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   Chapter 75 NO.75

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Here we are at the beach all lined up like soldiers ready to fight.

Well that's what we trained for yesterday to line up like soldiers in those war movies.

As for the fighting, well... We decided to just do whatever since we don't have much time to train for organized combination attacks.

Besides, this battle is just a show to cover up our scheme.

I hope that the teachers will enjoy it.

By the way, all of us here knows is just a stage play although we didn't tell them about the scheme just to play safe.

I hope will be convincing enough.

As for the enemies on front of us who are all lined up like soldiers as well, some of them have blood thirsty looks on their faces like those psychopathic terrorists in those Espionage movies.

I guess those guys are from class eight.

Better take them out first since they'll surely take this seriously.

I look for the "ha ha ha" girl to see if she's there but couldn't find her anywhere.

I guess she doesn't want revenge.

Anyway, our signal to start is when the sun reaches it's peak and that will be twelve o' clock which is a minute from now.

This waiting for the sun thing start the battle kinda reminds me of a medieval themed movie I watched when I was kid.

Sadly, I don't know the title of that movie.

The sun has now reached it's peak and we run towards each other while screaming like barbarians.




I think that was a little bit overboard.

We finally reach the enemy and start killing each other.

Bam* Bzzzt* Voom* Bang* Ratatatata* Chuchuchuchuw* Pepepepepew* Pew* Voosh* Boom*

I approach one of the students from class eight and beat him by repeatedly attacking with punches and kicks with a little shock treatment.

Bzzt* Bzzt* Bzzt* Bzzt* Bzzt*

His barrier got shattered and was carried away by a repairbot.

After that, I went towards another student from class eight and hit him with a compressed air punch.

Pak* Woosh*

He was sent flying backwards along with his classmates beside him.

All of a sudden, someone shot me at my right shoulder.


I don't know who it was nor do I care since the goal of this battle is that everyone will get their barrier shattered except for a certain two.

Little by little, our numbers are decreasing so as the wavebots hovering above us.

Soon after, there are only five left on the beach and that's Ace, Wren, Eri and her two goons.

As for me, my barrier shattered when someone shot me with a Beam Rifle and I was carried away by a repairbot to some invisible floating base above the tropical island.

So this is where everyone who go beaten go.

As arrive at the base, I was brought to a room by Louise.

I'm surprised to see her here.

Inside the room, there are ten charge station for our I.D.D (Information D

and she was able to dodge them by executing an aerial cartwheel like a ninja in those martial art movies.

Pew* Pew* Pew* Pew*

After she synthesize and ice dagger and throws it at Eri.


Eri synthesize a fire bolt to parry the ice dagger.


The fire bolt collides with the ice dagger and explodes.


So Eri can use combustion synthesis.

After that Ace throws another dagger while running towards Eri.


Then again Eri parries it with a fire bolt.

Boosh* Boom*

Am I experience Deja vu or have I seen this tactics before.

(Volume 1 Chapter 7 part b.)

They did this repeatedly until Ace finally reaches Eri.

As Ace was near Eri, she put the ice on her throat.

"It's over!"

She said in a cool manner.

"Is it?"

Eri asked.

Suddenly, a thorn shape water appears out of nowhere behind Ace and the sharp looking tip is pointing at her back in point blank range.

"I see... I guess there will be no winner then."

Ace said in a cool manner.

"My comrades' efforts will be in vain if there's no victor so how about we settle this in a different manner?"

Eri suggested.

"And what do you suggest?"

"A race."

"A race?"

"We both take each other's flags and run back to our base as fast as we can. Whomever reaches their base first wins."

"Sounds interesting!"

Ace dissolves her ice blade.

Eri disperse her water thorn.

"So you agree to do this little race?"

Eri asked.

Ace picks up class 4's flag and responds to her question sarcastically.

"What do you think?"

Eri reacts positively.

"I'll take that as a yes."

After that, she walks towards our flag that's pierced upright on the sand.

As she was near it, she picks it up and face Ace.

"Are you ready?"

She asked.


Ace responded.

Both of them went into a sprinting position.

After few seconds, they dash off.

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