Thank you so much!"

Hey! Why are you thanking him? I was the one who saved your sorry ass!

"Hey! Look! Scary Santa left his sack!"

Luna said and opens the huge red cloth sack.

(Warning! Do not read this out loud in public especially in malls, Plaines and Airports.)

"Be careful with that! There might be a bomb in there."

I said jokingly.

Luna ignores me and start unloading the sack.

As she did, she unloads a bunch of presents.

While she was unloading the presents she was reading the greeting.

"This one is for you Liney… This one's for me… For Gray-Gray… For Bray-Bray-… Form Mom… And Lastly for Dad."

Now the sack is empty.

I just realized something.

"Wait a minute! If this present came from the Santa earlier…"

I look at the normal looking Santa.

"That means that this Santa is the suspicious one."

As they heard me said that, everyone look at the normal looking Santa.

All of a sudden, Brea takes out her phone from who knows where because clearly there's no room in her clothes to keep a cell phone.

"I'm calling the cops."

The normal looking Santa shrieks.


(In a dark alley way somewhere in Libra space city.)

The tall looking Santa took out his fake beard and hat.

He also took out a large metal like bowl from the top part of his Santa outfit and place it on the snowy ground.

After that, he took off his Santa outfit which reveals a white military uniform with full of medals on his chest.

While he was taking of the Santa outfit, he mumbles to himself.

"Ho ho ho! Rail sure taught her son well but he haven't exceed his potential yet. I better persuade Gareth to make him enroll at my Academy in the next school year before some other military academy sweeps him away."

All of a sudden, a maidbot who has short blond hair and green eyes who's holding a brown furry winter coat enters the alleyway.

"Here's your coat master."

"Why thank you Louise."

He said and receives the winter coat.

After that, the two walks out of the alleyway.

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