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   Chapter 15 NO.15

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After supper which one of the most weirdest meal I ever had well because, Sophie made the food like zombie brains, monster innards and human remains which made everyone grossed out except for us three since we know what the food is made out of and it is definitely normal except for the strange sausages that I cooked earlier, we went to the Control Center to do a draw lots of our destination.

Maybe that's what made the spaghetti look like tiny little purple intestines.

Despite the looks, the food taste fantastic that's why it is the weirdest meal I've ever had.

I guess Sophie is one hell of a chef.

Better yet, a chef from hell.

Anyways, since I'm technically the owner of the ship, I was in charge of doing the draw lots.

Better get this over with.

I place my hand inside the box and just grab a random piece of paper.

After that, I unfold the piece of paper and read the destination to everyone.

"Last Vega? As in the casino space city Last Vega?"

All of a sudden, everyone start talking among themselves.

"Alright! Who wrote that?"

"Last Vega? Interesting..."

"Booh-yah! Now that's what I'm talking about man!"

"I've always wanted to go there."

"Dude! Last Vega is so awesome!"

"Meh! Been there and it's so boring."

"Hey Maple? Doesn't your family own Last Vega?"

"Yep! That's why it's so boring."

"The Free Family's home base is located at casino space city Last Vega in case you haven't heard."

"I bet there are ghost in there!"

"Last Vega… The city of sin… How Delightful."

"Didn't Luna had a concert there few month

el we have at the top right which is still at 100%, two buttons at the bottom right that say "Battle mode" and "Manual Pilot Mode" and a menu bar on the left.

Kana taps on a button at the menu bar that says "Destination".

After that, the middle part of the screen changes into the map of the galaxies that are part of the Universal Treaty.

At the top right of the map is a search box.

Kana typed Last Vega on the search box and press the enter button.

After that, a little star on the map starts glowing red and the screen zooms into it.

As it zooms in, a realistic model of Last Vega appears.

After that, Kana taps on the model of Last Vega and a notice appeared saying that "Do you want to set Last Vega as your destination?"

Kana tap on the yes icon and after that, a lifeless electronic voice is being played.

We will now be departing for Casino Space City Last Vega. Please relax and enjoy the trip. We will now be departing for Casino Space City Last Vega. Please relax and enjoy the trip. We will be…*

That's that I guess…

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