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   Chapter 76 NO.76

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Updated: 2018-01-15 22:29

The holoscreen splits into two.

The left side is showing Ace while the right is showing Eri.

Both of them run as fast as they can towards the tropical forest.

While Ace is running in the tropical forest, she stumbles upon a fallen branch and tripped which is so out of character.

She slowly gets up and resumes running.

I'm guessing Kana told her to do that so that Eri could catch on.

(Note: Kana is instructing them through a tiny earpiece that she gave during their talk inside the dining cottage. She's able to see them through her enhanced radar app. The reason why she knows exactly what's around them, it is because she hacked into the repairbots camera system using

supplementary lessons only last for a week instead of two.

I guess Ace randomly tripping and Eri's random sightseeing gave it off.

Anyways I better go prepare quickly or else I'll end up being late and the punishment for being late is that we have to crawl backwards around Arena 1 a hundred times.

By the way, the one who's handling the punishment is Mr. Roger and he could be a real sadist.

I went over to the sink and start brushing my teeth.

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