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   Chapter 69 NO.69

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The gunners who are firing at the tower is being retaliated by Kana.

Pshooo* Pshooo* Ratatata* Bagoom* Pepepepew*

Suddenly, cracks are forming around the tower which means the first layer of the triple barrier is about to shatter.

I'm not really worried about that since there are two more layers of barrier left.

What I'm worried about is Kana who's in the middle of a fire fight with four people from different direction.

Is she makes a wrong move, she could get shot badly.

Now, what should I do in order to help Kana out?

If I get close to one of them and attack, the others will try to go up the tower and steal our flag.

If I stay here and do nothing, Kana will get exhausted.

I should at least take one of them out without getting close to them.

And how will I do that without a weapon?

While I was thinking, my body suddenly got wrapped around by a plasma particle rope.

I'm pretty sure that's the girl with the plasma whip who was unconscious inside the tower entrance.

While that thing is wrapped around me, my barrier's life gauge is being decrease by 1% per second.

This sucks!

When I try to move, the grip tightens and my barrier's life gauge decreases faster.

When I try using atomic synthesis to blow the plasma rope away, nothing happens.

I can't even use brainwave manipulation to free myself.

Kana could help me break free from this but she got her hands full right now.

Damn it!

28% is left my barrier's life gauge and 28 seconds to go before it's game over.

Can't I really do anything?


I know!

I concentrate and imagine combustible gases are compressed and shaped into a needle that is pointing at the girl behind me.

After that, I shake the molecules of the needle shaped combustible gas violently.

Boosh* Boom*

I successfully synthesize a fire bolt.

The plasma rope that was wrapped around my body disperses into the air which means I'm finally free.

I turn t


"Hmph!" (Wren)

I didn't notice earlier since I was far away, their all covered in dirt and smoke.

I'm guessing they all have a rough time as well.

"You guys look awful."

As I said casually.

"Same goes for you two."

As Ace points out.

I look at my hands and my suit.

It's cover with dirt and smoke as well.

I look and at Kana and she's the same like the rest of us.

I don't if it's my funny bone being tickled or all the smoke that I inhaled from the fight is messing with my brain, I feel like laughing.

So I laugh.

"Ha ha ha ha!"

The others did as well. (Except for Wren and Kana)

"Ha ha ha ha!"

"Hi hi hi hi!"

"He he he he!"


After we had our laugh, I make a suggestion.

"Let's clean ourselves up shall we?"

The other agrees to my suggestion.

"Yeah! Let's!" (Lokki)

"Hell yeah!" (Roc)

"Yes!" (Aeris)

"Aye aye captain!" (Maple)

"I could use a shower right now!" (Ace)

"Let's bath together my dear." (Mathias)

"Obviously! Hmph!" (Wren)

"Yeah dude!" (Zack)

"Affirmative." (Kana)

After that, we drop the flags on the ground and head out to take a bath.


"Aw! Don't leave us here!"

"Boss! Please help us!"

"Aeris... I can't feel my legs... Help..."

Oops! I almost forgot about them.

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