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After we finished choosing our rooms and settling our luggage, we head to the control center that is now transformed into a briefing room for a meeting about our roles in the ship.

To be honest, it made me dumbfounded since I didn't know that the control center has that kind of feature until Kana fiddled with the controls and the room suddenly changes.

I could see that the others are dumbfounded as well except for professor Einstein who is grinning like a mad scientist who is about to do an experiment on a human test subject.

It's not my first time seeing him do that since he often grins like that when he see's something interesting or when no one wants to raise their hand during recitation.

I know that he's a kind professor since he hardly give us any assignments and he he's a likable guy but he scares me sometimes.

Anyways, Ms. Leane recovered from being dumbfounded and told everyone to take a seat at the conference table.

So we did that.

As we sat on our respective seats, I notice that there are still a dozen or more empty seats.

Well this ship is supposed to house an army so it is to no surprise since we only have twenty-two people on board and one maidbot.

Originally, we're only supposed to be seventeen but four people joined in the ride at the last minute.

Those four people are Favion and the three from Luna's fanatic club.

Favion couldn't let Maple go alone while the three join in hoping that we will bump in to Luna which will never happen not in a million years.

(Note: Remember the trio from Luna's fan club? If not, go to Vol. 1 Chapter 5 part A.)

I don't mind the extra company but I just wish they could have told me that they were coming beforehand.

Oh well!

The more the merrier.

Anyways, there are more girls than boys.

I did expect that there will be more girls than boys since I invited Clarissa, Feini and Sophie along but I didn't expect that the number will be far more greater since I thought that Sophie would bring one or two of her occult club buddies who are all male but she brought a girl instead and I also didn't expect the Luna fanatic trio to show up but since they're all gorgeous so what the hell?

By the way, Ms. Leane is gorgeous as well or to be more precise, she's hot.

How hot is she?

She have all the assets of a woman, the curves, the twin mountains, the valley, the two hills, you know what I mean.

The sad thing though is that Ms. Leane always wears heavy clothing which doesn't reveal much of her assets.

Right now Ms. Leane is wearing a bullet proof vest which is over her white long sleeve buttoned blouse and a blue jeans.

She kinda looks like a body guard.

I wonder why she likes wearing that bullet proof vest of hers since it won't really protect anything much unlike a barrier that protects the whole body and absorbs shock.

Maybe she just like wearing the damn thing.

Speaking about heavy clothing, only I, Ms. Leane and Professor Einstein are wearing heaving clothing while the rest are dressed in a summer style fashion.

Even Kana who's usually seen wearing a lab coat is now dressed in a purple t-shirt with a printed red text that says "Hacking is life!" and a denim shorts.

I usually don't give a damn on what I wear but seeing them all dressed in a summer get up makes me feel out of place.

I should probably change into a summer get up later.

By the way, I'm wearing a white hoodie and a black jeans while Professor Einstein is wearing lab coat over a green sweater and black formal style pants.

While I was thinking to myself, Ms. Leane starts the meeting.

By the way seating beside me is Clarissa who is on my left and Wren who is on my right.

Across me is Aeris and Ace while the others are all over.

As for Louise, she went to the pantry to make tea for everyone.


up fighting her later on since we sabotage her base.

Anyways, the groupings may be random but it seems a bit strange to me since those who are grouped together seem to have a similar trait except for my group of course since we have nothing in common.

For example, Group 5 which is composed of Kana, Zack and Mathias have a similar trait which is being an odd ball.

Another example is Group 3 which is composed of Favion, Eri and Ace who have a similar trait of being the cool guys.

Not to mention that the Luna fanatic trios are in the same group.

I'm totally convince that the groupings was rigged.

(Here is the list of groupings)

Group 1: Linel Silvercrest, Harumi Nishida and Sophie Ferz (The misfits)

Group 2: Aeirs Hope, Wren Fenrisel and Clarissa Avel (The candidates)

Group 3: Eriline Harlens, Favion Aldetore and Ace Spades (The adults)

Group 4: Lokki Ragnarok, Roc Star and Maple Free (The brats)

Group 5: Kana Ishizawa, Mathias Cruz and Zack Waver (The deviants)

Group 6: Crisselda Aristole, Viola Falfeti and Shirley Holmes (The groupies)

Group 7: Isaac Einstein, Leane Hawkeye and Feini Zayongi (The elderlies)

Some of us seems satisfied with the groupings, some are disappointed and others don't give a damn.

As for me, I'm alright with it since Sophie and I get along just fine and also I get to work with two cuties too.

Not that I'm looking forward to it, I'm just saying.

Anyways, speaking about the others being disappointed, Wren is throwing a fit right now.

"I refuse to accept this!"

"I'm sorry princess but once the groupings has been set, you can't change it."

Ms. Leane answered back in a cool manner.

"Says who?"

"Says me! Now if you aren't satisfied with the groupings, then suck it up. Things won't always go your way you know! Besides, I don't hear anyone else complaining."

Wren takes a look at everyone.

As she reaches me, she stares at me for a bit.

Then her stare turns to glare.

What did I do to her?

After that, she sat back on her chair, crosses her arms and legs and did her trademark.


Suddenly, Ms. Leane calls for our attention.

"Ehem! Now that's over…"

Then she turn towards me.

"Where are we heading?"

Where are we heading…

Now that she mentioned it, we don't have a destination do we?

Well it is because I plan this trip on a whim and didn't have time to think about where we should go.

And also, our preparation time was short so yeah! Case closed.

I decided to tell Ms. Leane the truth.

"Yeah… About that…"

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