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   Chapter 6 NO.6

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Outside the principal's office...

"HOOOP! Finally its over!"

I said to myself while stretching.

"What is over young master?"

"Listening to gramps's war stories."

"You don't like master's war stories?"

"It's not that I don't like it, it's just plain boring."

"I see."



I look at the person who has been talking to me for the past minute.

"L-Louise! What are you doing here!?"

I asked shockingly.

She answers me calmly with her usual poker face.

"Master has ordered me to serve you so I am here to serve you."

"Oh yeah!"



I start walking.

As I did, I noticed that Louise is following me.

"Umm... So... Are you like going to follow me all the day?"

"If you ordered me not to then I won't."

Having her around will be convenient since I'll be shopping for stuff and I can order her to carry the bags for me.

"I'm cool with you around so go ahead and follow me."

"Understood young master."

Louise and I made our way out of the staff area and into the academy center where the escalators are that connect to different floors.

We rode the escalator that leads to the second floor.

While we are on the escalator, I took out my cell phone and send a text message to Clarissa asking if she is in cafeteria 1 right now.

Few seconds after I send the message, I got a reply.

I'm used to Clarissa's quick reply but it always make me wonder how she does it.

Anyways, I read her message.

Yes Bat Man, I'm in cafeteria 1 right now. Are you coming to visit me?

I answer with a "Well if you're not too busy".

Then again, after few seconds, I got a reply from her.

This is what it says.

There are not much people here so you can come visit me if you want. Well even if there's a lot of people, you can still come visit me. I'll always welcome you.

Reading that made me a bit flustered.

Why does she always do this?

I send her quick text message which says "Alright then. I'll drop by."

Once again, after few seconds, I got her reply.

Great! I'll be waiting.

I'm not sure if that last message made me flustered or excited but my heart is beating so fast and I feel warmer than usual.

"Young master, your temperature and heart beat are abnormal. Are you not feeling well?"

Louise asked.

I look at Louise who's behind me and saw her staring at me blankly.

I'm guessing that's her worried look.

"No, I'm alright. It's just the effects of the bluecherry tart kicking in. So no worries."

I said to her like I was trying make an excuse.


Louise said without batting an eye.

Looks like I was able to fool her...

I think...

No use thinking about it, it will o

st like before, the green particle beams got sucked in towards her and sticks to her body.


After all the green particle beams got sucked in, Louise in now glowing green.


"I appreciate your compliment young master."

After that, we tried a whole bunch of different colors until Louise stops and warms me that if we continue, I might have a seizure.

Anyways, we make our way towards cafeteria 1.

While we are walking, I started asking what other things that Louise can do besides manipulating particle beams and she answers me.

Here is what I have learned.

Louise can hack into security system which I already know, she can scan people and things which I also already know, she has super strength which I experienced firsthand during my first day here, she can launch miniature homing missiles from her arms, she knows twelve different styles of martial arts, she has boosters which enables her to fly, she can make delicious tea, she can clean, wash clothes, bake like a professional patisserie and cook like a five star chef.

In other words, she's a super maidbot.

It looks like I don't need Clarissa and Feini to do the cooking.

We've finally reach cafeteria 1 and honestly, I'm nervous to the core.

Why am I nervous?

Because I don't know what to say in order to invite Clarissa nor have I invited a girl on a trip before.

Well I did invited the whole class a while ago and half of them are girls but that doesn't count since I invited them all as a group.

Well I'm pretty sure that she will accept my invitation but Clarissa tends to say stuff to make me flustered.

Not to mention Feini will be teasing us which will make me more flustered and thus we go off topic.

Sigh! Better get this over with.

I open the door of cafeteria 1.

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