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   Chapter 65 NO.65

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While Linel and the others are in the middle of their sabotaging mission, the rest of class two are taking shifts on guard duty.

Roc and Lokki who's in the middle of their shift are on top of the tower surveying the area while having a friendly chat with one another.

"Hey Roc! Do you have any plans for sembreak?"

As Lokki asked out of curiosity.

Roc honestly answers him.

"Not really man! Just go home and spend time with my family."

Lokki who seemed to be shocked by Roc's answer, reacts exaggeratedly.


"Yeah man! Seriously!"

As Roc said in confirmation.

"I-I thought you were a badass! Pfft*"

As Lokki said while trying to stop his laughter.

Roc explains himself.

"Look man! I am a badass but if I don't go home during sembreak, my dad will arrest me and that will seriously suck!"

Lokki who seemed to calm down, asked Roc a question.

"Your dad will arrest you?"

Roc answers his question.

"He's a cop man! A freaking S.B.I cop!"

"A cop?? Pfft*"

As Lokki reacted while trying his best to stop himself from laughing.

Roc tries to explain himself again.

"I know how it looks man. Me a badass and my dad's a cop. It's just cruel man!"

Lokki couldn't control himself anymore and burst into laughter.


Roc who's angry at Lokki, demands an explanation.

"What the hell does that mean!?"

Lokki calms himself down and answers his question.

"It means why a "badass" like you doesn't cause trouble and obeys school rules."

Roc explains himself once again.

"Of course I obey school rules and keep out of trouble! If we don't, that crazy bitch will torture us and hell no ones to be tortured by her!"

(Note: When Roc mentioned "crazy bitch", he was referring to Queen Avalanche the student council president.)

"Whatever you say "badass". Pfft*"

As Lokki said sarcastically while trying to stop his laugh.

Roc refutes him.

"Shut up man! As if you're not scared of that crazy bitch as well!"

"Well that's true, at least I wasn't pretending to be a "badass"."

As Lokki said mockingly.

"What the hell man!? Do you wanna fight!"

As Roc shouted in anger like a delinquent and grabs Lokki's collar.

Lokki realizes that he went overboard and apologizes.

"Hey! I'm sorry! Please calm down!"

Roc answers him angrily.

"How the hell do you expect me to calm down when you pissed me off man!"

Lokki tries to convince Roc to calm down.

"Hey look! We're on top of a twelve foot tower okay! If we


"What should we do then?"

"You figure it out."


"Time is running out."


Toot* Toot*

She hanged up...

"So? What's the matter?"

I look towards the person who said that and it was Ace.

I didn't noticed that she was here already.

Actually, everyone is here already.

They must have arrived when I was talking to Kana.

I answer Ace.

"Well... Apparently our base is surrounded by enemies from four different classes."

"I see... So what should we do then?"

As Ace responded calmly.

I answer her.

"That's the question I want to ask."

"You're the leader, you do the thinking."

As Ace back talked me.

I look towards Wren if she have any ideas.

All of a sudden, her face turn red and answers me bashfully.

"D-don't ask me weirdo!"

After that, she did her trade mark...


And looks away afterwards.

Is she still angry on what I did to her earlier?

How about Maple?

I look at Maple and she answer me like a mafia boss.

"Let's go smoke their asses!

After that, she cocks her Beam rifle with an evil grin on her face.


As expected, I won't get any answers from her.

Suddenly, my cell phone rings.

Ring* Ring*

I answer the call.

It's Kana.

"Hurry. The sentry guns won't hold them off any longer."

Boom* Kaboosh* Ratatata*

Toot* Toot*

She hanged up...

Judging by the sound of explosions and gun fire, they already started their attack...

Wait a minute!

Sentry guns holding them off?

As I recall, there's a gap between the walls and the land mines which is the firing range of the sentry guns.

I have an idea!

I discuss the plan to drive off the enemies.

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