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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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(While Linel is doing his stuff, let's see what the others are up to.)

Sagittarius space city Central Mall

3rd Floor Digital Zone


Lokki and Roc are at the game shelves with the genre action inspecting every multiplayer action games they find for Linel's request to bring something entertaining.

While they are both inspecting, Lokki starts a conversation out of boredom.

"Hey Roc! Have you asked your dad if you can come with us on the trip yet?"

"No man! I haven't ask him yet."

Roc answered Lokki's question casually.

Lokki who's a bit concerned asks.

"Isn't that bad?"

Roc faces Lokki.

"Relax man! I got it all covered!"

And said with full of confidence.

After that, he turn towards the game shelves and continue searching.


Lokki said like he was complementing Roc and went back to searching.

(Note: Remember Lokki and Roc's conversation about Roc's dad? If not, go to Vol. 2 Chapter 11 Part A.)

Soon after, Lokki got curious on what Roc meant when he said he got it all covered so Lokki ask about it.

"Hey Roc! What do you mean you got it all covered?"

Roc who's confident answers Lokki without turning towards him.

"I told my dad that I failed finals and need to take supplementary classes that will last till the end of sembreak so I could pass and man he believe me right of the bat!"

For some reason Lokki starts giggling.

"Pffft! Ha ha ha…"

Roc faces Lokki and ask angrily.

"What's so funny man!?"

"Nothing… Pffft! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

Lokki answered while trying to stop his laugh but he failed to do so.

"Come on man! Don't leave me hanging here!"

Roc said trying to pressure Lokki.

Lokki who's trying to stop his laugh tries to brush Roc off.

"Pffft! It's nothing! It's nothing! Ha ha ha…"

"Is it the bald guy at the counter?"

Roc said pointing at the bald muscular shop clerk.

Lokki looks at the shop clerk.

He starts bursting in laughter.

"Ha ha ha! This is rich!"

Roc who still doesn't know the real reason why Lokki is laughing, laughs with him.

"Ha ha ha! Yeah man! Ha ha ha…"

The shop clerk notice the two who are laughing and glares at them like an angry beast who is about to take down his prey.

Lokki and Roc felt the shivers coming down from their spine as they saw that and stops laughing.

After that, they went back to searching while trying to avoid the shop clerk's glare.

All of a sudden, approaches the two and breaks the silence.

"Dudes! This game is awesome!"

Zack said like a hyper active surfer who drank too much energy drink while showing them a game box with the title "Ace Wombat".

Lokki and Roc refutes him harshly.


"Hell no!"

Zack tries to convince them.

"But Dude! It's a flying wombat! A flying wombat! Isn't that crazy and awesome!?"

Lokki answers Zack sarcastically.

"You're definitely right about the crazy part."

While Roc answers Zack harshly.

"Only retards will play that game man!"

"Come on dude! It has multiplayer!"

Zack said like he was pleading while pointing at the multiplayer feature that is printed on the box.

"Just give it up man!"

Roc said feeling irritated.


Lokki said like he was giving up which took Roc by surprise.


Lokki explains to Roc.

"Let hi

or a perfect board game for everyone to play because it is their idea of something entertaining.

Aeris who is holding two board games on each hand which is "Snake and Ladders" and "Monopoly" is having a hard time deciding which to get among the two.

Ace who is holding a box of Twister approaches Aeris and gives her a suggestion.

"If you are having a hard time deciding which one to get, why not just get them both?"

"Well… I only have enough credits to buy two board games and I already decided to get Scrabble so I can only choose one of them. Which do you think is better Ace?"

Aeris shows Ace the board game that she's holding with her left hand.

"Snake and Ladders?"

Then, Aeris shows the board game that she's holding with her right hand.

"Or Monopoly?"

Ace thinks for a bit and comes up with a conclusion.

"How about we do this?"

Ace grabs the Snake and Ladders.

"Now you don't have to worry about which to get anymore."

"Oh right!"

Aeris said in realization.

"Now you owe me one."

Ace said jokingly.

"Yes! I will pay you back what I owe once I have the credits."

Aeris responds cheerfully.

"You know I was joking right?"

Ace said feeling a bit guilty.

"I know! I was just playing along."

Aeris said cheerfully.

"You know, sometimes I can't tell if you're serious or joking."

"Hi hi hi…"

After their little exchange, Aeris and Ace head for the cash register.

Sagittarius space city Central Mall

3rd Floor Digital Zone

Asteroid City…

Clarissa and Feini are looking for a movie to watch which is their idea of something entertaining.

Clarissa is at the Romance section searching looking for the perfect love comedy movie while Feini is in the action section looking for a good Kung-Fu movie.

Silver Wing Academy

1st Floor

Girl's Dormitory…

Kana is downloading phony snuff films on Utube which is her idea of something entertaining while packing her bags for the trip.

She already done her shopping earlier which is buying a bundle of her favorite drink (green tea) and favorite ice cream (green tea yogurt ice cream) which she placed on the floor beside her study desk.

(Note: Kana does not have a roommate.)

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