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   Chapter 16 NO.16

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So after we set the destination, most of us head towards the entertainment room while some of us head somewhere else.

By some of us, I mean Professor Einstein and Ms. Leane.

Professor Einstein head towards the R&D lab while Ms. Leane head towards the Equipment Storage Room.

Anyways, the whole entertainment room looks so differently.

All the exercise equipment are gone including the boxing ring and are all replaced by random stuff like VR stations, a DJ machine with giant speakers and a disco ball dangling on the ceiling, a karaoke machine, some lounge chairs and benches, a snack bar and a vending machine, café like tables and chairs and a weird looking statue that looks like a Godzilla hybrid.

I'm pretty sure that all this is Kana's doing since she had the most time in her hands in this ship but I wonder where did she get all this stuff from.

(Note: All the stuff came from a hidden storage that Linel doesn't know about in the Entertainment Room.)

By the way, my stress relieving punching bag is sitting on a corner begging to be punched.

Anyways, the Luna fanatic club are watching Luna's TV show using the HD holoscreen, Lokki and the gang are playing some game at the VR station, Ace is currently playing some suspicious looking board game with Sophie while Harumi is watching them, Mathias is dancing a perverted looking dance underneath the disco ball with no music, Kana and Favion are sitting at the café like tables using their tablet and netbooks, Wren, Eri, Clarissa, Feini and I are having a tea party for who knows what reason and Louise is creepily standing beside me.

Technically, Wren forced me to join their tea party out of my own free will while Clarissa and Feini just invite themselves over.

I tried my best to say no but Wren wouldn't budge.

Gosh! What is with Wren making me do all this girly stuff with her.

I know she's trying to be friendly in her own way but couldn't she consider what's best to do for both parties?

Anyways, Clarissa and Wren kept glaring at each other and eventually at each other's throats while the two just watch while giggling at the side.

Eventually, the two brought the fight to me and me choose who I rather hang out with.

Something tells me if I choose either of the two, something bad will happen.

So I told them that I like hanging out with the both of them.

The two wouldn't take that for an answer and force me to choose between them.

All of a sudden, Ace and Sophie made a suggestion that they should settle the argument with a game of Ouija board.

Wren thought the idea was stupid and refuse to participate but with a little convincing from Eri, a little provocation from Ace, Sophie and Feini and a lot of bickering from Clarissa, she eventually gives in.

So the two of them pace their index finger on the coin while waiting for the "spirit" to do it's bidding.

All of a sudden, Sophie ask a question in an exaggerated way like she's some kind of high pri


"Umm… Yes?"

Good! I caught her attention.

What now?


I think of what to say next.

As I did, I remembered something.

We could do that.

I give it a shot.

"I haven't name the ship yet so do you wanna name it with me?"

"Um… I would love to but isn't it better to decide with the others?"

I try to convince her.

"Well naming the ship with the others would be a mess because everyone has their own idea but if it's the two of us, we could decide much easier."

"You have a point but it wouldn't be fair with the others."

Well this is a hard nut to crack.

I should go for a more irrefutable answer.

"Then how about we think of a good name that the others won't complain about? I'm sure you have one or two floating in your mind right now."

"Um… Well…"

Almost there!

Now for the final blow.

"How about this, if the others don't like, we could just change it."


Finally! She agrees.

Aeris and I went towards the center where Kana input the destination earlier.

As we were on the center, Aeris and I start brainstorming for a good name.

We exchange some suggestions until Aeris thought up of a catchy name.

"How about Little Wing?"

"Little Wing?"

"Um… Well… We're all from the Silver Wing Academy so I thought that naming the ship Little Wing makes us feel right at home so…"

"Little Wing huh…"

"It's not good enough?"

I type "Little Wing in the textbox and press enter.

"That's my answer."

I said while trying to look cool.

I look at Aeris and she looks really happy for few seconds until she looks at the screen.

"Um… Linel, There's more"

I look at the screen and saw a customization menu for the AI that kinda looks like the customization menu when you make a character in an online game.

"Uh… Let's decide with the others on this one."


"Um… Well... Good night then."

"Good night Linel."

After we exchange "good nights" we both head to the dorms.

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