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   Chapter 77 NO.77

Silver Wing Academy Vol.2 By Repolio Characters: 2913

Updated: 2018-01-15 22:29

Hi guys! It's me Repolio the cabbage alien.

For today's afterword, I'll go serious for once.

So here we go!


Ehem! There's a lot of upsides and downsides when I was writing this volume.

The upside is that the first volume of Silver Wing Academy has reached 15k.


And also I got to watch awesome movies which are Star Wars Episode 7, Dead Pool and Captain America: Civil War.

Double Yeay!

As for the downsides, a lot of things had happened.

While I was writing this volume, I experienced so many writers block to the point I got discourage on writing this story.

I lost confidence on my writing skills and creativity as well which led me to read a lot of light novels in order to regain those two.

I also got sick a couple of times because of sudden climate change which made me delay my updates.

The worse part of all i

ory especially my regular readers who patiently wait for updates, those who picked this story up recently (new readers) and those who'll those who'll in the future.

(That's practically everyone isn't it?)

Kisses and hugs to all of you and may there be peace in the world!

Next Volume will be released few weeks from now since need to do a lot of stuff like creating a cover researching.

And oh! If you wanna see what the character looks like, make sure to visit the character profile though those character design are only temporarily.

This is Repolio signing out!

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