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   Chapter 68 NO.68

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The guys with melee weapons run towards me while the guys with the guns slowly walk towards me while shooting at me.

I synthesize a crystal wall around me out of impulse to block the shots fired at me.

Ratatatata* Ratatata* Pepepepew* Pepepepew* Bagoom* Bagoom*

One of the guys with a purple plasma saber jumps over the wall and attempts to slash me but before he could land a hit, Kana shoots him.


He was stunned by that so I decided to hit him with a compressed air punch.

Before I was able to finish synthesizing a compressed air on my right fist, he was kicked away by a guy holding a green plasma dagger.

After the guy with the plasma saber was knocked away, the guy with the plasma dagger point his free hand at me which is the right and electricity started forming on his palm while standing on top of my crystal wall.


I'm guessing he's going to shoot a lightning bolt at me.

I prepare myself to take the hit since I have no time to counter it.

Suddenly, he was shot by a bluish white particle beam on the head.

Pshoooo* Boom*

The blast shattered the crystal wall to pieces and it blew me and the guy with the green plasma dagger away.

My barrier's life gauge is reduced to 68%

That sucks!

I wonder if this is how the guys who get shot by Maple felt.

As I landed on the ground which is ten feet away from the tower, I quickly got up and run towards the entrance of the tower.

As I was running, I saw a guy attempting to enter the tower.

As he was half way inside the entrance, a girl with a bluish white plasma whip attacks him by wrapping around her whip around his body and pulls him away.

After that, she tries to enter as well but she was bombarded with gun shots.

Ratatatata* Ratatata* Pepepepew* Bagoom* Chuchuchuchuw*

A girl who's holding a beam rifle shoots back at the guys who's shooting at her including Kana.

Pshooo* Pshooo* Pshooo* Pshooo*

Her shots weren't accurate and it all missed but it was enough to buy time for the girl with the plasma whip to enter the tower.

Because of that, the girl successfully en

result, the plasma dagger is being push towards my direction.

I better do something or else I'll end up getting slashed.

I grip the handle of the plasma dagger with my left hand and use the strength of both hands to tilt it.

As the edge of my plasma dagger reaches at an angle of 235 degrees, I execute a side step and let go of the plasma dagger.

As I did that, I the guy with the plasma saber end up slashing the air and I was able to break free from the battle of strength which I'll surely lose.


I didn't stop there and make my move by stomping on his left foot with my left foot, hitting his neck with my right arm and push him.

He successfully fell on the ground like I anticipated.

While his on the ground, I stomp on his plasma saber using my right foot as hard as I can with some shock treatment.

Bzzzt* Bam* Tss* Tss* Boom*

The plasma saber exploded into million pieces.

After that, I kick him like a soccer ball using my left foot with compressed air on the tip of my shoe.

Bam* Pak* Woosh*

The compressed air exploded and he flew pass the guy with the shot gun and smashes right into the wall.

I always wanted to do that at least once.

The three guys who got their barrier shattered were quickly carried away by the repairbots who are hovering throughout this island.

Now that all the melee users are gone, I turn my attention towards the gunners.

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