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   Chapter 67 NO.67

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"Now this is unexpected."

"Aw! This sucks!"

"Release us immediately!"

"This is embarrassing..."

While our enemies are complaining, we discuss on what to do next in the dinning cottage while we're munching on some roasted bananas.

I thought roasted bananas are weird at first but once I tasted it, I couldn't get enough of it.

By the way, some of the enemies are my acquaintances and those are Sophie, Favion, Crisselda and the girl with purple pony tail hair from Luna fanatic club.

If I remember correctly, her name starts with a "V".

I heard Aeris say her name a couple of times but I can't seem to remember it.

(Note: The name of the girl with purple pony tail hair from the Luna fan club is Viona Falfeti.)

"So what should we do with them?"

As Lokki asked and shoves a roast banana in his mouth.

"I say we execute them!"

As Maple declared evilly and shoves three roasted banana in her mouth and starts chomping like a hamster.

Gotta say, she got a big mouth for someone who looks like a little kid.

When I said that she has a big mouth, I mean literally and idiomatically.

"We should use them as bait."

As Kana said and takes a nibble on her roasted banana.

We all react to what Kana had said.


Kana swallows her food and explains to us.

"The others who are left behind to guard the base will be wondering why they haven't come back yet. When that happens, they will be curious and send scouts to check the situation or reinforcements."

"And your point is?"

As I asked.

Kana fix her glasses in place and answer my question.

"That will give us the opportunity to steal their flags."

The four morons who's dumbfounded tells Kana that they don't understand.

"I don't get it!" (Linel)

"Me neither man!" (Roc)

"Me three! Me three!" (Maple)

"Dude! My head hurts!" (Zack)

Kana ignores them and turn her gaze towards me.

"It's your call."


As Lokki, Maple and Roc shouted.

As for Zack, he's busy rubbing his head while moaning.

"Uuh! Dude!"

The others stares at me like they're waiting for me to decide which puts me in a tight spot.

Sigh! Why do I have to be the one calling the shots?

I think for a bit regarding on Kana's plan.

Well like Kana said, they'll be sending more people to check the situation which means there will be less people guarding the base.

When that happens, it will be easier to steal their flags but in order to that, I need to send in the strongest and fastest ones on our team to pull it off.

There are other complications as well like other classes will also try to steal the flags and the defense of our base will be weaken since most of the sentry guns are destroyed and will be sending people out.

Not to mention, our main entrance is busted open thanks to a certain someone.

I decided to ask Kana about those matters.

"Well that's a good idea but how do we know the other classes won't try to steal their flags which will make things comp



He exploded and fall unconscious which cause panic on their side.

I look at the other two sides and see if they tried the same thing.

They actually did and got the same results.

Boom* Boom*

Now that's weird.

Are they all unlucky or there's something else?

I decide to ask Kana on a particular matter.

"Hey Kana, you said that 20% of the land mines are real while the rest are just dirt right?"

She answer me with her usual poker face.

"I lied."

I can't help but to react exaggeratedly.

"You what??"

She repeats herself.

"I lied."

I'm annoyed and frustrated that Kana would lie about that so I ask her to state her reason.

"Why the hell did you lie about that?"

She answers me.

"In order to fool your enemies, you have to fool your friends."

"What kind of a sick twisted logic is that?"

As I asked angrily.

She answer me.

"It's a saying from my home planet."

I ask her about that.

"A saying from your home planet?"

"Earth from the milky way galaxy."

Holy crap! She's from earth?? I ask her to make sure.

"You're from Earth as in the Earth from the milky way galaxy!"


And she answers me.

"Now that explain why your hair and eyes are black!"

As I pointed out.

Kana didn't say anything and picks up the assault beam rifle with a scope that's lying on the ground and points it at the entrance.

I found that quite strange and ask her about that.

"Hey! What are you doing?"

She answers me without looking at me.

"I'll provide back up, you attack them."


As I reacted.

"They're coming."

As she said and cocks her gun.


I almost forgot that the enemies are here.

I jump down from the tower which is only twelve feet tall and prepare to attack.

Eight people enters the base from four different direction.

The ones who was near the main entrance enters normally while the others jumps over the wall.

We're surrounded.

This will get ugly.

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