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   Chapter 74 NO.74

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Eri walks out of the base while everyone silently watches her.

After she left, I make a declaration.

"Everyone! We're going to fight in order to settle this once and for all!"

I wonder if that was convincing enough.

I tried my best to imitate those stereo typical main characters who speaks up to give his comrades a confidence boost right before the final battle in those fantasy RPG's.

Everyone started to talk among themselves.


"We're going to fight?"

"I thought we're going to end this game without casualties?"

Suddenly, someone starts screaming in joy.


It was Maple.

Everyone stops talking and stares at Maple?"


She responded to everyone's stare like a little kid trying to play dumb.

At least there's someone enthusiastic.

Everyone burst into laughter because of that.

"Ha ha ha ha!"




At least now the mood has lighten up.

I wait for everyone to stop laughing before continuing.

"Ehem! Like I was saying earlier, we're going to fight in order to end this game once and for all."

"What happen to the talk with you and Ms. Erilene about ending things without casualties?"

A girl from who knows what class asked.

Wait! Did she just called Eri "Ms. Erilene"??

She must be one of those admirers.

I answer her

"That didn't work out."

Eri's admirers starts bombarding me with insults and questions.

"That didn't work out!? How can things not work out with Ms. Erilene!?"

"Were you even listening to Ms. Erilene?"

"Maybe you're just too dumb to understand what Ms. Erilene was saying! That's why things didn't work out!"

"Yeah! Yeah!"

I want to shut them up badly by blasting them away with a compressed air punch but they're girls and that wouldn't be cool.

Please someone shut them up for me.


And my wish was granted by an enraged Wren.

The girls who were ganging up on me looks at Wren with a frighten expression.

Wren is really scary when she's angry and I know that by firsthand experience.

I thank her for that.

"Thanks Wren..."

She looks away and do her trade mark.


I guess that's her way of saying "You're welcome".

Anyway, since everyone is quiet, I continue explaining.

"Ehem! So here's what we're going to do. We're going to have a battle with their group on the beach with the

ause of the noise, Linel's slowly wakes up.


I open my eyes and turn towards the source of the noise that woke me up.

Wren is throwing a fit while Roc is trying his best to apologize.

I don't know what's going on but I decided to help Roc out since he's a friend.

I slowly stood up and approach the two.

"Look! I'm sorry man! So please calm down!"


As I was near them, I talk to Wren.

"Now! Whatever Roc has done, he has apologized enough for it."

They both stop and turn towards me.

Roc looks at me with an expression of relief.

As for Wren, her face turn flush red.

It must be the heat.


Before Wren was able to complete whatever she's saying, Roc suddenly rants.

"Hey man! I didn't do anything! Wren here just got cranky all of a sudden and said that I ruined everything!"

All of a sudden, Wren kicks Roc towards the ocean so hard that he was skipping on water.

Bam* Splash* Splash* Splash* Splash*

If it wasn't for the barrier, he'll be dead...

I think...

Anyways, Roc skip a dozen of times before he finally sinks into the water.

Judging by he's distance from the shore, he must be half a kilometer away.

Roc pops out from the water and shouts his complain.

"What the hell man!"

Wren just looks away with her arms crossed while doing her usual "Hmph!"

As for me, I back away from her so that I won't be the next victim.

After few minutes of waiting, the rest of class 2 arrives along with some familiar faces.

Now then, time to start our teamwork training.

Hopefully everything works out.

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