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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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Sagittarius space city port

Private docks

Silver Liner B.S.E ver. 57 prototype…

Before we do anything else, I decide to check out the ship that dad lend me.

Like what dad said, the ship looks ordinary.

No guns, no particle beam canons, no flare, just ordinary.

If dad didn't tell me that this ship is a battleship, then I would think that this is a plain old passenger ship.

Anyways, the ship is small compared to the Silver Wing Academy but it looks big enough to fit an army or so.

I deactivate the ships lock and open the hatch using my cell phone.

As the hatch was opened, Louise and I entered the ship.

At the first section of the ship which is right inside the hatch is a hangar where ten latest models of wavebots are lined up in two rows facing each other.

In between the rows of wavebots is a space the size of two wavebots standing together side by side.

At the opposite end of the hatch is a tunnel like entrance leading to another section of the ship.

Louise and I head towards the tunnel like entrance.

As we enter the tunnel like entrance, we are in a semi dark hallway with little square light bulbs on each wall with two mysterious doors at the center on each wall facing each other.

As we reach the two mysterious doors, I decide to check them out.

I turn towards the door to the left and notice a holosign on front of the door that says "Male Changing Room".

I guess this is wear boys will change into protective suits.

In my experience in playing RPGs and horror game, you always have to check every room out even if you know what it is because there might be a useful item inside.

So, I went ahead and enter the boy's changing room.

As I entered the room, I saw a bunch of lockers all lined up together in rows and between each rows of lockers, there's a steel bench.

Looks kinda similar to our changing room back in the academy.

At the end of the room, there's a door at the left corner of the wall that leads to somewhere.

Although I'm curious to where that door leads to, I still have to check the other room.

So I left the room and went back to the hallway on where the other door is.

As I was back at the hallway, I head towards the door to the right.

As I did, I saw a holosign that says "Female Changing Room".

Well, the other room is the boy's changing room so it is obvious that this door will be the girl's changing room.

I tap on the switch that is a circular touchscreen panel in order to open the door.

As I did, the circular touchscreen panel lit red and a text with a white color appears saying "Access Denied".

"Now that's weird."

I said to myself.

I try opening the door again.

Like before, the results is the same.

"I guess I can't enter."

I said feeling disappointed.

"Young master, try using the master key to unlock the door."

Louise suddenly suggested.

"Oh right!"

I said in realization.

I took out my cell phone and open the SLBE.57 master key app and point my cell phone to the door.

As I did, an icon that looks like a blue lock appears on my screen.

I press the icon and the animation of a lock opening being displayed on my cell phone screen.

After that, the door opens.


I enter the girl's changing room.

As I did, I noticed that the girl's changing room is exactly like the boys but the difference is that the mysterious door that leads to somewhere is at the right side.

Judging by the pattern of both rooms, the door probably leads to the same place.

So, I go ahead enter the door that lead to who knows what.

Beyond the mysterious door is another semi dark hallway.

If Louise wasn't with me, I would be creep out by now since this place looks like a sci-fi horror game that I used to play with Luna called "Silent Space".

I gaze towards the end of the hallway and saw a slanted corner in a seventy-five degree angle.

As I remember correctly at the blue print that gramps showed me, the command center is in a shape of an octagon.

Judging by the design of this hallway, this place connects to the Command Center.

"Young master, we've been standing here for a while now. Is there something wrong?"

Louise asked.

"There's nothing wrong Louise. I'm just wondering where this hallway leads to."

I answered Louise while still gazing at the slanted corner.

"Young master, do you want me to do reconnaissance?"

Louise suggested.

Reconnaissance? I'm guessing that's her way of saying finding out.

"Nah! Let's just see for ourselves."

I answered her and start walking.

"As you wish young master."

Louise responded and follows in pursuit.

We reach the end of the hallway and saw a door with no holosign.

Now that's inconvenient.

How should we know where this door leads too with no holosign?

Now that I mentioned it, there a couple of doors with no holosign.

I better add that to my feedback.

I tap on the touchscreen panel at the right side of the door.

As I did, the door opens and Louise and I enter through the door.

As we did, we are now a well-lit octagon shape room full of computers, giant size tablets, holoscreens and comfy looking chairs with seatbelts at the center surrounding an elevated floor with a bunch of touch screen panels and a comfy looking chair with a seatbelt behind them.

At each c

rence is that this place is a bit bigger.

Or maybe the same size.

I'm not sure.

Anyways, there's nothing to see here except for the deactivated bots (repairbots and cleanbots) who are sitting on the floor and on top of an operation table and an elevator to the engine room.

I don't wanna go to the engine room because I might touch something that I'm not supposed to end up blowing up this ship.

So I left the R&D and head to the Equipment Storage Room.

Inside the storage room there are different types of weapons and equipment hanging on the wall, on top of a table and inside shelves.

There are also crates full of different types of bullets, different types of empty magazines, battery packs, spare parts, tools and different types of grenades.

To top it all, there's even a firing range in here.

Now that's cool!

I bet firing some rounds is more entertaining than exercising like a nut job.

Incidentally, I grab one of the handgun that is lying on top of one of the tables.

I check the magazine and saw it was fully loaded.

I put the magazine back and head towards the firing range.

As I arrive at the firing range, I point the gun at one targets that is closest to me.

I switch off the safety and put my finger on the trigger.

As my aim and arms are steady, I pull the trigger.

Bang* Pew*

I missed.

I seriously suck!

I turn the safety on and put the gun back to where it came from.

After that, I went back to the Control Center to see if there's any other place that needs exploring.

As I was in the Control Center, I take a look around to see if there's any place I miss.

Looks like there's not a place left for me to check out.

I guess it's time to go shopping.

I walk towards the door that leads to the hangar.

As I entered the hallway that leads to the hangar and the changing rooms, I saw an elevator shaft that is at the left side of the hall near the door that leads to the Control Center.

Since I'm curious on where that elevator shaft leads too, I decided to check it out.

As I reach the elevator shaft, I saw a circular touchscreen panel.

I'm guessing this the controls of the elevator shaft.

So I tap on the elevator shaft with my right index finger and the screen lit up.

After the screen lit up, two cursor adjacent top each other pointing up and down along with the words "Brigs" top appears.

Brigs huh…

Who knew this place has a prison cell.

I guess I know where to put Mathias if he tries anything funny.

Anyways, I tap on the cursor that points down and the elevator shaft starts moving.

(Note: Louise is still with him.)

The elevator stops moving and we are now inside the brigs.

The brigs has four cave like prison cell with each equipped with two steel bunk beds, a toilet and a sink.

The particle beam bars aren't on right now so I could just walk right in the prison cell but I think I'll pass.

Looking at this place reminds me the time in Scorpio space city where I got stuck in a prison cell with Lokki while I'm having a massive headache.

(Note: Vol 1. Chapter 11 part B)

I guess I have seen enough of this place.

I went back to the elevator shaft, tap on the touchscreen panel and top on the cursor that is pointing upwards.

The elevator starts moving.

The elevator stops moving and we are back in the hallway that leads to the hangar.

Since I'm done exploring the ship, it's time to do some shopping.

I should buy some stuff for the "entertainment room" to make it more entertaining.

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