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   Chapter 71 NO.71

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It's Easter and as usual, we're going to play our traditional "Find the Easter eggs" game.

The rules of this game are just simple.

We're going to search for the easter eggs that are hidden all over the house till the end of the day.

And how we'll we know where they're hidden at?

We have to solve the riddles that are written on the cue card that we acquired at the start of the game.

They are also cue cards hidden along with the easter eggs which will lead us to the next one.

There's no reward in winning the game except for the sugar free coated chocolate eggs.

It's kinda like a treasure hunt easter version.

This is not how I want to spend the last day of my school break.

Not to mention, tomorrow is my first day in high school and I won't be home schooled anymore but I'll be attending a real school with lots of kids my age.

"Mom! I'm too old for this. Can we just spend the rest of the day peacefully?"

"I know that Linel but Luna want's to play this game badly."

"Then let her play by herself! Don't drag me into this!"

"Luna wants to spend time with you before she goes on her tour tomorrow. She won't be back for a long time. So please understand."

"How come Gray and Brea gets a pass on this?"

Brea walks pass us.

"That because I little bro am a model and there's a photo shoot event at the central plaza this afternoon."

As she finished her excuse, she arrives at the front door.

She turn towards me.

"So have fun!"

After that, she opens the front door and walks outside.

Suddenly, Gray taps on my shoulder.

"And I have preparation to do as the student council president for tomorrows entrance ceremony."

After he said that, he walks towards the front door.

As he arrived at the front door, he turn towards me.

"Good luck!"

After he said his good bye, he opens the door and walks out.

"Now Linel, make sure not to eat all the easter eggs. You might get a stomach ache."

"And where are you going?"

"I'm going to the studio to settle the final arrangements for the tour."

"So your going to leave me alone with that Lunatic?"

"Be kind to your sister!"

And mom left...

Sigh! A day alone with that Lunatic...

Well dad isn't here because there's an easter event going on in the company and the maidbots are all disabled so that we won't use them to cheat.

I really am alone with Luna.

What kind of disaster awaits me?

Hopefully we won't get thrown into the pool again.

Now where is that Lunatic?

I'm guessing she's in her room doing who knows what.

Maybe I should just leave her be and play some online games in my room.

Suddenly my phone rings.

Toot toot toot too too toot too* (Darth Vader theme song)

I took my cell phone out to check who it is.

It's Luna.

I don't know why she's calling me since we're in the same place nor I don't understand how her brain works but I just answer it anyways.


"Come to my room ASAP!"

Toot toot*

She hanged up.

What the hell?

She wants me to go to her room?

My cell phone rings again.

Toot toot toot too too toot too*

I answer the call.


Before I was able to say anything back, she hanged up.

Toot toot*

If I don't do what she wants, she might spam me later on.

So I did what she said and go to her room.

I leave the main entrance and head towards the corridor that leads to the stairs.


I arrive on front of Luna's room after fifteen minutes of walking.

Sometimes I wanna curse this house for being so gigantic.

Anyway, I knock on Luna's door and call out to her.

Knock* Knock*

"Hey! I'm here!"

She answers back by doing an impression of those entrance guards of a dungeon in an RPG.

"You may enter!"

As I heard that, it makes me regret more on coming here.

I open the door.

As I did...


Luna shouted cheerfully from the top of her lungs which almost pops my ear drum.

Good thing mt reflexes kicked in and I was able to cover my ears just in time.

I look at Luna who's wearing a really weird outfit...


It's more like a costume then an outfit.

She's wearing some kind of brown animal outfit, a red shoes with socks, a bunny face mask, a heart shape glasses, a ribbon, wings and a bunny ears.

"What do you think of my bunny outfit? Do you like it?"

Luna asked in a innocent manner.

I give her my honest opinion.

"Yeah! It suits you."

In a ridiculous way.

She screams cheerfully.


And gives me a bear hug.


"Hey! Get off me!"

She squeezes me harder.


"I said get off!"


No matter how much I struggle and complain, she wont let go off me.

Few minutes later...

I'm finally free.

Honestly, for a girl, she's so damn strong!

After I catch my breath and my body stops aching, I took out the cue card mom gave me earlier and showed it to Luna.

Luna takes it and reads it out loud.

"Let's see here... I am something that sucks."

She mumbles to herself.

"Something that sucks... Hmm... I wonder what that is."

I want to answer "that must be you" but I try my best to restrain myself from doing so.

She suddenly shouts...

"I know! It's an electronic book!"

I can't help but to react.

"An electronic book? How the hell you come up with that?"

She answers me like she's stating the obvious.

"Well because studying sucks!"

I refute her.

"Do you think you can hide an easter egg using an electronic book?"

"Of course you can! Here! I'll show you!"

Luna grabs my hand and we dash out of the room.


As we enter the library, Luna starts ravaging the shelves by tossing the electronic books on the floor one after another.

As for me, I just silently watch her.

"Come on Liney! Help me out!"

"No thanks."

"Don't be such a spoil sport. Help me out!"

"You can handle this on your own."

She took out her mask and looks at me with her scowling face.


Sigh! If I don't help her, she might throw a tantrum.


I start ravaging the shelves as well.

She looks satisfied and put back her mask.

After that, she continues ravaging the book shelves.

All of a sudden, Luna shouts.

"Found it!"

That startled me and almost made me knock over the s

decided to brush it off.

"Alright then..."

And inspect Mrs. Kentucky.

I approach Mrs. Kentucky and grab her neck to lift her up.

"Liney! Your hurting her!"

Luna shouted which startled me and let go off Mrs. Kentucky's neck.

"You know this thing is just dumb stuff toy? I'm pretty sure this thing couldn't feel anything."

I pointed out to her.

She refutes me.

"She's not a dumb stuff toy! She's my friend!"

I counter her refute.

"Yeah! A friend that you often misplace."

I wasn't exaggerating on my accusation.

She always misplace Mrs. Kentucky and any off her stuff like that one time that she toss Ms. Kentucky into the pool so that she can teach her how to swim and left her there for a day.

She forgot all about it until one of the maidbots brought Mrs. Kentucky back to her room.

"Uh... Well..."

Luna said while looking guilty.

I won!

Oh well!

I grab Mrs. Kentucky's neck and attempt to lift her up.

Before I was able to lift her up, Luna screams again...

"I said don't hurt her!"

Which made me let go off Mrs. Kentucky's neck.

At this rate, Luna will throw a tantrum so I let her do it instead.

"Why won't you do it?"

I said and move away from Mrs. Kentucky.

"I'll show you! Hmph!"

Luna puff her cheeks in anger and approach Mrs. Kentucky.

As she was near Mrs. Kentucky, she lifts her up holding her by the wings and gently puts her away.

If she can be gentle with a stuff toy, why can't she be gentle with me?

Anyway, we saw the easter egg that's sitting at the floor where Mrs. Kentucky was earlier.

I pick the easter egg and the cue card up.

I give Luna the easter egg.


Luna looks away while puffing her cheeks.


I guess she's throwing a fit.

I could leave her be but mom will kill me later if she found out that I made Luna upset because she told me to be kind to Luna.

When my mom say something, she always meant it and if I disobey her, I'll be grounded for a month or even worse.

I decided to apologize to Luna.

"Look! I'm sorry for hurting Ms. Kentucky."


Looks like that isn't enough to cheer her up.

What else should I do?


I know!

"Do you wanna share this easter egg with me?"

I asked reluctantly.

Luna brightens up and hugs me tightly.


And it worked.

Now I'm being crushed.

Few minutes later, I'm finally free and I took a bite off the easter egg before giving it to her.

Like I said earlier, I don't want her DNA.

It will ruin my brain.

She happily took the easter egg from me and gobbles it down.

After that, I read the cue cars.

"I am black when you bought me...

I am red when you used me...

I am white when you thrown me away...

What am I?"

I'm guessing the one who wrote this is Gray since he likes to act all smarty pants.

"Hmm... This one is hard!"

Luna complained.

I agree with her.

"Yeah! I agree."

"Should we try to solve this?"

Luna asked.

I answer her.

"If you want to seat around and think all day then be my guest."

Luna complains.

"That's boring!"

She's right! It's boring to do that all day so I suggest to something else.

"Wanna play Mario Kart 64 instead?"


We both left the room and head towards the living room to play some Mario Kart 64.

And that's how our easter egg hunt ended with an unsolved mystery.

When Gray got back and found out that we didn't solve his riddle, he got upset and lectured us about how great it is to put your mind to the test.

If he really likes putting his mind to the test, why didn't he study atomic synthesis like I did?

The next day, Luna and Mom left for the tour while I start my first day of high school in a real school.

I wonder what awaits me...

Authors note: Sorry for the filler chapter. I'm having a hard time piecing out chapter 12. Please be patient with me. Anyways, if you know the answer to the last riddle, please comment it bellow and also I just published a character profile for Silver Wing Academy. So if you want to see what the characters look like, be sure to check it out. Oh! And be sure to vote comment if you like the character designs."

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