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Class 1 siege)

There are three people who are guarding the base.

One of them is on top of the tower looking out for enemies and the other one is guarding the entrance to the base while the last one is patrolling around the base.

A girl with semi long light purple hair whose bang is covering the right eye comes out from nowhere and calmly walks towards the entrance.

The boy who's guarding the entrance got startled by her and points his assault rifle at her.

Before he was able to pull the trigger, the girl with light purple hair quickly synthesize an ice needle and throws it into the gun's muzzle before he was able to pull the trigger.

Pew* Clank*

As a result, he's gun ended up being jammed.

Click* Click*

The boy throws his gun away and draw his plasma saber.

Pshooo* Voom*

Before he was able to execute a slashes, the girl with light purple hair quickly synthesize water and splashes him with it.


As soon as the water hits the boy, she freezes the water by synthesizing liquid nitrogen.


The boy is now immobile because his whole body is covered in ice.

Soon after, his barrier shatters and the ice dissolves.

A repairbot who's hovering the area, picks the boy up and flies off.

The girl who was patrolling the base and the boy who's on the tower saw their comrade being carried away by a repairbot.

Both of them became vigilant.

The boy who's on the tower points his sniper rifle at the entrance waiting for someone to pop out while the patrolling girl run towards a wooden cottage near the entrance, hides behind it and draws her weapon which is a twin Beam Pistol.

Both of them wait for the intruder or intruders since they don't know how many they to show up are.

Suddenly, the girl with light purple hair jumps over the wooden wall that's at the right side of the entrance and quickly synthesize dozens of ice shards that resembles broken glass and throws it towards the boy on the tower using brainwave manipulation.

Pew* Pew*

The boy took cover by ducking and the ice shards end up missing their target.

The girl with light purple hair anticipated this would happen since she only did that to distract him.

Suddenly, the girl with the twin Beam Pistols jumps out from her hiding spot and shoots the girl with light purple hair.

Cheew* Cheew*

The girl with light purple hair reflexively dodges her shots by executing a cartwheel.

The girl with the twin Beam Pistol didn't stop there and continue shooting her.

Chew* Chew* Chew* Chew* Chew*

No matter how many times she shoots her, the girl with light purple hair skillfully dodges her shots by jumping around like an acrobat.

Chew* Chew* Chew* Chew*

The boy on the tower regains his composure after hearing his comrade's gun shots and joins in the fight.


The boy on the tower was able to hit her but the girl with purple hair quickly recovers, synthesize a wall of ice and takes cover.


The boy on the tower and the girl with the twin Beam Pistol tries to break the wall of ice by bombarding it with gunshots.

Bang* Cheew* Cheew* Bang* Cheew* Cheew*

The boy on the tower got tired of using his gun and switches to atomic synthesis.

Boosh* Boom* Boosh* Boom* (Fire bolt)

While the girl point her gun at the ice wall in a cross fashion and charges the barrels with electricity using atomic synthesis.


After that, she fires both of her guns simultaneously.


A large bluish laser was discharge from the gun and hits the wall of ice making a huge dent.

They didn't stop there and continue their attacks.

While the boy on the tower is concentrating on breaking the wall of ice, a girl with long green hair jumps on the tower using brainwave manipulation.

She suddenly apologizes.

"I'm sorry for this..."

Before the boy was able turn towards her, the girl with green hair use brainwaves to create shock waves that pushes him off the tower.

Creek* Bam*

The force of the shockwave was so strong that he wasn't only pushed off the tower but he was also pushed out of the base.

The girl twin Beam Pistol notices her comrade screaming, stops her attack and turn towards the tower.

As she did, she saw the girl with green long hair carrying their class flag.

She aim her Twin Beam Pistol at her.

Before she was able to pull the trigger, the girl with light purple hair splashes her with water and freeze her using atomic synthesis.

Splash* Ching*

Her body is frozen solid and her barrier shatters.


Soon after, the ice dissolves and a repairbot carries the girl away.

The girl with green hair climbs down the tower and girl with light purple hair approaches her.

"Good job Aeris!"

She said with a smile on her face.

"You deserve all the credit Ace. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been able to sneak into the tower."

Aeris responded in a modest manner.

"You know... You don't have to be modest all the time."

"Well... That's just who I am."

"If you keep that up, you'll never have a boyfriend."

"I wasn't planning on having one so it's okay."

"Not even Linel?"

As Aeris heard that, her thoughts started to flutter on that matter.

Ace taps on Aeris shoulder to wake her up.

"Come on! We better move!"

Ace walks away.

"Ah! Yes!"

And Aeris follows her in pursuit.

(Class 3 siege)

There are three people guarding the base.

One of them is patrolling around and the two of them is on top of the tower looking out for enemies.

Suddenly, a girl with red twin tail hair who's holding an orange plasma saber jumps right in the middle of the base.

Before the two on the tower was able to point their guns at her, she synthesize multiple fire bolts and launches them.


The fire bolts hit the the top of the tower where the two is and soon after, the top is covered with smoke.

The boy who's on patrol heard the explosion and rushes towards the scene.

As he arrive, he saw the girl with red twin tails.

He attempts to point his Assault rifle at her but before he was able to do so, the girl with red twin tails rushes towards him and execute an upward slash which send the boy up in the air.

Voom* Tsk*

As he was in midair, the girl with red twin tails synthesize dozens of fire bolts above him and let it all pour down on him.

Boosh* Boosh* Boosh* Boosh* Boosh* Boom*

The boy crashes down

two guards didn't hesitate to pull the trigger.

Ratatatata* Ratatatata* Ratatatata* Ratatatata*

The boy runs away screaming.


Suddenly, two blue particle beams hits the guards.

Pshooo* Pshooo* Boom*

Their barrier shatters.

Two repairbot that's hovering around the area picks them up and carries them away.

The boy collapse on the ground and sighs in relief.


Suddenly, he heard laughter.


The boy with black wavy hair shouts in protest.

"Hey! Quit laughing! I acted as a distraction for you! You know!"

He was ignored.


The boy with black wavy gave up on protesting, walk towards the flag, picked it up and head towards the entrance of the base.

(Class 6 siege)

There are three guard at the top of the tower.

Two of them are armed with assault rifles and one of them is armed with a sniper rifle.

The three of them are surveying the area for enemies.

Suddenly, a boy wearing a bonnet runs towards the tower from the entrance.

The three of them tries to shoot him down.

Ratatata* Ratatata* Bang* Ratatata* Ratatata* Bang*

Since he was so fast, all their shots misses smashes into the tower.

"Oaf* Dude!"

The impact was so hard that it shook the tower.


All of a sudden, the tower started tilting.


Because of that, the guards up on the tower lost balance.

Soon after, the tower falls down like a bowling pin while the boy wearing a bonnet is still stuck on it.

Creek* Bam*

The three guards who fall of the tower slowly stood up, pick up their weapons and approach the bonnet wearing boy.

Suddenly, a tall beautiful boy with semi long hair who was hiding at nearby building all this time, comes out and quickly approach the three from behind.

He then gropes two of their butts and whispers to them playfully.

"Hey there little kittens? Do you wanna play?"

The three guard they felt a cold chill coming down from their spines.

The three of them violently turn towards the beautiful boy.

As they did, the beautiful boy is nowhere to be seen.

All of a sudden, they heard someone talking playfully from their behind.

"I'm right here?"

They violently turn towards his direction.

As they did, he wasn't there.

Then again, they heard him talking from behind.


And again, they violently turn towards his direction but he was nowhere to be seen.

This continue for a while till they got fed up and decided to turn towards different directions.

As they did, one them saw the beautiful boy on front of him.

The beautiful boy is holding a Plasma Saber with a green blade at his left hand.

"Alright little kittens! Play time is over?"

The beautiful boy crouches while positioning his Plasma Saber at his back horizontally.

After that, he covers the Blade of his Plasma Saber with air using atomic synthesis and swings it while executing a spin.


A whirlwind was formed around the boy and three guards were sent flying out of the base.

After that, he approaches the bonnet wearing boy who's still stuck on top of the tower and is now asleep.

"Choaaack* Shuuuuuu* Choaaaack* Shuuuuuu*"

He tries to wake him up by gently blowing at his right ear.

(Forest on the way to class 2 base)

Coincidentally, the four pairs who went on a siege mission met each other in the forest.

The four pair decided to walk back together to their base.

While they are walking, Maple noticed that Zack, Lokki, Roc and Aeris are carrying the class flag.

She somehow got envious and grabs hold of Roc's flag.


Out of competitiveness, Roc refuses Maple.

"Get your own flag man! This is mine!"

She tries to pull the flag away from Roc.


"Let go damn it!"


Roc and Maple end up playing tag of war.

Aeris who wants to stop them, approaches Maple and hands over her flag.

"Here you go Maple. You can have mine."

Maple quickly grabs Aeris flag and screams in joy.


Everyone except for Wren sighs in relief.

After that, they continued their journey towards their base.

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