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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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After we check out the ship, we did a little clothes shopping and some groceries at a nearby mall which right beside the space port.

I'm not really picky on what I wear but finding clothes for Louise took a long time because I was trying to find a clothes shop with no customers.

Reason why because, people don't normally buy clothes for maidbots and usually the ones who do are perverts.

Not that I'm a pervert, it's just that I'm getting tired of seeing Louise wearing her maid uniform.

Besides that, it's also my way of saying thanks to her for accompanying me and being thoughtful.

We we're able to find a shop with no customers after searching for hours but what I didn't know that there was someone tailing us.

While I grabbing a bunch of random girly looking clothes as fast as I can while trying to avoid the awkward stare of the shop clerk, someone suddenly taps on my shoulder and greets me which almost gave me a heart attack.

I turn towards that person and found out it was Sophie.

I tried my best to explain to her but the words doesn't seemed to come out right.

Sophie who was keep on nodding while I was explaining comes up with her own conclusion which is I'm trying to scare gramps by changing Louise's appearance.

I somehow felt relieved as I heard her that but the relief didn't last long when she asked about the trip since I blurted it out.

So I explained it to her.

After I explained to her, she ask if she can come along and bring a friend with her.

I was going to invite her later via text message but since she brought it up, it saved me the effort.

So I accepted her request.

She was so happy to the point that she hug me tightly which made me flustered.

The shop clerk was staring at us but Sophie doesn't seemed to care.

After Sophie let me go, she decided to help me pick out Louise clothes.

I gotta say, she does have a good fashion sense for a weird girl who likes to scare people.

Anyways, after we're done buying Louise's clothes, Sophie decided to do some shopping for the trip and we part ways.

After we part ways, Louise and I went to the supermarket to buy some stuff to fill up the fridge.

I didn't really buy much because the others will be bringing their own stuff to fill up the fridge.

After we're done with groceries we head back to the ship so that we could put the stuff in the fridge and after that we head back to the academy.

While we're heading back to the academy, I was browsing on Ubay for something entertaining.

At first I was going to buy a game at the mall we were at earlier but since Lokki texted me that he's going to buy a game, I decided not to.

Anyways, while I was browsing on Ubay, I found something interesting.

I found a talking stress relieving punching bag that looks like a giant fuzzy blue penguin.

The other items weren't interesting so I decided to buy this

thirty minutes, everyone has arrived including the two teachers Ms. Leane and Professor Isaac who were greeted rudely by Maple.

"Alright! Who brought the two geezers?"

Mr. Einstein didn't take personally and just smile on the other hand, Ms. Leane got really offended.

"Who're your calling geezer you little brat! I'm still in my twenties you know!?"

She squeezes Maples temple with her knuckles.


Maples shouted.

Ms. Leane plays deaf and squeezes Maple's temple harder.

"What's that? I can't hear you."


Ms. Leans tries to strike a bargain with Maple.

"I will let go of if you apologize."


Ms. Leane let go of Maple's temple.

While they were doing that, I approach Favion and ask if he's going to do something to help Maple out.

Favion said that a good right hand man would not interfere when their boss is being disciplined.

Anyways, after that, I made an announcement.

"Alright! Now that everyone is here. Let's get going shall we?"

Aeris raises her hand like she was in class.

"Umm… Linel?"


I answered her.

"Kana isn't here yet."

As Aeris mentioned that, everyone started talking among themselves about Kana.

"Kana is already onboard the ship waiting for us."

I said to them which made them stop talking.

All of a sudden, Wren speaks.

"Then let's go already!"

Ms. Leane taps on Wren's shoulder.

"That's what I was going to say but thank you for saying it."

Wren responds to Ms. Leane's statement with her usual.


After that, she starts giving us order like we're in class.

"Alright everyone! Fall in two to lines! Boys on the left and girls on the right. And Linel! Lead the way."

We followed Ms. Leanes orders out of habit.

After we get into position, we head towards the glowing tunnel that connect the academy to the space port.

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