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   Chapter 66 NO.66

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As I arrived at the east side of the base, I hide behind a tree and look around the area.

Like Kana said earlier, there are a group of five people here who are currently attacking the base by using long range atomic synthesis and their guns.

The sentry guns that are on the ledges on this side are now destroyed.

Luckily, the others who are inside are keeping them at bay by retaliating with long range atomic synthesis.

Judging by the small mounds scattered on the ground, they carefully took their steps in order not to set off the land mines.

Just my luck!

Now then!

I took out a grenade that looks like a white metallic ball that has a small black crater that looks like an eye.

I was saving that in case I need to use it and now is the time.

I press the black crater and it lits up red.

Click* Beep*

After that, I threw the grenade towards the enemies.

Grip* Voosh*

The grenade successfully landed on front of them and it explodes.


As a result, they were pushed back and knocked down in an awkward position on top of the land mines.

Sucks to be them.

I wonder how the others are doing?

(South Side)

Five students from unknown classes are busy retaliating towards the sentry guns using atomic synthesis and their guns.

While their busy retaliating, a flaming Wren descends from the sky and lands on front of them like an asteroid which creates an impact with a flaming shockwave that blows them away.

Bam* Booooosh*

The enemies were knocked down in an awkward position on top of the land mines.

After that, Wren flicks her twin tails and say...


(West Side)

The group of enemies who just finished destroying the sentry bots, attemps to go over the walls using brainwave manipulation to execute a high jump.

They distribute the brainwave energy to their legs and kicks of the ground.

While they are high up in the air, rain of icicles pours down upon them which send them back falling towards the ground.

Ace who is far from them, runs towards the mine field in a zig zag way without stepping on the land mines.

As she reach the group of enemies who just recovered, she synthesize a pair of ice blades and approach one of the enemies and push him away by slashing him towards the mine field.


After that, she approaches another enemy and kicks her towards the mine field.

Bam* Thud*

Then, she approach the three remaining enemy and execute a 900 degrees spinning slash*

Slash* Slash* Slash*

On her final strike, she executes a horizontal outward slash which pushes them towards the land mines.


All the enemies were successfully knocked down in an awkward position on top of the land mines.

(North Side/Entrance)

Maple who's hiding behind a bush is watching the enemies who are trying to break the main entrance open by bombarding it with powerful atomic synthesis attacks.

The reason why their having a hard time destroying the door, it is because that the door is fortified with a level five barrier that Kana created.

The walls are also fortified with a level five barrier as well.

Maple, point the muzzle of her Beam rifle towards the group and pulls the trigger rapidly while screaming.


Pshooo* Pshooo* Pshooo* Pshooo* Pshooo* Pshooo* Pshooo* Pshooo* Boooooooom* Booooooom* Booooooooom*

Instead of pushing them b


I answer her casually.

"We don't."

"Well if that's the case, then this plan is worthless isn't it?"

As Ace said in a cool manner.

I try to convince her to go along with the plan.

"Well if they did discovered that most of the land mines are fake but eventually they stepped on one, wouldn't they be scared to not step on them at all since they do not know which is which?"

That's the kind of impression I got regarding that.

"You got a point."

Looks like I was able to convince her.

"Well, if things doesn't go as planned, we have Wren here to kick their asses."

As I said sarcastically.

I took a glimpse at Wren and her eyes are wide open while her cheeks are red.

Looks like she's angry.

Maybe I went overboard.

I better do something before she beat the crap out of me.

I add some more names to what I said earlier while counting with my fingers.

"And you Ace, Maple, Roc, Zack, Kana, Aeris and especially Mathias who is strangely good at everything."

Except for socializing.

Just mentioning Mathias made me remember on how many times he tried to touch my ass.

That guy is a sick pervert in so many different ways!

Wren becomes more angry and kicks me on my right which made me fall on my left.

I slowly got up and complain.

"Ow! What the hell!"

Though didn't feel any pain because of the barrier, I just had to say it.

Wren looks away with a "Hmph!" while her arms are crossed.

Sigh! Dealing with royalties is such a pain in the ass!

By the way, Maple is having a blast right now since she's pointing at me while laughing her heart out.


While Ace just looks at me with an expression of disappointment.

I wonder what she's disappointed about?

Anyway, I brush the sand off me using my hands and tell them what to do.

"Let's not waste anymore time and help the others out."

"Ditto." (Ace)

"Yeah! Bring them hell!" (Maple)

"You don't have to tell me twice! Hmph!" (Wren)

As everyone agrees.

We make our way towards the base as fast as we can.

As we arrive near the base, we were able confirm that the enemies are on the gaps between the land mines and the base.

Then we decide on which of us takes which side.

After we decided, we execute the plan.

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