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   Chapter 7 NO.7

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As I entered cafeteria 1, I saw a couple of students from higher years who are wearing a cool looking uniform compared to mine and some teachers whose names I do not know since they aren't my teachers except for the two dense love birds who are sitting together at a table near the corner.

When I said "those two dense love birds", I meant uncle Huck and professor Maybel.

Professor Maybel is happily chatting away while swinging her fork with a pierced carrot like she was a conductor of an orchestra and uncle Huck is in a daze while his face is flush red like a drunk businessman in those dumb cheesy soap operas that Brea loves to watch.

I can tell that professor Maybel is flustered by the way she swing her fork around even if her face doesn't show it while uncle Huck is just plain obvious.

Anyways, just as Clarissa said, there are not many people here.

Speaking about Clarissa, she is at the food counter that serves bread happily waving at me right now.

"Bat Man! Over here!"

Seeing that make me feel refreshed for some reason.

Anyways, I approach Clarissa.

While I was approaching Clarissa, I could see that she's wearing a white apron over a cute frilly purple blouse which matches her eyes since her eyes is indeed purple.

I couldn't tell what she's wearing at the bottom half since the food counter is blocking the view.

I don't know why but Clarissa's expression changes from happy to upset.

Anyways, as soon as I was in front of her, I greeted her casually.

"Uh… Hey…"

Instead of returning my greetings, Clarissa asked me a question.

"Umm… Bat Man? Why is the head maidbot following you?"

"Uh… Yeah… About that…"

I explained to her why Louise is following.

"So… Your grandfather ordered the head maidbot to serve you now till you get back from your trip."

"That's about righ

phone and open the message app.

I put everyone's name in the receiver's category including gramps since he is the one who forced to bring Ms. Leane and Professor Einstein along so he should be the one telling them.

After that, I tap on the message box and my gray virtual keyboard pops out bellow my screen.

Now then, when and where should we meet up tomorrow?

As for the place, I guess the academy center on front of the academy entrance would do since it's spacious and I can't think of anything else better.

What about the time?

Eight o'clock? Nah! Too early!

Most of us might still be sleeping at that time, I included.


Most of us will be preparing at that time so nine isn't good.


Ten seems like a good time to meet up since everyone should be awake and have finished preparing so yeah! Ten it is.

I type the time and place we should meet up tomorrow then send it.

After few seconds, I got everyone's reply.

I read everyone's message.

Looks like everyone agrees to it.

Anyways, now that's done, I should go out and but the stuff needed for the trip.

I put my cell phone back into my pocket and head towards the academy entrance that leads to the glowing tunnel.

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