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   Chapter 63 NO.63

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Here we are hiding behind the tropical trees surveying the area of class eight's so called base.

So called because it's incomplete and the one doing all the work are three students including that "ha ha ha" girl while the rest are relaxing and ordering them around acting almighty like they're kings and queens of a crappy ass country.

Wren acts high and almighty all the time since she's a real princess and all but those guys on class eight are in a whole new different level.

You can say they're discriminative slave drivers who only knows how to boss around and insult you.

No wonder that "ha ha ha" girl wanted the steel briefcase so badly.

I wonder if the teachers and gramps knows about this?

Better ask gramps and uncle Huck once I get back.

Anyways, here is the plan.

Maple will act as diversion by firing her gun at them randomly to attract their attention while Ace and I destroy their base.

As for Wren, she will "take care" of the enemies if you know what I mean.

Well the original plan is supposed to be Roc doing the diversion but Maple won't shut up till we let her do it.

The others who were left behind are in charge of protecting the base incase the other classes have the same idea as us.

Besides, with those land mines and sentry guns, I bet the other classes will have a hard time approaching our base without casualties.

That said, it's time to attack.

I made a hand signal to Maple who are hiding behind me to start shooting.


And nothing happened

I do the hand signal again.


And no gun fire.

I Turn towards her direction and whisper to her while doing the hand signal.

"Go! Go! Go!"

She gave me an "Oh! I get it!" expression and run towards the trees on front of me and start her attack.

She starts shooting at them using a beam riffle.

Pshoooo* Boom* Pshoooo* Boom*

"What the hell!"

"An attack!?"

"This is not part of the rules!"

Looks like she successfully go

piece standing which is also the most important one has now been destroyed.

I left the base as quickly as I can and head towards the rendezvous point which is the beach two kilometers away.

As I arrive at the rendezvous point, I waited a bit for the others to arrive while gazing at the ocean.

I gotta admit that the ocean during the night is so beautiful especially how the moon is being reflected by the water.

Not to mention the ocean is peaceful and quiet.

As for the starry night, that's a normal thing when you live in Libra space city so I don't really find that amazing.

That all said, I stare at it anyways.

As I did, it reminded me that I'm in a foreign world and how far I am from home.

Well I wasn't really that close to my family so I don't feel lonely.

Now, where is Libra space city in these clusters of stars?

Oh cool! A meteorite! (Shooting star)

As I remember correctly, in the planet earth from the milky way galaxy, they have a tradition of making a wish when ever they see a falling meteorite. (shooting star)

Oh! Another meteorite.

Damn! I forgot to make a wish.

Better luck next time.

While I was star gazing and waiting for the others to arrive, I receive a phone call from Kana.

I answer the call.

"We need back up. We are under attack."

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