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   Chapter 14 NO.14

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We had a long debate on where to go because everyone wants to go to a certain place until Ms. Leane got fed up and shut everyone up by shooting the ceiling with her silver gun that she used earlier to threaten Maple.

By the way, the one who started the debate was actually Professor Einstein.

He strongly insisted that we should go to "Techno Land" which is the land of geeks but the others have something else in mind.

So they all argue like children until it escalated and the rest is history.

After Ms. Leane shut everyone up, she decided to settle this fairly by handing us each a piece of paper and told us to write down where we want to go.

So we did that.

What I wrote in my piece of paper is "Funtasy Land" which is a theme park that Luna won't shut up about on how much fun that place is mainly because I don't have anything else in mind aside from the planet Earth from the Milky Way Galaxy which is trillions of light years away and will take at least three days to get there on hyper speed.

Not to mention we only have thirty-four days left before the second semester starts so trying to get to Earth will be a waste of vacation time.

Anyways, after we all wrote where we want to go, we all fold it in half and put it inside a box with a hole on top which Ms. Leane got from who knows where and dump the piece of paper in it.

After we did that, Ms. Leane said will be having a draw lots after dinner since it's already 6 pm in the evening.

Everyone went their separate ways except for me, Louise, Sophie and that Harumi girl because we have kitchen duty to do.

So the four of us went towards the pantry kitchen.

Cooking huh…

I have never cook before so this will be my first time doing so but I watch cooking shows from time to time not that because it's my hobby or anything, I'm just curious on how food came to be so I know a thing or two on how to whip up a dish.

I mean, come on!


How hard can it be?

Pantry Kitchen…

So the three of us start getting ingredients for cooking while Louise stands at bay.

Since I'm the only one who's wearing thick clothing, I was in charge of getting some meat while the other two are in charge of getting ingredients inside the storage room.

So here I am with a big ass butcher knife on my right hand which I found in the kitchen and a giant fork like thingy on my left hand which I also found in the kitchen with a medium size trolley with stainless steel trays beside me which I found near the entrance/exit about to carve of some meat.

By the way, I have my hood on so that my head will be kept warm, a facemask so that I wouldn't be able to smell the fish since they smells so nasty and a yellow rubber gloves for sanitary purposes.

I bet if anyone saw me right now, they will think that I'm some kind of serial killer from a horror movie.

Anyways, I approach a hanging meet that looks like beef and start carving.

As I pierce the giant fork against the meat, the giant fork didn't go through since the meat is rock solid.

If only Louise could help me right now, she can use her plasma blades to carve off some meat.

Sigh! Now what?

I guess I need to exert some force in order for the fork to pierce through.

So I place the giant fork against the meat.

After that, I turn the butcher knife backwards and use the blunt side of the blade to hammer the back end handle of the giant fork.

Pak* Pak* Pak*

And nothing.

I tried again.

Pak* Pak* Pak*

Then again nothing.

As they say, third time's the charm.

So I tried again.

Pak* Pak* Pak*

Alright this is getting annoying.

I drop the giant fork on the floor.

After that, I turn the butcher knife's sharp blade towards the meat.

Then, I raise the butcher knife up high in the air and execute a vertical slash.



Creek* Creek*

The knife successfully pieced through but now I couldn't get it out of the meat.

In other words, It's stuck.

Damn it! What know?

I know! I can use heat to soften up the meat.

So, I concentrated and imagine the molecules of the meat vibrating like crazy.

As I did, the meat start giving off some steam.


As I saw that, I tried taking pulling out the butcher knife but it was still stuck.

I guess I have to turn up the temperature to soften it up.

So, I concentrated again and imagine that the molecules is vibrating harder than before.

All of a sudden, the meat was set on fire.


"Holy Crap!"

I quickly synthesize water and splash it over the meat out of panic.


I successfully put out the fire.

I sigh in relief.



She said and head back to her post.

After that, Sophie approached us.

"Are you two alright?"

She asked.

"Yeah! Just a little slip."

"I'm sorry…"

I answered her casually while Harumi mumbles.

"Alright if you say so!"

Sophie said and goes back to her post.

I don't think apologizing here will make things any better so I made my exit.

"I'll be frying this now."

I said and head towards the electric stove.

Harumi just mumbles in response.

"I'm sorry…"

As I arrive at the stove I just remembered that I forgot something.

"Crap! I forgot the frying pan!"

Louise who seemed to teleported beside me somehow hands me a frying pan.

"Here you go young master."

"Uh... Thanks again?"

I said and receive the frying pan.

Alright! Louise is kinda creeping me out.

Anyways, I place the frying pan over the electric stove and turn up the heat.

As I saw steam coming out of the frying pan, I dump the sausages in.

But when I was about to do so, Louise who's still beside me speaks up.

"Young master-"

Before she could finish what she was going to say, I dump the sausages.

After that, I responded.


"My apologies young master, it was nothing."

Now that was weird.

She usually speaks up on whatever's on her mind.

Oh well!

No use thinking too much about it.

After I dump the sausages in, I found something strange.

Aren't the sausages supposed to sizzle?

Maybe this is a special kind of sausages that doesn't sizzle.

I took the spatula that is hanging on top of the electric stove and waited for five minutes before flipping the sausages over.

After five minute, I flip them over and noticed that the sausages resembled toast rather than sausages.

Hmm... Maybe this side isn't cook yet.

I flip them back over and waited for another five minutes.

After five minutes, I flip them over again.

As I did, I noticed that the sausages got darker than before but still doesn't look like sausages.

Well… I guess this is a different kind of sausages after all.

So, I didn't bother flipping them over again and waited for ten minutes for the other side to be cooked.

After ten minutes, I took out the sausages and put them in a clean bowl.

As I put the sausages in the bowl, the hot steam of the sausages went to my nose.

The sausages smells kinda funny…

It kinda smells like charcoal…

Now I'm totally convinced that this is a special kind of sausages.

Anyways, after I was done with my task, I went towards Harumi and ask if there's anything else I could do.

As I did, Harumi told me to ask Sophie and I did.

As I ask Sophie, she told me to toast some bacons.

So I went over to the toaster and toast some bacons.

Louise was acting strangely like she was about to say something but in the end, she stayed silent.

Anyways, after toasting the bacon, I went back to the two and ask if there's anything else they like me to do.

The two of them made do more similar things like fry the hotdog, toast the pepperonis and so on.

In the end, I cooked all the meat.

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