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   Chapter 64 NO.64

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Updated: 2018-01-15 22:21

It's Luna's corner ^.^

I'm your host Luna, the lovely and cute intergalactic idol ?

And this is my partner Ultrabot.

"I came with pieces!"

For some reason, there's something wrong with his speech pattern.

"Bye bye!"

See what I mean ^_^


So anyways, here is the first topic of the day.

Drum roll please!

Dum* Dum* Dum* Dum*

Golden Beldandi

Yeay O(≧▽≦)O

Everyone, do you know what a Golden Beldandi is?

How about you Ultrabot?

Do you know what a Golden Beldandi is?



Ehem! A Golden Beldandi is a flower that looks like a golden bell that could be found in some planets on a tropical region.

It is said that the Golden Beldandi produces more oxygen then any other flowers.

So if you go on a picnic barbeque near these flowers, you know what happens next ^_^


Anyways, speaking about bells, I made a pretty choker with a bell as a gift for my brother at christmas so that whenever he's around, I will know that he's there!

Ooh ( ? )/

When christmas came and he open the gift, he got angry and th


Sorry I can't give you his Spacebook account but Ultrabot can give his.

Ultrabot! What's your Spacebook account?


There you go ^_^

Now you can be friends with Ultrabot on Spacebook.

Next question by IamUrFan.

"Where is the next destination of your tour?"

Sagittarius space city ^_^

Next question by-


Oops times up!

I'm sorry I couldn't answer your questions.

I'll make sure to answer on the next Luna's Corner so if you want to ask more questions, please post it on my fan page.

(If you want to ask Luna a question for the next Luna's corner, please post a comment below.)

That is all for today.

See you next time!

Bye bye ~(≧▽≦)/~


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