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   Chapter 73 NO.73

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While we're expanding the base with our new subordinates and Kana bossing us around, a very familiar girl walks in through the entrance.

It was Eri.

Those who saw her, stops what they're doing and became vigilant.

The others who seemed to notice what's going on, stops what they're doing a do the same.

Soon after, everyone stares at her.

Some of them stares at her while their eyes are sparkling and their faces are blushing.

Talk about awkward.

Eri greets us politely.

"Good day everyone! I come in peace."

Most of us didn't respond and just watch her quietly while the others starts mumbling on how great Eri is.

Eri continues...

"May I speak to your leader in private? I have a way to end this game without casualties."

Everyone starts talking amongst themselves.

"A way to end this game without casualties?"

"Is that even possible?"

"Of course it's possible! Ms. Erilene said so!"

"Yeah! Yeah!"

"Don't tell me you're one of those..."

"One of what!?"


"Does that mean we can go home?"

"Yes! We can all go home as soon as possible so may I speak to your leader please?"

Eri said politely.

Everyone stops talking and turn their gazes towards me.

"I assume you're the leader Linel?"

Eri asked.

I answer her.

"Well somewhat..."

"Is there a place where we can talk privately?"

Eri asked.

I answer her.

"Well... Yes..."

"Good! Let us go there and talk then."

Eri said with a smile and approach me.

I could a lot of people complaining and mumbling angrily as they look at me.

This is making me uncomfortable.

I decided to bring someone along to ease up the tension but I ask Eri first if she's okay with it.

"Can I bring someone along?"

"If that makes you comfortable then go ahead.

Eri answered me.

Good thing Eri knows how to read the atmosphere.

Well then, time to ask someone to come along.

"Hey Ace, Kana? Do you mind tagging along?"

"I'll be glad to leader." (Ace)

"Affirmative." (Kana)

They both responded positively.

The reason why I decided to bring the two of them along it is because those two are good with negotiations.

Well, I was planning to bring Aeris along but that will be too much.

Not to mention, if I did bring her along, I will have more people mumbling angrily at me and chanting spells.

Most of them are girls though...

Well I knew that Ace and Eri are popular but not this popular.

I doubt Kana is popular though despite being cute because people tend to avoid her since she always attempt to sell her products and do weird stuff.

She also likes to wear plain clothes which makes her stand out less.

I kinda find her products useful though like the cell phones she smuggled here.

Maybe I should ask her to make me some useful stuff like an x-ray glasses.

Anyways, we head towards the dining cottage to have this "talk".

Inside the dining cottage...

The four of us are seated in the dining table.

Sitting beside me is Kana and beside her is Ace.

Sitting across us is Eri who's very calm despite being in the enemies' territory.

Maybe it's a maid thing to be calm all the time.

Anyway to start things up, I ask Eri about what she said earlier.

"So, how do we end this game without casualties?"

Because of that, Ace stares intently at her.

I gues

eeks supplementary classes is a small price to pay mostly because I was scared to interfere, I think deeply on the thought of how to end the game without casualties.

By casualties, I mean that no one would have to sacrifice two weeks of their vacation for supplementary classes.

While I was thinking, Kana puts her cell phone right on front of me.

I look at the screen and saw that the writing app is on and Kana typed something.

I read what she typed.

It says "Have you figure something out?"

I took the cell phone from Kana and type "I'm in the middle of it" as a response and gave it back to Kana.

Kana reads my message a types another message and shows it to me.

Can I give a suggestion?

We start passing each other messages using this cell phone.

Sure (Linel)

I have a way for ending this game without anyone sacrificing two weeks of their vacation but it will be difficult to do it. (Kana)

Difficult? How so? (Linel)

We need to conspire with the enemy without the teachers finding out. (Kana)

That will certainly be difficult but you do have plan to pull that off right? (Linel)

Yes I do. (Kana)

That's great! So how will we do it? (Linel)

We will initiate a war. (Kana)

A war? (Linel)

Yes (Kana)

Why do we have to do that? (Linel)

To create a distraction. (Kana)

Distraction for what? (Linel)

Distraction for the teachers who are watching us. (Kana)

Why do we have to distract the teachers? (Linel)

So they won't notice our conspiracy. (Kana)

And what is this conspiracy we're talking about? (Linel)

"You'll see. Now stop them." (Kana)

Them? (Linel)

Kana didn't give her cell phone back and looks at Eri and Ace.

Oh! Them!

I call for their attention.

"Uh... Excuse me?"

The two who we're debating, stops what they're doing and responds in their own manner.

"What is it?" (Ace)

"Yes?" (Eri)

I turn towards Kana and tells her to speak up.

"Alright Kana! Tell us this brilliant plan of yours."

Kana fix her glasses in place.

After that, she starts typing on her cell phone.

The two who are dumbfounded by her actions, silently stares at her.

As for me, I can clearly see what she's doing.

She's typing her plans.

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